How to Measure a Skateboard Truck? Skateboard Trucks Size Guide

How to Measure a Skateboard Truck Skateboard Trucks Size Guide

When it comes to choosing the trucks for your skateboard, make sure they are neither too big nor too small. Either one will make your ride a mess. Therefore, it is always good to go with a moderate size. However, it is not like one size fits all. Your skateboard’s truck size is determined by your deck size. Therefore, when buying new trucks, make sure you get the right dimensions. 

You can easily measure truck size by using a measuring tape. Let me show you how it’s done. 

Factors To Consider When Measuring Skate Trucks

There are several factors that you need to consider to get your skateboard truck dimensions right. These involve looking at its width, height, and other such things. Moreover, you have to consider your board size too. Let’s see what these factors are.

1. Truck Width

When it comes to truck width, they should not be wider than the skateboard deck. Very wide trucks will cause difficulty in stabilizing the board during the ride and cause imbalance. On the contrary, very narrow trucks will affect the ride badly by providing a narrow turning radius. As a result, you will have difficulty turning corners. 

Trucks Width

For instance, a 5.0-inch truck will go best with a 7.75-inch deck. Moreover, with an 8.0-inch deck, it is good to use a 5.25-inch truck. 

2. Truck Height

Skateboard trucks range in three heights. These are high, medium, and low. The high trucks have a height range of 53.5mm to 58mm. The medium-sized trucks fall in the range of 50mm to 53mm. Lastly, the low-height trucks have a height range of 46mm to 49mm. The truck height affects the type of tricks that can be performed. 

For example, high trucks are more responsive to turning movements because of having a wide pivot point. If you are into cruising and transition skating, then medium-height trucks are the best option. Being versatile, they serve as a great option for almost every type of skating. However, for a professional skater, low-height trucks are highly recommended. This is because they are good when performing complex tricks and technical skating. 

Steps To Perfectly Measure Skateboard Truck

Once you have narrowed the set of trucks you need, it is now time to confirm the size that fits well. You must be wondering how are skateboard trucks measured. For this, you will need a measuring tape. This will be used to measure both the width and height of the trucks. Moreover, to ensure exact fit makes sure you have your skateboard with you. 

Step 1: Measure The Length

To measure the accurate length, place the measuring tape or measuring ruler vertically along the diameter. This will give you an accurate length. You can then compare it with wheel height to see its appropriateness. 

trucks length

Step 2: Measure The Width

Similarly, the length will also be measured using a measuring scale or tape. However, for this, the measuring tool is to be placed horizontally along the diameter. To confirm that they are not wider than the deck, place them horizontally on the sides of the deck, this will ensure their width in comparison to the deck’s width. 

deck width

Step 3: Confirm Their Fit

To ensure that the truck’s size is appropriate for the wheels, it is essential to confirm the truck’s size. This can be done by placing the trucks on wheels. They should neither be too narrow nor too wide. 

Final Verdict

Choosing the right-sized trucks can be a difficult decision. However, if you simply follow all the steps, chances are you will end up with the perfect size. Moreover, if you memorize the size of trucks that originally came with your skateboard, you can simply order the same later on. 

The truck size will highly affect the type of skateboarding you can do. In the case of professionals, low-height trucks are best suited. 


1. What size trucks go with what size deck?

When choosing skateboard trucks, you need to consider the deck size too. Trucks either too small or too large will not fit well. For instance, if you have a 7.75-inch deck, then it will go well with a 5-inch truck. On the other hand, if the deck size is raised to 8 inches then it is good to choose a truck size of 5.25 inches. 

2. Does deck width affect truck width?

Yes, your truck’s width should correspond to the deck’s width. Trucks wider than the deck will not go well and cause imbalance during skating. On the contrary, trucks narrower than the deck will cause difficulty in trick performance. 

3. Should any of the truck hardware be measured for perfect size?

Yes, the axle and hanger should be measured for landing the perfect truck size. Here, the axle corresponds to the outer width whereas the hanger corresponds to the inner width. Measuring them will give you the right size to fit the wheels. 

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