How to Put Skateboard Wheels On? A Complete Guide

Are you looking to replace the old and withered wheels of your skateboard? Or do you have no idea how to assemble your first-ever skateboard and you want to learn how to put skateboard wheels on

This blog provides a step-by-step guide on how to put wheels on the skateboard, what tools are required, how to change skateboard wheels, and much more. When putting wheels on a skateboard, make sure wheels must be positioned on trucks after the washer and the bearings have been installed correctly into them. This way, you will get your old skateboard fixed or a new skateboard working in no time. 

Essential Tools To Change Skateboard Wheels

What if I tell you that to replace your skateboard’s wheels, you only need the right tools and a few minutes? Yes that’s true!  Replacing the wheels is an easy task, and we have made it further effortless for you. 

Following are the tools required to change the wheels of your board:

  • A skate tool or 1.3cm long wrench 
  • 4 skateboard wheels 
  • 2 Skateboard trucks 
  • 8 bearings 
  • A tray(optional)

A Step-by-step Guide On How to Put Skateboard Wheels On

Wheels are the most vital part of the skateboard as your skating depends on them. Putting on the wheels does not require a lot of time or effort. By following the below-mentioned step, you can understand how to replace wheels on a skateboard and do it at home all by yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get into it!

1. Unassemble Previously Attached Wheels

Unassemble Previously Attached Wheels

To begin with, get your hands on a skate tool or wrench and detach the nuts attached at the center of the wheel. These nuts are hexagonal and will easily come out. Once you remove the washers, make sure to put them in a secure place to avoid any future inconvenience. You can also put them in the tray because you don’t want to lose any of them.

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2. Pull Out The Bearings

Pull Out The Bearings

Bearing is a cylindrical-shaped, tiny, and delicate metal that is responsible for keeping the wheels of the skateboard and truck’s axle tied together. While removing them, keep in mind that each wheel has two bearings, and you should keep them in a secure place to avoid any inconvenience while reassembling it. 

To pull them out safely, grasp your wheel and slide it off slightly and withdraw it vertically. There you go! You have successfully removed the bearings. 

3. Reinstall The Bearings

Install the bearings

Have you pulled out the bearings already? Now it is time to shove them into the new wheels using a skate tool or wrench. The bearing must be parallel to the wheel surface. Repeat the process with each bearing.

4. Reassemble The Wheels

Reassemble The Wheels

Almost done. Let’s move toward the last step of how to put wheels on the truck. Just reinstall the wheels to the skateboard, and you will be ready for a new skating adventure. To do so, place the wheel on the axle after re-inserting the washer. 

As soon as the other washer is in place, tighten the nut onto the axle. To avoid any kind of incident while skating, make sure the nut is properly screwed and does not fall off.

For the wheels with graphics or cut angles, you can easily determine which side to keep out. However, for others, you can do whatever way you want.

Expert Tip: It is important not to tighten the nut too tightly since that will prevent the wheel from turning. 

5. Repeat!

Repeat all the above-mentioned steps in the same sequence to reassemble the remaining wheels with the board.

When to Switch the Skateboard Wheels?

Generally speaking, skateboard wheels don’t get withered too soon. But, how can you tell when it’s time to replace them? Below are a few factors and symptoms to look for before changing its wheels

  1. You have used the board for a long time.
  2. The shape of your skateboard’s wheels has distorted
  3. The wheels get flat or coned when you try to skate
  4. You will have to make extra effort to help them move

What Is The Average Lifetime Of Skateboard Wheels?

The average lifespan of skateboard wheels is 3-4 months. However, due to different production processes, some wheels have a longer lifespan than others.  The lifespan of skateboard wheels is determined by the firmness of the wheels, usage of the board, and the quality of the wheels, of course. Additionally, a durometer can be used to gauge the rigidity of the wheels.

It also makes a big difference what surface you’re skating on. You may increase the lifespan of your wheels by skating on ramps made of smooth concrete and wood. 

Conversely, skating on uneven ground can hasten the wear and tear on the wheels. Additionally, a significant element that affects the wheels is the axle end. Skaters may experience wheel stagger due to an uneven axle end.

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Why Do Skateboard Wheels Get Damage?

The companies manufacture skateboard wheels with urethane due to their rigidness, strength, sturdiness, and rebound. After a ride, when you try to slow down your skateboard, the urethane used in its wheels rubs against the road, causes friction, and eventually heats. This causes the wheels to compress and expand. 

Furthermore, your skateboard’s truck can twist the axles, resulting in asymmetrical pressure. It happens a lot, but sub-quality trucks fail to bear this pressure and can damage the wheels. Not only that, but low-quality components of the board like; bushings, bearing and deck may also lead to damage to the wheels.

Final words

For a trouble-free and smooth skateboarding experience, you should always maintain the wheels of your skateboard. To do so, you need to change them regularly. Following the above-mentioned steps on how to put skateboard wheels on, you can effortlessly replace your skateboard’s wheels. Moreover, it will take only a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it matter which way the wheels go on the skateboard?

No, it doesn’t. When you have put all the bearings, there is no issue in having the graphic side of the wheel facing inside or outside. 

2. Which side bearing faces out?

Some bearings have two-sided sheets while the others have only one. If your skateboard wheel bearing has one side-colored sheet, place this side facing out.

3. How tight should skateboard wheels be?

You should tighten the skateboard wheels to the extent that they move freely. Fixing them too tightly will hinder their movement.

4. Do all wheels fit all skateboards?

Yes. However, the wheel size and type the manufacturer has attached to the skateboard will be the best fit. If you still want to dig deep into it, you should make sure to buy wheels that match the board’s size such that there is no distance between them. However, it still depends on personal preference. 

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