Skateboarding Without a Helmet

Skateboarding Without A Helmet

Did you know that every year around 40 people die in skating accidents? It is a whopping number as skating is considered a fun and safe sport. However, the core reason for most skating injuries is skating without safety gear. 

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Out of all the skating injuries, most deaths occur due to head injuries. Therefore, to avoid any concussions or severe head injury, make the helmet an essential part of your skateboarding safety gear. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, if you skateboard without a helmet, you are putting yourself in danger of very severe head injury because skateboarders lose balance all the time. 

Skating with a helmet might not sound ‘cool’ but if you go for a chic one, it will provide both head protection and style to your ride. So, let us dig a little deeper into the importance of a helmet and settle this debate. 

Is Skateboarding Without A Helmet Really Worth It?

Skating is such a sport where you can both enjoy and feel like an athlete too. I know that having the wind running through your hair and caressing your face feels so serene. Even just picturing this makes you want to ride your skateboard without any safety gear at full speed. But, is skating without a helmet really worth your safety?

If we look at the statistics, up to 75% of skating accidents involve head injuries which usually occur when a skateboarder is riding without a helmet. This fact in itself is enough to stress the importance of wearing a safety helmet while swooshing your skateboard across the road. 

Therefore, you need to decide whether you want to end up injured, or be safe and perform all the skating tricks you want. Wearing a helmet while skating should be your top priority. Whether you are commuting or skating on soft ground, it is crucial to wear a helmet. 

Tricks To Choose The Most Comfy Helmet

We have stressed the importance of a helmet enough, but comfort comes first. Therefore, when choosing a helmet, make sure it is both chic and snug. After probing a number of skating helmets, we have narrowed down the characteristics that make it a perfect one. So, let’s take a closer look at what to consider when buying your ideal helmet. 

Tricks To Choose The Most Comfy Helmet

01 Cosy Fit

The first and foremost thing to look for in a helmet is the snug fit. One of the main reasons for people skipping helmets is that they are either too large or too small. This is because you do not get it in the right size. 

An easy way to measure your head size is by using a measuring tape and measuring the circumference of your head by placing the tape above your eyebrows. After you have measured your head size, look for it in the size chart if buying online. On the other hand, if you buy from a sports shop, try the helmet by wearing it before purchasing. 

02 Breathability 

Breathability means that your helmet is well padded but it should not accumulate the sweat. Continuous ventilation makes sure that perspiration is kept at bay which in turn prevents itching. Moreover, if your helmet is not properly ventilated, wearing it for long periods of time is nothing but very prickly. 

That being said, when purchasing a helmet, make sure you look for the breathable one to make it comfortable to wear. 

03 Type Of Helmet

There are several types of helmets available on the market. However, when you are looking for a helmet to wear while skating, go with the skateboard helmet. This is because these are sturdy and have good ventilated construction than bike rider helmets. 

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Moreover, go for the full-face helmet if you are a beginner or ride a longboard. This will perform the dual function of saving your head from concussion and face from lacerations in case of a fall. 

04 Safety Certification 

The sole purpose of a helmet is to act as a barrier during a fall. This fails if the helmet itself breaks into pieces on hitting a hard rock. Therefore, look for certified helmets. These are the ones whose material is certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the American Society for Testing and Materials. This certification ensures the strength of a helmet. In case a helmet lacks the certification sticker, it is a poor investment regardless of its other characteristics. 

05 Straps 

Most of the time, we are unable to find the perfect helmet size. This is where helmet straps come into play. These help in tightening or loosening the helmet as per your choice. Consequently, a helmet with straps is a good choice and goes a long way. 

How Severe Is An Injury Without Helmet?

When it comes to head injuries, none of them can be put under the banner of ‘mild’. Most of these result in death, while others may cause paralysis of a body part. Some of the most common skateboarding head injuries are listed below. 

How Severe Is An Injury Without Helmet?
  • Edema
  • Hemorrhage
  • Hematoma
  • Concussion
  • Skull fracture
  • Brain trauma

Advantages Of Wearing A Helmet

Clearly, a helmet is the most important safety gear for riding a skateboard. Still not convinced? Check out the pointers below to understand what a classy protector it is. 

  • Wearing a colorful helmet makes you visible from a distance even in dense fog. As a result, you will be saved from any vehicle colliding with you from behind. 
  • It gives your head a good comfortable look and prevents your hair from getting into your eyes while skating. 
  • The recovery from injury is easy if the injury is not that serious.
  • Wearing a full-face helmet also saves your ears and face from any severe injury. 

Cons Of Wearing A Helmet

You must be wondering why skateboarders do not wear helmets, especially if it is that good protection. Let me explain to you the cons that come with wearing a helmet while skating. 

  • Increased sweating if it is not breathable
  • They feel like they have lost the ‘coolness’. 
  • Messed up hair

To Wrap Up

Let’s be honest, nothing is more important than your safety. Messed-up hair can be fixed but a fractured skull can be fatal. At the end of the day, it is you choosing between safety and a fatal injury. Your being a professional skater does not guarantee that you will not fall hard. Therefore, wearing a helmet while skating at all times is essential to protect your life. 

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1. Why don’t skateboarders wear helmets? 

The most common reason among skaters for not wearing a helmet is that they think they have aced all the tricks. They don’t realize that the more risky a trick is, the more safety is required. Therefore, it is utterly a bad idea to skip a helmet while skating and put the most important part of your body at risk. 

2. Do Olympic skateboards need to wear helmets?

In the Olympics, it is mandatory for athletes under the age of 18 to wear a helmet. Refusal to do so results in their disqualification. On the other hand, those above 18 years of age can choose the contrary. However, skipping a helmet while skateboarding is a very unsafe move. 

3. Is it illegal to ride a skateboard without a helmet?

The rules regarding wearing a helmet while skating differ from state to state. However, those under the age of 14 are urged by law to wear helmets while skating in public spaces. Similarly, in California, those under 18 are mandated by law to wear a helmet. 

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