Go Skate Day 2022 | National Skateboard Day

Go Skate Day

Mark your calendar for (Tuesday) June 21, 2022.

If you are an enthusiastic skateboarder, then it’s time to explore What Is Go Skate Day? Go Skate Day is all about celebrating Skateboard sport and feeling happy about it. Every June 21st, skaters unite and celebrate Skate sport by showing off their talents. This day encourages skaters to leave everything behind and come out to refresh their skating passion. 

History of National Skateboard Day

Though people started to take an interest in surfing sports in the 1950s, skateboarding got its first recognition in 1995 when ESPN launched “Extreme Games,” in which skateboarding was a chief constituent. After that, in March 1999, skateboarding was also recognized at the military level when militants used skateboards in “Urban Warrior 1999” to move inside the urban buildings. Moreover, in August 1999, the “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater” video game gained popularity, bringing more attention to skateboarding.

Before 2004, skateboarding was celebrated as “All-City Skate-Jam”. One day, Don Brown organized an event for skateboarding on the West Coast, and he got disappointed when only a few people came out. People showed a lack of participation because most of the people were unaware of it. He celebrated various events with his colleagues, including owners of different skateboard companies. Most of his colleagues could not take the time and come out for skateboarding. 

Therefore, Don proposed to celebrate a day known as “National Skateboard Day” to promote this sport and let people have a holiday so they can show their genuine enthusiasm for skateboarding.

When Is Go Skate Day?

Seventeen years ago, the International Association of Skateboard Companies received permission to celebrate a day for skateboarding from US Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez. When skateboarding got its recognition, this day was celebrated across 32 countries in 2006, where more than 350 events were organized. That’s why every 21st of June, Skateboard Day is celebrated across 32 countries worldwide, and this number is still increasing.

Furthermore, to add more thrill to this day, Per Welinder named this day “Go Skate Day.” This name adds more action and encourages people to come out and practice amazing skating tricks.

How To Celebrate Go Skate Day?

The skateboard season is near, and it’s better you should start planning some activities to celebrate the skate day with full zest. Here are some celebration suggestions which you might choose and make this day memorable with your loved ones. 

Organize Contests

The best way to celebrate Go Skate Day to its fullest is by organizing various skateboard contests. If you can’t manage one, you can definitely participate in one. The sense of competition awakens the spirit of skateboarding among people. They do more practice and use their energy to outperform others in contests. 

Moreover, the sense of happiness when one achieves something from a skateboarding contest also helps skaters stay motivated. Furthermore, they can also show off their creativity in skateboarding by attending these contests.

Buy Your New Skateboard

On GSD, most of the skateboard companies add sale offers to their skateboards and skateboard products. So you can also celebrate this day by purchasing a new board or customizing your previous one with unique designs. 

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BBQ Parties

You can also organize BBQ parties on this day. In summer, BBQ parties refresh people, and they can get some enjoyment out of their hectic daily routine. Most skateboard companies also arrange such feisty parties, which helps them advertise their skateboard products. 

Master New Tricks

The best way to honor Skateboard Day is to learn new tricks. You can attend various contests or join professional skater shows where they exhibit their unique tricks. That’s how to skateboard day also becomes a source of learning and spreading various skateboard tricks. 

Make Skateboard Documentaries

To spread skateboard knowledge and make your tricks popular, you can also make skateboard videos and documentaries. You can also share these videos on social media. Another trend is emerging where professional skaters release their skateboard documentaries, especially on Skateboard Day. 

Moreover, if you are a beginner, you can also plan to watch documentaries about your favorite professional skaters with your friends. This will refresh skateboard passion among you and your friends. 

Help Your Local Skatepark To Develop

The best way to celebrate this day is to provide your services for skateboarding. As a local citizen, you can donate to some charity to develop skate parks in your community. If you already have skate parks, you can plan with your friends to clean the park or repair the park instruments. 

Help Beginner In Skatepark

If you are a professional skater, you can also utilize the GSD holiday. As you are free from your other vocational chores, you can use the time to train beginners and give them unique pieces of advice about skateboarding. Sharing knowledge always increases one’s own knowledge. That’s how you will learn new things from these beginners as well. Moreover, this move will increase skateboard passion among youngsters of the next generation. 

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Plan Meetups And Street Takeovers

On GSD, you can plan with your skater gang to come out and do some street takeovers. As there is a holiday, there will be no more traffic. This takeover will also let you meet your skate friends and make memories. 

Significance of Go Skate Day

The Go Skate Day every year brings a lot of benefits for skateboarders and skateboarding as well such as

Shows Harmony Among Skaters Worldwide

People celebrate this same event every year in more than 32 countries on GSD. Therefore, this day also brings peace and harmony among people globally as they are getting united over one thing on a single day.

Shows Health Benefits Of Skateboarding

Skateboarding is not only a sport but also a form of physical activity. It improves your balance and strengthens your body muscles. It’s also a good cardiovascular workout.

Brings Happiness

On national skate day, everyone cherishes and celebrates this day in various ways. Skaters meet with their skating gang and do some fun activities. Therefore, they get a chance to come out of their hectic routine and get refreshed. 

Represents Creativity

Skateboarding is a creative sport. You can design your skateboard tricks and amuse your viewers. So this day brings an opportunity for most people to show their skating skills. 

Overall, as GSD is approaching, we expect you don’t miss this day and enjoy it to the fullest. Besides some fun activities we have already mentioned, you can plan some unique activities with your friends to make your day memorable.

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