How to Choose Skateboard Deck Size? A Complete Guide

When you begin skateboarding, it can be confusing to figure out which size of skateboard deck you should buy. There are different size options to choose from, and surprisingly each skate deck size has its pros and cons so choose wisely. The best way to determine what size of the skateboard is right for you is by learning about the different sizes available and what they have to offer.

It ultimately depends on your skill level as well as personal preference regarding how you want to use your board. To help you make a more informed decision, we’ve put together this guide on how to choose the right skateboard deck size. Let’s get started!

The Anatomy Of A Skateboard Deck

Understanding the anatomy of a skateboard deck is essential before determining the right size. A deck is a surface on which a rider stands during skateboarding. This long wooden plank holds the wheels, bearings, and trucks that make the skateboard move. The average skateboard deck length range falls between 7” to 10”. A skateboard deck is made up of several parts, which are the following:

1. The Deck’s Shape

Some skateboard decks have a special shape that helps them perform better for different types of skating.

2. The Width Of The Deck:

Skateboard decks come in different width sizes, from narrow to wide. The width of your board will greatly affect your skateboarding experience.

3. The Length Of The Deck

Longer skateboards can be more stable for beginners, but shorter boards are easier to flip and do tricks on.

4. The Concavity Of The Deck

The deck’s middle can be curved in or out to change how the board rides.

5. The Material It’s Made Out Of

The material will affect how the deck rides as well as how long it lasts.

Guide On How To Choose The Right Skate Deck Sizes For Your Boards

Skateboarding on the wrong type of board will make your experience totally difficult. The length, width, and size of a skateboard deck all affect its performance. Instead of focusing on brand names or flashy graphics, take the time to learn about the difference between deck sizes and how it can affect your skating experience.

1. What’s The Best Skateboard Deck Size?

The average skateboard deck length is measured in inches and is usually written as 8 x 31.5”. The first number (8) represents the width between the middle and outside corners. The second number (31.5) represents the length from nose to tail of the deck.

Best Skateboard Deck Size

A skateboard with a length of 31” is considered a board for beginners. A 32” deck is for people with average shoe sizes. If you have larger feet, you will most likely want to use a skateboard with a larger deck to have more space between your feet and the ground.

It is easier to control a skateboard with a shorter deck, and it allows you to do technical skateboarding and tricking. On the other hand, a longer deck is a better choice for cruising or commuting but is not ideal for tricks as they are big and difficult to handle while tricking. 

2. Wheel Size And Board Shape

The shape of the board and the diameter of the wheels make the biggest difference in skate deck sizes. Generally, there are three different board shapes:

  • Cruiser
  • Street
  • Transition

Cruiser boards are usually wider and have wheels that are close to 100 mm in diameter. Street boards usually have smaller wheels around 60 mm, while transition boards are often found with either smaller or larger wheels.

Wheel diameter also influences the type of boards you can ride. Skateboards with wheels that are smaller than 70 mm are known as “old school” decks. On the other side, skateboards with wheels that are larger than 70 mm are generally called “new school” skateboards.

3. Decks For Different Terrain And Styles Of Skating

When shopping for a skateboard deck, make sure you are getting a deck that can handle the conditions of your skating environment and your personal skating style. There are different types of skateboard decks depending on whether you want to skate street, park, transition, or something else. Check the different skateboard deck sizes:

Skateboard Deck SizesWidthLengthSuitable Age (years)HeightShoe size
Micro Deck 6.5”-6.75″27.2″-27.6″2-53’5”0-3
Mini Deck7”28″6-83’5”-4’4”4-6
Mid-size Deck7.3″29″9-124’5”-5’2”7-8
Full-Size Deck7.5″- 8.5”28″ – 32”13+5’3”+9+
  • For Street skating pick a deck that ranges from 7.7” to 8″.
  • The average skateboard length for park skating is usually 8″ to 8.25”. They are also harder and better equipped to handle bumps.
  • Decks for cruising and long-distance skating have a larger surface area and come with  soft wheels, making them best for smooth surfaces like pavement. Go with an 8.25″ or higher deck to achieve this.

4. How To Choose The Length Of Your Skateboard Deck?

The length of the skateboard deck has a major impact on the board’s performance. A longer board will generally be more stable, and a shorter board will be more maneuverable. When choosing the length of a skateboard deck, try to find the sweet spot between stability and maneuverability. 

How To Choose The Length Of Your Skateboard Deck?

A long deck makes landing pretty easy, while a short deck will feel unstable and difficult to balance. Also, consider your height when you are looking to buy a skateboard. Generally, the right skateboard length for you depends on your height. 

If you are under 6’, you should consider getting a skateboard that is about 28” to 32” long. If you are between 6’ and 6’4”, a skateboard between 32” and 36” long should be perfect for you. If you are over 6’5”, you should use a skateboard that is at least 37” long.

5. How To Choose The Width Of Your Skateboard Deck?

The width of the deck will have a direct impact on the feel of your skateboard. A wider board will have more stability, but it makes control difficult. A narrower board is easy to maneuver, but it offers less stability. As a beginner, choose a deck that is wider and offers more stability. It will help you to maintain the balance. 

How To Choose The Width Of Your Skateboard Deck?

When you become experienced, go for narrower boards that are easier to flip. If you are advanced, you can try boards that are both wide and narrow to see what feels best. 

Generally, skateboards come in two different sizes, ranging from 7” to 8.5” wide. A 7” or 7.5” wide skateboard will be narrower, easier to maneuver, and more suitable for street skating. An 8” or 8.5” wide skateboard will be more stable, wider, and better for cruising or long-distance skating.

6. What About The Height Of The Deck?

The height of a skateboard deck has a big impact on the board’s performance. Taller skateboards are more stable, but they are also less maneuverable. Shorter skateboards are more agile and easier to control, but they are also less stable.

Height Of The Deck

Typically, use the height of the skateboard deck as a way to find the “sweet spot” between stability and maneuverability. If a skateboard is too tall, it will be less agile. If it is too short, it will be less stable. The perfect height for a skateboard deck is different for everyone, so you should try out different heights to see what works best for you.

Just like with skateboard width, the best way to find the right height is to try different skateboard deck heights.


The most important factor in choosing the right skate deck size is the width of the deck. The width of the deck should be proportional to the width of your feet. If you have wide feet, you will need a wider deck. If you have narrow feet, you will need a narrower deck.

The right deck size will also depend on the type of skating you will be doing. If you are doing street skating, you will need a different size deck than if you are doing vert skating. And finally, the right deck size will also depend on your personal preference. Some people prefer a wider deck, while others prefer a narrower deck.

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