Skateboard Vs Scooter: What’s The Difference?

Skateboard Vs Scooter : What’s The Difference?

Both skateboards and scooters have special advantages that may make them the best option for various riders. Skateboards beat scooters in terms of flexibility and portability. The skateboards not only provide transportation but you can do your daily commutes in more fun and exciting ways. You can also carry these skateboards wherever you want in your backpacks and have a mode of transportation with you every time. 

Whereas, the scooters are durable as they involve steel construction. The handle bar provides more safety to riders than skateboards which also makes scooters easy to ride. That’s why scooters are suitable for novice riders. 

However, If you’re torn between the two and don’t know which one to choose, you’ve come to the right place. We have provided a brief comparison of scooters vs skateboards to make your decision pretty easy.

Skateboard Vs Scooters: A Real Fight

Skateboards and scooters are designed differently so they are easy to distinguish physically. However, the way they provide a thrill, commuting, safety, etc, and other factors create a real battle between the two. Let’s have a comparison to develop more clear insight into the two. 

skateboard vs skooter comparison

01 Speed

You can easily attain more speed on a skateboard than on a scooter. The reason is skateboards are lightweight and with a kick, you can take your skateboards to maximum height. Whereas, the scooters don’t provide much speed as they are heavier and require more kicks. 

In addition, the e-skateboards can go up to 28km/h whereas the e-scooters can go up to 25km/h. 

However, controlling skateboards at high speed is difficult so you must think about safety as well while looking for speedy rides. 

02 Construction

Skateboards are made with wooden decks and rubber wheels. Metal is used only in trucks which are used to connect the rubber wheels with the deck. 

Whereas, the scooters involve a lot of aluminum and metal use. The rod and deck are usually made of steel or aluminum. The scooter’s handle is made of steel which is covered with rubber pads for maximum grip. The wheels are made of rubber to give the scooter shock absorption capacity on rugged roads. This hybrid metal and rubber construction beat the skateboard in construction easily.  The reason is scooters can bear impacts and shocks more than skateboards without falling apart.

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03 Space Capacity

Skateboards are only intended for one rider. When two people attempt to stand on the board, they may lose their balance or the deck may collapse. Scooters, on the other hand, have more space than skateboards. If the scooter is large enough, two people can easily stand on it and ride it together. While small-sized scooters can accommodate single riders only. 

04 Making Maneuvers

If you want to ride in an area where sharp turns or maneuvers are required, skateboards fall short. The skater will struggle because they must move their entire body to make the sharp turn. In addition, the four-wheel design obstructs making sharp turns. 

On the contrary, a novice rider on a scooter can make sharp turns easy using the front wheel and the handle. They only need to move the handle to maneuver or turn smoothly.

05 Brakes

Scooters have a higher top speed and thus a better braking function. You can easily stop the scooters by placing your hands on the handle and stopping with your feet. Advanced scooters now have brakes, just like motorcycles. Simply pressing the brakes will bring the scooters to a halt.

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However, Skateboards lack a proper braking system. It is entirely up to the skater to learn how to stop the skateboard using the sliding technique.

06 Portability

Skateboards are lightweight and easy to carry. You can have a skateboard backpack and place your skateboard with your other academic stuff in your backpack. 

At the same time, the scooters are a bit heavy and you can’t always carry them around. That’s why scooters are less portable than skateboards. 

Skateboard Vs. Scooter: Which IS Safe To Ride?

In skating vs scootering, riding a scooter is risk-free and safer than skateboards. The reason is scooters have handlebars which make riders hold on to something while they ride. This holding provides more balance. 

Which IS Safe To Ride

Moreover, the scooters have a lower center of gravity than skateboards because they remain lower to the ground. This lower center of gravity provides more stability to riders. 

On the flip side, during speedy rides, the skateboards with four wheels bounce more which lower the balance. Due to this low balance, the chances of falls increase. Whereas, the scooter has a two-wheel design which provides more stability and less wobble even at high speeds. 

Skateboard Vs. Scooter: Which Is Cooler?

In terms of cooler-looking, no other riding device can compete with skateboards. The skateboards are used by adults mostly while the kids use scooters due to safety concerns. Therefore, when riding a skateboard, it gives more mature and skilled vibes about you. You can also perform more difficult and astonishing stunts with skateboards. 

Cool Skateboard Stunt

However, scooters are not considered cool as skateboards. The reason is typical perception about scooter users is that they are young children having fun in the park. Though this perception is evolving with new modifications in scooters which make them portable and provides the ability to perform some tricks with them. 

Skateboard Vs. Scooter: Which Is More Challenging To Learn?

Mastering a scooter is easier than skateboarding. The reason is you just need to get a scooter and jump on it, hold the handle, and push it. Beginners can also learn simple techniques like bunnyhop with a scooter. 

Skateboarding accident

On the other hand, learning how to balance on a skateboard, kick push, and foot brake takes a lot more effort at first. Skateboards demand more balance than scooters, which makes it difficult to ride for beginners. 

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Skateboard Vs. Scooter: Which Provides More Thrill?

If you are an adventurous person looking for fun, thrilling, and exciting rides, skateboarding is for you. Skateboards allow riders to fly through the air and perform numerous intricate stunts in order to satisfy their thrill-seeking desires.

Skateboarding thrill

Conversely, scooters fail to provide riders with a high level of excitement. Scooters are heavy, and performing gliding, ollies, or air stunts on them is absolutely difficult. Although you can make jumps with scooters, they are not as exciting as skateboarding.

Is There Any Similarity Between Skateboards And Scooters?

Skateboards and scooters do have similarities which I have discussed below. 

  1. Both require kick push to start.
  2. Both have wheels made of rubber.
  3. Both are used for commuting.
  4. Both have decks to stand on while riding

Final Thoughts

Skateboards and scooters are used for transportation and recreation. However, scooters outperform skateboards in terms of safety and ease of use. As a result, they are appropriate for inexperienced riders. Skateboards, in contrast, excel in terms of the looks and thrills they provide while riding. So, if you want adventure and thrills and are willing to learn how to balance, you should try skateboarding.

However, if you are passionate about both, it is acceptable to have both. You can ride with anyone you want, depending on your mood.


1. Which is more expensive: a scooter or a skateboard?

Scooters are more expensive as compared to skateboards. The material used in scooters is mostly metals and their overall construction is sturdy. 

3. Should novice riders use skateboards or scooters?

Skateboards require more balancing while the scooters have handles that assist in riding. So, novice riders should opt for scooters instead of skateboards. Once they learn balancing then they can go skateboarding. 

3. Are scooters more exciting to ride than skateboards?

Skateboarding is always thrilling and more exciting to ride. They provide more freedom in terms of performing tricks and taking the board up in the air as compared to scooters. Scooters are heavy and they provide simple personal transportation. 

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