Does Skateboard Deck Weight Matter? Expert Guide

Does Skateboard Deck Weight Matter

Weight is a measure of the density of an object. In the case of skateboard decks, It means the heavier the skateboard deck is, the more force is required to turn and accelerate its speed. Similarly, the lighter a board is, the easier it is to change directions and shift its speed. 

So does this mean you should only be concerned with being as light as possible? Absolutely not! While it’s true that lighter boards offer distinct advantages when it comes to acceleration and maneuverability, there are plenty of other factors that make a heavier or lighter skateboard deck preferable for different types of skating.

The weight of your skateboard deck has a direct impact on how well you can control it and how fast it will go once you start riding. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about skateboard deck weight and does it matter.

What Is The Weight Of The Skateboard Deck?

The weight of your skateboard deck is the number of kilograms (or pounds) the deck will weigh. The specific type of wood the deck is made of will affect its weight. In most cases, skateboard decks are made of a minimum of 7 layers of laminated maple wood.

What Is The Weight Of The Skateboard

These decks have a width of 7.25-8.5” and weight ranges from 2 to 5 lb without wheels. You can check the weight of your deck if you look at the underside of the board. If you look underneath, You’ll see a sticker with a number on it, for example, 8.25. That number is the weight of the deck. Another option is to use a skateboard scale.

Why Skateboard Deck Weight Is Important?

The weight of the skateboard deck is important because it will affect how quickly you will be able to accelerate and how much control you will have over the skateboard. A heavier skateboard deck will accelerate slower and be harder to control than a lighter deck because it will require more energy to get it up to speed.

A lighter deck will accelerate faster and be easier to control because it will require less energy to get it moving. A heavier deck may also be more challenging to push through the pavement. This is especially true if you have a lower skill level and are trying to skate at a high speed.

Heavier decks will be more difficult to push and will cause you to burn more energy. This can be frustrating and can slow you down while you’re skateboarding.

Which Skateboard Decks Are The Lightest?

The lightest skateboard decks are usually made from bamboo, carbon fiber, or paulownia wood.

1. Bamboo Boards

Decks made from bamboo are virtually hollow and allow air to pass due to the lack of wooden fiber use. This cuts down the extra weight and makes them lighter than maple decks. You can find skateboard decks made from bamboo for as low as 3.5 pounds. Decks made from bamboo are suitable for the environment.

2. Carbon Fiber Skateboards 

Decks made from carbon fiber are even lighter than bamboo decks. Skateboards made of carbon fiber can weigh as little as 2.4 pounds.

3. Paulownia Board

Paulownia is a little heavier than carbon fiber but it is still a very lightweight material and you can find skateboard decks made from it that are around 5 pounds.  However, these are less strong and hold less weight than bamboo ones. They are more suitable for commuting than performing stunts.

Which Skateboard Decks Are The Heaviest?

If you’re looking for a super heavy skateboard deck, you’ll want to go with maple wood. You can find skateboard decks made from maple that weigh as much as 10 pounds. Other heavy materials include ash, oak, and mahogany.

Maple Boards

Skateboard decks that are made from maple wood are heavier than all. It is a denser wood than bamboo which makes the skateboard deck incredibly strong and stable. An average deck made from maple wood consists of 7 to 9 wood layers and each layer is coated with polyurethane.

How To Tell How Heavy Your Deck Is?

It’s very easy to measure your skateboard deck weight. For measuring the weight, you can either use a skateboard scale or an online skateboard deck weight conversion chart to find out how much that number weighs. For example, if you find the number 8.25 written on your skateboard, use the weight measuring chart to see if it is too heavy or lightweight. After consulting the chart, you’ll find out that 8.25 pounds is pretty heavy and will be more challenging to control than a lighter deck.

Comparison Chart Of Skateboard Deck Weights

Take a look at the different skateboard deck sizes.

Skateboard Deck SizesWidth”Length”Suitable Age (years)Height”Shoe SizeAverage Weight Capacity (lb)
Micro Deck 6.5”-6.75″27.2″-27.6″2-53’5”0-345
Mini Deck7”28″6-83’5”-4’4”4-646-59
Mid-size Deck7.3″29″9-124’5”-5’2”7-860-89
Full-Size Deck7.5″28″13+5’3”+9+195

So, Should You Care About How Much Does A Skateboard Deck Weigh?

Absolutely! You want to care about skateboard deck weight when buying a new deck. Go with the lightest deck that you can comfortably control. You also want to make sure that the deck is sturdily built. A light and flimsy deck won’t be very helpful to you and will be frustrating to use.


The weight of the skateboard deck does matter. If you go with a heavy and sturdy deck, it will be difficult to control. A heavy deck will be slow to accelerate and will be challenging to push through the pavement. It will also cause you to burn a lot of energy and will be very frustrating to use. A light and sturdy deck will be much easier to control and will be much more enjoyable to skate with.

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