How Long Do Skateboards Last?

How Long Do Skateboards Last

When buying a new skateboard, the first question many riders ask is regarding its lifespan. The most common answer to this question is that the lifespan of a skateboard is determined by the way a rider uses it. However, there are certain ways to make your skateboard last longer. 

The average lifespan of a good skateboard lies somewhere between 2 months and 5 years. If used wisely, it will last longer and vice versa. In very rare instances, a skateboard will fall apart soon even if used carefully. This is when you buy a low-quality one. That being said, if you skate regularly, or skate on rough terrain, it is advisable to buy an expensive skateboard. 

We have brought this post to answer your queries regarding how long should a skateboard last? The upcoming sections cover factors affecting your skateboard’s life and ways to lengthen the lifetime of your skateboard. Read through the end to get all your queries answered. 

Factors Determining The LifeSpan Of A Skateboard

It is a common rule that if a thing is used carefully, it will last longer. However, there are several factors that determine the longevity of your skateboard. Some of these are discussed below.

01. Type Of Stunts

The type of stunts that you perform on your skateboard determine its lifespan. When you learn to perform tricks on rough terrain and land on hard ground, your skateboard is sure to get damaged. This is because every time you land on hard ground with a thud, almost all the parts of your skateboard take the impact. With time, this impact causes them to damage, eventually lessening their lifetime. Moreover, beginners tend to destroy their skateboards more rapidly. This is because they are unaware of the sport at the start and while learning, perform such acts that destroy the skateboard even more. Aggressive skating also damages skateboard wheels faster. 

02. The Quality Of The Skateboard

The durability of a skateboard is determined by the hardness of its deck. The harder the skateboard deck, the more durable it is. On the other hand, in the case of mini cruiser boards, the maneuverability and uses of good material determine the toughness of a skateboard. 

Moreover, in most cases, an expensive skateboard lasts longer than the cheaper one. It is recommended to buy an expensive one so that you do not have to change it again and again. However, if you do not have the budget, then buy a cheaper one for learning tricks in the beginning. Once you are a pro, you can switch to an expensive board. 

03. Skateboard Riding Places

Your riding place is a very crucial factor in determining the longevity of your skateboard. If you ride regularly on rough terrain, the wheels will deteriorate faster due to friction. Similarly, falls on uneven surfaces will chip and break the skateboard deck faster than they will on skateboard parks. All in all, riding regularly on the street will damage your skateboard faster. 

04. Weather Conditions

Skateboarding in the rain sure sounds fun but it is not a good idea if you want to make your skateboard last longer. Rain will damage your skateboard’s deck to a very large extent. Moreover, water will destroy its bearings and trucks. 

Factors Affecting The LifeSpan Of A Skateboard

There are several factors that affect the longevity of your skateboard in one way or another. If these factors are considered when buying one, you can end up with a good skateboard that will last longer. These factors are mentioned below.


The wideness of a skateboard is directly related to its longevity. The wider your skateboard deck, the longer it will last. This is because a wider deck offers a greater platform for standing leading to providing good stability. As a result, one tends to fall less and the skateboard lasts longer. 

Secondly, a wider deck also uses less pressure to speed up, decreasing the rate of friction with round and improving lifespan. Wide deck skateboards are highly recommended if you skate down hard rails or ramps. 

Your Weight

Your weight highly affects the length of time your skateboard will last. In the case of an obese or overweight person, the skateboard deck is prone to break in a short time. Therefore, when buying one, make sure it supports your body weight, or else it will break into pieces in no time. 

Skateboard Trucks

Trucks are essential hardware for your skateboard. It is always good to look into the material of your skateboard trucks before buying any. Aluminum is highly recommended for use as skateboard truck material. This is because, despite being lightweight, aluminum trucks are very durable. 

Moreover, skateboard trucks should not be too loose or too tight. The tighter the skateboard truck, the harder it will be to turn the skateboard. This can eventually lead to its breakage. On the other hand, loose skateboard trucks will cause it to wobble and make tricks performance hard. 

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Dragging Tail

Many of us tend to drag the skateboard behind us when carrying it. This may seem harmless but it does more damage to your skateboard than you think. The friction between the skateboard’s tail and the ground will cause it to chip and wear out easily. Eventually, the skateboard deck is damaged and in no time it will be of no use. Therefore, carry your skateboard above ground and never drag it. 

Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard
Electric Skateboard

If you use an electronic skateboard, its battery time determines its lifespan. Overcharging or undercharging will eventually destroy the skateboard’s battery in turn lessening its lifespan. Therefore, maintain your skateboard’s battery status between 40% and 60%. Moreover, make sure you recharge it every six months to make it last longer. 

Skateboard Wheels

Wheels are the part that touches the ground and choosing the wrong wheels will eventually decrease the lifespan of your skateboard. When buying one, make sure you know the type of terrain you will be skateboarding on regularly, and buy accordingly. In certain cases, hard wheels chip easily and moderate durometer ones last longer. However, if you choose the right type of wheels, your skateboard will last longer and you will enjoy it more.

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How To Know When To Buy A New Skateboard?

There are several tell-tale signs of a skateboard that is deteriorating over time. If you catch these in time, you can work on fixing them and make your skateboard last longer. On the other hand, there are certain deteriorations of a skateboard which cannot be fixed and hence, you will have to buy a new one. Below are mentioned a few signs of a skateboard that needs to be changed. 

Waterlogged Deck

A waterlogged deck will become soft and spongy. Even if you store it in a dry place, it will not dry. This is because the water has penetrated the wood deeply. However, if you buy a skateboard with a plastic deck, you do not have to face this problem. It is also recommended to buy wooden skateboards since they are durable. 

Therefore, if your skateboard deck is waterlogged and storing in a dry place is not making any difference, then it is high time that you change your skateboard. 

Warped Deck

Skateboards usually have wooden decks. This is because, apart from being durable, these are lightweight too. However, changes in temperature and moisture over time cause compression and expansion of the wooden deck. Moreover, if you do not store your skateboard in a cool and dry place, this phenomenon of warping of the deck increases. 

The best way to check whether your skateboard deck is warped or not is to hold it vertically by the tail. If it is uneven, then it is warped. This is the sign that you need to change your skateboard. 

Chipping Or Splintering Skateboard

When you put pressure on the skateboard during tricks, and hairline cracks appear, then it is a sign to switch to a new one. If you do not change your skateboard at this point, it will break apart into pieces in no time while skating. 

Moreover, if it is splinting from other points or performing the tricks is not as good as it was when new, then it is the perfect time to buy a new skateboard. In case, your skateboard deck has chipped at points, then you should immediately buy a new one without waiting any further. 

Chipped Or Cracked wheels

The skateboard wheels are the most crucial part of your skateboard. If you do not choose the right wheel skateboard, you will not be able to perform the tricks perfectly or ride it well. Secondly, the use of very hard or very soft wheels can eventually lead to a greater risk of wheel bite. The hard skateboard wheels tend to chip quickly if the skateboard is ridden on very rough terrain. 

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Riding with chipped wheels is nothing but a hazard. These pose a high risk of falls and injury. Therefore, you should buy a new skateboard as soon as the wheels start to crack or chip even a bit. However, in certain cases, you might be able to change the wheels and continue with your existing skateboard too. 

Ways To Improve Skateboard’s Life Span

Anything that is used with care, tends to last longer. Similar is the case with your skateboard. If you use it in a good way and store it properly, it can last 5 years or even longer. To help you with this, we have brought a few tips on lengthening the lifespan of your skateboard. Following these will not only keep your skateboard in shape but it will also last for years. These are mentioned below. 

01. Store In A Cool Dry Place

Moisture is a skateboard’s enemy. If you keep your skateboard out all the time, especially during rain, it will warp in no time. Therefore, it is recommended to store your skateboard in a cool and dry place so that it stays good. 

Moisture causes expansion and compression of the skateboard deck which causes it to swell and warp over time. Therefore, even when you clean your skateboard, dry it fully. When buying a skateboard, it is good that you buy a rack with it, so you can store it properly. 

02. Avoid Riding In Rain

Riding your skateboard in rain is fun especially if you are a pro. However, it is not a good idea for the health of your skateboard. Skateboarding in rain damages your skateboard on many levels. Apart from waterlogging the skateboard’s deck, rainwater can also damage its other parts. If water reaches its internal parts such as trucks and axles, it can cause rusting and ultimately skateboard will be damaged. 

03. Do Not Drag Your Skateboard

Carrying a skateboard is hard. If you have a longboard, it will not fit into your backpack and you will have to carry it along. Many of us drag our skateboard behind us which damages it badly. In this way, the skateboard’s kicktail is splintered or chipped which makes trick performance difficult. Moreover, it also makes stopping the skateboard hard. The splintering of the deck will ultimately lead to breakage if high pressure is put on it. Therefore, always carry your skateboard above the ground. 

Another thing many people do is throw away the skateboard in anger. This can lead to your skateboard breaking into two parts in one go. Therefore, even if you are unable to ace any trick, do not take out your anger on the skateboard, or else you will regret it later. 

03. Ride-On Smooth Terrain

It is an understandable fact that you will not always have smooth terrain to ride your skateboard on. However, aggressive and continuous skating on very rough terrain for long periods and daily basis will decrease the lie span of your skateboard. Moreover, if you skate on rough streets, your skateboard wheels will chip in no time and wheel bite will also damage them to a very great extent. That being said, wherever possible, ride in skate parks and street bowls designed for skateboarding. 


Skateboards are available in all price ranges, sizes, and designs. Choosing the perfect one depends on the type of skateboarding you are into. However, whatever type of skateboard you buy,  if you do not use it will care, it will damage over time and you will have to invest in a new one. Buying a new skateboard after every few months is not only a toll on the pocket but also takes time to adjust. Therefore, if you use your skateboard carefully, it can last for more than 5 years. 


1. How to clean my skateboard’s trucks?

Skateboard’s hardware should be cleaned routinely. This can be done by using a dry toothbrush to take out all the dirt and any small materials inside. Later, you can wash it with pressurized water to clean it fully. 

2. How to prevent skateboard deck from water logging?

The best way to prevent the logging of your skateboard deck is to store it in a dry place. Even after you wash it, dry it fully. Moreover, do not leave it outside at night. Avoid riding your skateboard in rain to prevent any waterlogging of the deck. 

3. Should I leave my skateboard in the car?

A car may sound like a good place to store your skateboard. However, it is one of the worst. The temperature of the case is high when it is locked and this can damage your skateboard to a wide extent. 

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