Expert Guide on How to Clean Skateboard Trucks

Anything that is cleaned and maintained regularly lasts longer. Similar is the case with your skateboard. As the skateboard gets used more and more, it becomes dirty very quickly. Skateboard trucks especially tend to get dirty quite often. Therefore, these need to be maintained and cleaned regularly. 

To properly clean your skateboard trucks, you will need to disassemble them. It is not like dirt and grime can be removed by just using water. You need to follow a series of steps for proper cleaning. Therefore, we have brought this guide on how to clean skateboard trucks. This will aid you in cleaning your trucks the proper way and saving you from any replacement costs. 

Things Needed To Clean Skateboard Trucks

Every process requires specific tools. Below is a list of things that you will need when cleaning your skateboard trucks

1. Screwdriver 


This is needed to remove the truck’s bolts for cleaning. Make sure it fits the size of your truck’s screws. 

2. Pliers/Ratchet

When you are removing the screws, you will need a tool to hold the nut and loosen it too. For this, a set of pliers will work best. A ball ratchet is also recommended. This will save your hands from any injury during the screw removal process. 

3. WD-40

wd 40

This acts as a lubricant and prevents rusting of the skateboard truck over time. 

4. Paper Towel Or Tissue

Paper Towel Or Tissue

You need to dry the trucks before reinstalling them. You will need a clean paper towel or some other cleaning cloth. 

5. Wax

wax skateboard

Wax also acts as a greasing agent. Waxing the board before installing the trucks will reduce friction and it will slide in easily. 

Stepwise Guide On How To Clean Skateboard Trucks

One way to improve the lifespan of your skateboard’s hardware is to clean it on time and use lubricants to avoid friction. Apart from using the right equipment for cleaning skateboard trucks, you should also follow the accurate procedure. Therefore, below is an expert-approved stepwise procedure for cleaning skateboard trucks.  

Step 1: Remove The Trucks From The Skateboard

First of all, you need to disassemble the skateboard. For this, you will need the pliers and the screwdriver to detach the trucks from the skateboard deck. The screwdriver will help in removing the bolts while the plier will loosen or hold the nuts. When doing so, make sure you memorize the exact positions of the trucks. 

removing trucks

Tip: To avoid dents and cracks on the decks, don’t disassemble the skateboard parts aggressively.

Step 2: Separate The Risers

Not all skateboard trucks have risers but some do. Therefore, if your skateboard trucks come with risers, you should remove them too. The trucks will be attached to the risers with nuts and bolts. Remove them for thorough cleaning. 

raiser pad

Step 3: Disassemble All The Parts

For detailed cleaning of the skateboard truck, all its parts need to be disassembled. You should separate the bushings, hangers, and all the nuts and bolts. The baseplate can be left on the deck as it can be cleaned there. 

Disassemble All The Parts

Step 4: Clean All The Dirt 

Once you have checked all the parts, it is time to clean skateboard trucks and their parts. This can be done effortlessly by the use of WD-40. All you need to do is spray this lubricant on the parts and remove the dirt with the help of a paper towel. You do not need to spray excessively as a small amount will be enough for cleaning it. 

Step 5: Wax The Components

It is good to wax the components before reinstalling them to prevent any friction. This will also help fit in the components easily. Moreover, if your skateboard makes any screeching noises while riding, waxing the components will also fix this. 

waxing skateboard

Step 6: Clean The Axles

The axles should be cleaned twice to remove any leftover dirt. This can be done by the use of lubricant and a paper towel. 

Clean The Axles

Step 7: Reattach All The Components

Once you are done cleaning all the components, it is time to reassemble them. Put them back into the skateboard deck and screw together all the bolts and nuts. 

Reattach All The Components

Benefits Of Cleaning Skateboard Trucks

The following are the advantages of cleaning skateboard trucks:

  • The frequent cleaning of skateboard trucks enhances the maneuverability
  • They last longer
  • Cleaning of trucks prevents them from rusting

To Wrap Up

Cleaning skateboard trucks from time to time is essential to keeping them new and saving you from any replacement. The use of lubricant will remove all the dirt while the wax will save them from any friction. The step-wise procedure in this article on how to clean skateboard trucks will help you do all the cleaning process yourself and that too easily. 


1. What is the function of the lubricant?

The lubricant mist helps in removing all the dirt. Being waxed, the dirt tends to form a layer over the skateboard trucks. Here, lubricant helps in removing that layer with the aid of a paper towel. 

2. Does waxing the components make reinstallation easy?

Yes, wax acts as a lubricant and helps the components slide in easily. Moreover, it prevents friction between the components and keeps the skateboard running smoothly without making noises. 

3. How often should I clean my skateboard trucks?

Excess of everything is bad. Therefore, you should clean the components regularly but not excessively. A good timeline is to give them a thorough cleanup every 2 months or after 2 weeks especially if you ride your skateboard regularly. 

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