Types Of Skateboards

 types of Skateboards

Skateboarding has gone through a lot of developments and revolutions since it was first discovered. If you look at them, you will simply find a wooden board with wheels. Still, they are different from each other in terms of performance. They have different sizes, tail shapes, or forms that are suitable for particular skating tricks. 

If you are a beginner and are going to buy your first skateboard, then you need to know about the different types of skateboards. Which kind of skateboard is suitable for vert or cruising? Which type will be more suitable for your skating style? To get the answers, read the following article. This information will help you name different types of skateboards at your fingertips while buying one. 

Various Types Of Skateboards For Your Skating Style

We have discussed the most modern and efficient different kinds of skateboards, which are rolling on the streets and giving their skaters true skating vibes.  

01 Mini Boards

Mini Boards

Mini boards, also known as shortboards, are skateboards of smaller sizes. They come in sizes of approx 28 inches in length. Previously, skaters used these boards to perform challenging tricks, but now mini boards are reserved for children only. As skating passion is growing, children under the age of 5 also use skateboards and exhibit amazing tricks. To help them to pursue their skating passion, mini boards are designed nowadays. 

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02 Double Kick Skateboard

Double kick skateboards are curved at both ends. Some double kick skateboards have flat surfaces, while other boards have concave or deep concave surfaces from the middle. This construction not only makes decks strong but helps skaters to lift off their deck from the ground with a kick due to the deep concave’s good pop. 

Moreover, you can also learn hand flip tricks on these double kicks easily. They are suitable to perform street riding, carving, and cruising.

03 Longboards


Among all types of skateboards, longboards are the largest in size. Their length ranges up to 45 to 50 inches. These longboards help novice skaters to learn stability and maneuvers easily. These longboards come with soft wheels, which provide more friction and a comfy ride.

Moreover, longboards can be divided into various categories because of their usage, design, and structure. Some of the most popular types of longboards are classic longboards, downhill longboards, pintail longboards, and twin tip longboards. 

On the downside, these longboards are not suitable for intricate tricks, but if you are looking for cruising or downhill racing, then these boards are your perfect choice. In addition, many skaters are also using these longboards to skate or dance freestyle and entertain their audience. 

04 Old School Boards

Old School Boards

You can distinguish these boards easily as they have a fish tail and a flat, smaller nose. These boards are longer than usual boards and have large wheels. Due to this classic style, they are named old school boards. They are good for long skating rides and cruising. 

05 Cruisers


Among different types of boards for skating, cruisers are specially designed to give you comfortable skating rides on short pathways. They are 32 to 40 inches long and 9 to 10 inches wide. They have round noses and an aerial tail. Cruisers are usually flat but some skaters prefer concave cruisers. These concave cruisers allow skaters to jump off from barriers and then correct their position quickly. 

Moreover, cruisers are lightweight so they provide good acceleration while skating. You can also carry these light boards and transport them without any difficulty. 

Cruisers are designed with softer wheels to let you enjoy smooth rides on rugged terrains. In addition, they are not larger than longboards, that’s why you can also enjoy sharp turns with these boards. 

06 Mini Cruisers

Mini Cruisers

Mini cruisers are similar in shape to cruisers but they are smaller in size. These mini cruisers are 7 to 8 inches wide and 28 inches long. These types of skateboards are good for basic kickflips and pumping, i.e. doing quick turns. The bigger and softer wheels aid kids in learning basic skateboard tricks and balancing the board. Due to their small size, only kids can ride these mini cruisers.

07 Pintail Longboard

Pintail Longboard

Pintails are pointy from the nose and tail. This shape is good for carvings. Pintails have a larger base and wide area for trucks which helps you to control the board and enjoy stable rides. If you add thick wheels with pintail boards, you can also ride smoothly on any rough terrain. 

08 Drop-through Longboard

Drop-through Longboard

Drop-through boards are designed to lower the center of gravity. The wheels of the board are leveled to the deck by dropping through the trucks. Skaters can get the most stable and secure rides as the center of gravity lowers. In addition, the drop-through board does not require extra push because the stress on your lower body and hips is lowered. That’s why you can ride the speedy downhills and long commutes easily with them.  Moreover, the board is symmetrical from the edges which also aids in stability.  

09 Double Kick Popsicle

double kick popsicle skateboard

Double kick popsicles are a widely used type among skaters. The skateboard is shaped like a popsicle, with a concave curve along the length of the board and both ends slanted up. They are lightweight and have good pop. That’s why these skateboards are perfect for vert skating or executing intricate tricks or ollies. 

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Unfortunately, these skateboards are not good for long commutes, but you can get sharp and faster turns during skating. 

10 Downhill Longboard

downhill longboard skateboard

These skateboards provide faster speed than longboards due to their special design. The board has cutaway fenders and a broad wheelbase, which provides more stability and speed control while you race down steep hills. With these downhill boards, the pro skaters can easily perform drifting at high speed. 

11 Twin Tip Longboard

Twin Tip Longboard

Twin tip longboards are the most traditional type of skateboard. They are similar to drop-through in shape, but their nose and tail are identical that’s why they are named as twin tip boards. These boards provide less wheel bite and great speed. That’s why they are perfect for slalom or street skating. Moreover, due to their increased traction and lower center of gravity, you will experience increased stability and trouble-free rides on rough terrains. In addition, carves can be performed easily on these boards. 

12 Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards require no push as they move automatically with remote control. By pressing a button on a handheld controller, the board starts skating. You can also check your present speed, remaining battery, or other specs on this remote control.

In addition, you can go up to 50 miles with an expensive and most modern electric skateboard. When you run out of battery, you can push the board with your feet as well

 So, if you are looking for long rides without getting tired, electric boards are for you. Though these boards are expensive, they last longer as skaters use them for commuting only.

13 Carve Skateboard

Carve Skateboard

Carve skateboards are like surfboards with wheels attached to them. When you force the board forward and backward, the board generates swift and speedy rides. The reason behind this faster speed is their tiltable front trucks and wheels that let you skate and enjoy more flexibility when changing direction. These boards don’t provide much stability, that’s why they are not recommended for beginners.

14 One Wheel Skateboard

One Wheel Skateboard

These skateboards are the most modern in terms of technology. The skateboard has a single wheel in between with balancing technology. You might be thinking that these boards will be difficult to balance but they are not. One-wheel skateboards are electric and they move in the direction, where you lean your body i.e. forward or backward.

15 Off-Road Skateboard

Off-Road Skateboard

Off-road skateboards are designed for rough terrains. Their large wheels can let you skate on any muddy, grassy, or gravel road. It means you don’t need special concrete or asphalt parks to skate. Additionally, you also get a brake system with these amazing skateboards which let you stop the board when required on rough terrain. 

However, you won’t be able to pull tricks with these large wheels. But, you can change the wheels whenever you want. Therefore, you can ride both skating styles i.e. commuting or street skating with these off-road skateboards. 

16 Penny Boards

Penny Boards

Penny skateboards are smaller boards with a size range up to 22 inches. These boards were constructed by Penny Skateboard Company and then adopted the company’s name later on. These boards are made of plastic with a grippy structure present on the top. So you don’t need grip tape with these boards. As these boards are small and provide good pop, they are best for tricks and unstable rides. Only the pro skaters can skate on these boards. 

17 Nickel Boards

Nickel Boards

Nickel skateboards are larger than penny boards but they have penny board-like features. If you are looking for penny board features but in large-sized boards then nickel boards are there for you. These boards are made of plastic, have a waffle shape for additional grip, and are available in vibrant colors. These nickel boards also provide more stability and balance than penny boards. 

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18 Freestyle Skateboard

Freestyle Skateboard

Freestyle boards are more like street skateboards but they have small differences. The freestyle boards are concave but less concave than street boards. They are also double kicks where skaters can add skid plates as well for enhanced protection during challenging tricks. Moreover, their wheels consist of two offset bearings, making them larger than street boards and reducing ground contact. Skates can enjoy more flip tricks with these freestyle boards. 

19 Steep Kick Skateboard

Steep Kick Skateboard

Steep kick boards have steep kicks at both ends. These boards are best for pop skateboarding. Though you need to exert more force to make the board lift off from the ground with these steep kick boards. However, you can feel your position during speedy rides when you stand on steep kick skateboards. Therefore, you can easily perform intricate tricks with these boards.

20 Eggboard


Eggboards are the smallest skateboards. Though they are difficult to ride, once you learn to skate with these eggboards, you can easily carry them anywhere in your backpack and have the skating vibes. These egboards can also provide you with the best downhill skating rides.

21 Vert Skateboard

Vert Skateboard

Vert skateboards are specially designed for vert skating. Vert skating involves riding a skateboard on a ramp with steep walls. So, you are going from horizontal to vertical, which requires more grip and balancing. That’s why vert skateboards are wide for enhanced stability. You also need to learn to push, carve and cruise before riding vert ones.

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While buying a skateboard, you must consider your weight and height. Then go for your skating style and choose the one which best suits your skating style. If you want to cruise for long commutes but get shortboards, you will waste money. Moreover, the skateboard material matters a lot and directly affects your skating style. 

Therefore, we have brought you a proper guide on various types of skateboards and for which skating style they are suitable. You can choose the one which is best for you. 

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