12 Best Skating Shoes in 2022 [ Tested and reviewed ]

I suppose you might be wrong if you think you are ready to skate as you have bought the perfect skateboard. Having skating shoes are as important as having a skateboard for skateboarding. The reason is that skating shoes protect your feet, toes, and ankles and provide grip between the skateboard deck and shoes through sturdy and grippy construction. Unlike regular shoes, these skating shoes don’t get worn off quickly due to the friction of grip tape and make your feet firmly attached to the deck while you make flips and ollies. 

So to make your feet stay blister-free and reduce the risk of slipperiness while skating, we have brought the list of best skating shoes. You can choose the most right for your feet and skating style and experience the new joys of skating with these incredible skating shoes.

Top 12 Shoes For Skateboarding in 2022 Review

Due to the availability of multiple designs and features for skateboarding shoes, it is hard to pick the right one. Therefore, we have gathered the best skateboarding shoes of all time. You can choose the one which most suits your needs.

Our Top Pick

01 DC Men’s Skate Shoe— Best Overall Shoe

DC Men's Pure High-top Wc Wnt Skate Shoe

Established in 1994, DC is a globally recognized skateboard shoes company. They have produced the most durable products in the sports line. That’s why every athlete is promoting DC’s skateboard shoes today. Not only skating shoes, but DC has also produced snowboard shoes for men, women, and kids separately. 

This DC skateboard shoe is high-top cut, making it the best skateboard shoes to use in winters as your feet stay warm with no breathability. Your ankles will stay protected from injuries while your feet feel comfortable as the complete shoes are covered with foam from the inside. 

Furthermore, the lugged outer sole is made of rubber, which provides a firm grip on the deck. The patterns on the rubber to enhance grippiness between shoe and deck are sturdy as they do not fade away quickly due to friction between deck and grip tape. 

The upper part of the DC shoe is constructed with leather, making it vulnerable to any wear or tear during kickflips.    

Moreover, the gored tongue provides a good board feel and adjusts your pressure points firmly so you can apply the right force at the proper place. This adequate force distribution enables you to perform ollies or other intricate tricks efficiently. 

These black best skating shoes provide you with a classic style while cruising on roads. You can also wear these shoes at any sports competition and rock your games with DC shoes. 

These fantastic shoes are available in multiple colors and sizes. That’s why they can be the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones.


  • Warm and comfy shoes due to foam insulation
  • Super flexible shoes to provide great maneuvers
  • Extra flexible soles
  • Can be used for snowboarding
  • Provides good board feel


  • Not suitable to use in summer
  • Laces are small

02 Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe —Iconic Design Shoe

Etnies Men's Jameson 2 ECO Skateboarding Shoe

Among other brands, Etnies is one of the leading brands of Sole Technologies, which is owned by the famous skateboarder Pierre-André Senizergues. He has put all of his efforts into creating the most innovative products which provide skaters comfort and protection without compromising style.   

This Etnies Jameson 2 is created with recycled material. That’s why they are named eco skate shoes. The material is durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. They are also resistant to minor scratches if rubbed against grip tapes. 

In addition, the end of the upper part is covered with a leather coating which provides extra strength to the toe area and makes that area waterproof and dirt resistant as this area is more prone to dirt and damage. 

The outer is Michelin which provides extra grip strength so that your feet stick firmly to the deck while you are talking to air during round flips and ollies. The outer sole is made of robust rubber, which also provides you the flexibility to control your maneuvers more efficiently. 

The inner sole is soft and airy, giving your heels a spa-like feel when you are moving while wearing it. In addition, the inner part is padded fully so that your feet stay safe and provide their full strength efficiently to power your skateboards.

These Eco shoes have a low-cut end, but the comfort they provide to your whole foot is priceless. These low-cut ends also allow air to enter so that your feet may breathe, which leads to no accumulation of foul odor. 
These stylish skate shoes are available in multiple colors and sizes. That’s why you can choose the one which matches your skateboard deck and add glamor to your skating style.


  • Provides extra protection due to cushioned pads
  • Grippy soles provide extra traction
  • The Toe area is covered with leather which adds overall durability
  • Extra lightweight shoes provide more control in skating
  • Eco-Friendly shoes that are easy to clean in the washing machine


  • Feels tighter due to added pads
  • Stitching is not good as the outer sole comes out after few weeks

03 Lugz Men’s Flip Sneaker— Provides Good Board Feel

Lugz Men's Flip Sneaker

Since 1993, Lugz’s has produced the ever-changing skating shoe while meeting the new emerging trends every time. 

Lugz’s sneakers are made with canvas, giving your whole shoe a feather-like appearance. These lightweight shoes are made by fusing the upper part and outer sole in heat, providing extra durability to the entire shoe. There is no stitching involved, so you don’t have to fear separating the sole from the upper part. 

Moreover, these Canvas shoes with low-top provide more breathability, making them perfect to wear during the summer seasons. On the downside, they are not suitable for snowboarding as these sneakers are not waterproof, but the more feasibility they provide while skateboarding is worth it. 

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These coolest skateboarding shoes are easy to clean as they are machine washable and dry quickly. 

In addition, the inside is also lightly padded, so you may experience the best combination of comfort and ease in performing complicated tricks. Your feet stay protected and don’t get tired easily while performing stair tricks, manuals, or kickflips. 

Furthermore, the inner padded sole also comes with fixed gussets, so your pressure points stay intact, and you can quickly provide your skateboard an even power. 

The outer part of Lugz’s sneaker has beautiful patterns which provide enough grips to let you enjoy your slip-free rides and long commutes.


  • Lightweight shoes make flips easy
  • Easy to clean
  • Provides more breathability
  • Durable construction with vulcanization
  • Padded inner provides comfortable rides


  • The upper part can wear off easily
  • Not waterproof shoes

04 Emerica Wino Cruiser Skate Shoe— Best Cruiser Shoe

Emerica Wino Cruiser Skate Shoe

Emerica’s shoes and apparel are designed by professional skateboarders to fulfill all of your skating needs. The Emerica Wino was created in 2011 with the interests of recreational skaters in mind. The Wino has evolved over the years to include the most recent advances that can withstand any skate abuse while providing you with the best cruising experiences.

These Wino cruisers are made entirely of the canvas. The shoes are light due to the textile material. These low-cut-end shoes provide more air for ventilation, allowing you to skate efficiently in a hot climate without sweating. They are ideal for cruising because the canvas material cannot tolerate stiff rashes.

The upper part’s stitching is also tough, holding your shoe in place well, and the silhouette stitching isn’t readily worn away.

Furthermore, the inner section is comfy due to a full-size cushioning pad that provides comfort to your feet while skating six stairs or smaller gaps. The heel is generously padded to give you a little extra height. But, anything more complex than six stairs can’t be performed with Wino shoes. 

Moreover, the construction of Wino cruisers involves vulcanization, so they stay tight to the feet and provide a good deck feel by increasing the grip on the deck. This tightening helps you manage more controlled maneuvers. The outsole also has a triangle tread which aids in grippiness to the deck and prevents slipperiness. 

Usually, two fox rubber layers are used in Wino, so they don’t get worn off quickly due to scratches from the front rubber side.


  • Lightweight shoes suitable for cruising
  • Provides good ventilation to feet
  • Cost-efficient shoes
  • Stays tight to feet which provides a good board feel
  • Sturdy construction due to vulcanization


  • Not suitable for complex skating tricks
  • Cushioning needs improvement

05 Vans Men’s Low-Top Trainers Sneaker— Comfy Shoes

Vans Men's Low-Top Trainers Sneaker

Vans shoes are popular all over the globe because they are loved by skaters and every individual who loves to wear sneakers. It is because the Vans are ergonomically designed so that they can be used in every situation. 

These low-top sneakers are designed with 100 percent canvas to stay as lightweight as possible. These lightweight shoes result in smooth walks, and you can jog or skate comfortably. 

Vans old-school shoes are mostly unisex. That’s why they come in unique designs, which everyone loves. 

Furthermore, these durable shoes’ upper part is double-stitched, so stitches don’t wear off over time. The upper part is then fused with the outsole in the vulcanization process, so your shoe stays tough and doesn’t get torn off due to day-to-day mileage increases in skating or while performing backflips. 

In terms of comfort, Vans shoes excel among other canvas shoes and rank among the most comfortable skate shoes. These shoes come with cushioned tongue pads for heel protection and padded collars so you won’t get any bruises at the knees due to sharp corners. These shoes also exhibit tremendous shock absorption ability due to these comfy cushions. 

These prize-winning comfy shoes also show incredible traction. They don’t get creases due to folding and move coherently well with your feet. Due to this proper movement, you can easily control your skateboard deck and have a controlled ride. 

In addition, these shoes come with metal eyelets with untangled laces so you can get ready to go in no time by tying the shoes easily. 

The incredible grip you get with these Vans makes you sure that whatever stunt you perform, your feet will stay firmly on the deck without getting slipped. This enhanced grippiness relieves you from the fear of falling off, and you can enjoy every skating trick to the fullest.


  • Comes in multiple unisex designs
  • Rubber sole for optimum protection and stable rides
  • Double stitches for extra durability
  • Metal eyelets with untangled laces
  • Comfy shoes with shock-absorption ability


  • Breathability is not good
  • The Toe area is narrow

06 URRAX Men’s Orthopedic Shoes—Best For Foot Conditions

URRAX Men's Orthopedic Shoes with Arch Support

Urrax has beaten any other brand to provide the most comfortable shoes for people having foot problems or bruises. If you are suffering from heel pain, overpronation, bunion, and plantar fasciitis but still want to cruise along the roads on your skate decks, then Urrax is your solution. We have discussed why Urrax’s popular skate shoes have won every skater’s heart so easily. 

Urrax sneakers are constructed with top-notch quality fabric, making these shoes scratch-resistant. The material is ultra-soft and light, which makes these shoes the lightest shoes of all time. This material also acts as an insulator that provides your feet with enough warmth so that they can move comfortably despite any foot pain. 

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To add more comfort features to the upper part of the shoe, Urrax has created its metal eyelets in an arc form, which easily fits your laces. You can also replace the laces if you want. The Urrax laces are also flexible, which helps bend them with foot movement and increase stability. 

Because the shoe is designed for exceptional cases, it comes with a particular EVA midsole in arch form from the center to adjust the pressure points properly. The forefoot and heels are provided with extra shock absorption layerings. At the toe area, the insole is extra soft. This insole lets you skate like a pro despite your foot problems. 

The outsole is extra durable, which provides your feet with a firm grip. This extra grip lets you skate on your skateboard fearlessly.


  • Comes with a breathable cover to remove bad odor
  • With a massage gel midsole, the heel and forefoot absorb shock
  • Lace-up design
  • Non-Slippery and durable outsole
  • Lightweight and orthopedic shoe


  • Not suitable for pro-skating
  • Initial fitting may feel snug sometimes

07 Adidas Men’s Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe— Long-lasting Shoes

adidas Men's Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe

Adidas is the oldest and the most trustworthy sports brand, which has produced the most durable products in the last 73 years. If you want the most trendy yet sturdy skating shoes, then Adidas is the right choice. 

Its good skating design involves an upper part of pure synthetic fabric, durable enough to bear day-to-day scratches while skating. The material is vulcanized to the lower sole, so the whole shoe remains consistent and long-lasting. The laces on the upper part are also stretchy and strong. You can swap the color of the lace also.

Moreover, another great feature of this good skate shoe is the ortholite midsole. This sole provides your feet a spa-like feel, and they stay protected and relaxed while you perform intricate skating tricks. In addition, the midsole has a mesh-like structure that increases your shoe’s overall density without making them heavy. The breathability is also enhanced due to this mesh-like structure and low-cut end. In addition, this balanced cushioning also provides you with more deck feel to control your skating rides. 

Furthermore, Adidas comes with an extra safety grip, so you never experience any terrible accident due to slipperiness from the deck. The outer sole is made of durable rubber, which has distinctive intricate friction lines at the toe and heel area to provide more stability in these sensitive areas. 


  • Excellent breathability due to mesh-like structure
  • Provides strong grip with a durable outsole
  • Optimized padding for feet comfort
  • The synthetic outer part is long-lasting
  • Easy to wear and remove


  • The shoe front is a bit tight
  • Three leather straps may push the foot arch as these are wrapped around the insole

08 Steve Madden Women’s Coulter Skate Shoe— Best Ladies Skating Shoes

Steve Madden Women's Coulter Skate Shoe

This iconic brand ranks among the top skate shoe brands and is the most creative, producing the most innovative and inspiring products since 1990. The company started with a small investment, but it is now recognized in more than 80 countries because of its top-notch quality products. 

The Steve Madden shoes are the most comfortable and lightweight skating shoes designed especially for ladies to enjoy their skating rides with full zest. As every product is trying to get its individuality, you must opt for this one if you look for unique skating shoes. 

They are constructed with mesh fabric which is lightweight that provides durability and mildew resistance. The material does not tear off easily and is resistant to day-to-day scratches. Therefore, you can cruise along the roads all day or enjoy your manuals without the fear of worn-off shoes. Moreover, you won’t feel unnecessary heat and sweat as this material is breathable. 

The midsole also has a meshed surface, which lets air pass through easily, so you don’t accumulate lousy odor, and your feet stay fresh even after a whole day of cruising. 

The outsole is fused to the upper part through vulcanization which adds more durability to the shoe. In addition, the outsole is 1 inch thick, which adds height to the overall shoe. The outsole’s grip is also rugged, providing firm adhesion on any slippery surface. This strong grippiness leads to accident-free smooth rides. 

One of the most significant features that I like the most is that this shoe is lace-free. All you need to do is enter your feet in this fantastic shoe, and you are ready to.


  • Thermoplastic upper part
  • Sturdy design
  • Heightened chunky sole
  • Breathable midsole
  • Easy to wear


  • Can’t be adjusted as they don’t involve laces
  • Gives less board feel

09 Lakai Men’s Telford Echelon Skate Shoe— Narrow Shaped Shoe

Lakai Men's Telford Echelon Skate Shoe

Established in 1999, Lakai has a rich history of developing the most inspiring skateboard shoes. Though this brand is most overlooked, the integrity you get after purchasing Lakai products is priceless. 

This Telford Echelon edition in Lakai is the best Lakai skateboard shoe. It has earned this title due to its modern design and narrow shape, giving you seamless and comfortable skating rides on your skateboards. 

The Lakai Echelon is manufactured with durable synthetic material, making these shoes lightweight and sturdy. The upper part is a high-top end, covering your ankles and providing extra protection. The front and toe area is covered with an extra synthetic layer to increase the protection level in this sensitive area, and your shoe remains hole free from the toe area. 

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Extra cushioning pads are added on the ankles, so your feet stay protected if you hit your feet with anything. These pads are also shock absorption, so you feel no vibrations in your feet while performing intricate tricks on rough terrain. 

These shoes are suitable for use in winters as they provide excellent insulation. The inner sole is also comfy with a cushioned tongue that is removable. When the internal pads get damaged or start smelling bad, you can change them easily. 

The midsole is also rigid, which is fused with the upper part through vulcanization. This sole is thick enough to provide proper height to your feet without compromising the board feel. 

The outsole is constructed of rubber to provide flexibility and firm grippiness to any slippery surface. Hence you can skate on any wet terrain without the fear of slipperiness with these best Looking skate shoes.


  • Stretchable laces for proper fit
  • Gives a good board feel
  • Suitable for heavy landings
  • Keeps your feet warm and comfortable
  • Lightweight and flexible shoes


  • Provides no breathability
  • Not suitable to use in hot weather

10 Globe Men’s Tilt Skate Shoe—Puffy Skate Shoe

Globe Men's Tilt Skate Shoe

In the mid-1990s, Melbourne Hill Brothers started their skateboard shoe brand, growing into an international brand. Today, Globe exports its products in more than 100 countries for sports professionals and skateboard riders. 

This tilt skateboard shoe is puffy and is designed using the most advanced kick technology. It is the best amalgamation of art and science, so you can enjoy skating rides and add to your casual wearing style through these fantastic shoes. 

These tilt shoes are constructed using a combination of leather and synthetic nubuck so that you can get the benefits of both. This dual material provides extra durability, letting these shoes bear extreme weather conditions. In addition, the stitches are also strong with durable TRP ollie reinforcements, so you can easily skate on any rough terrain. 

This high-rated skate shoe provides uncompromisable cushioning and protection to let you enjoy every skating ride with comfort and safety. The cup soles are completely cushioned with soft pads without vanishing your board feels because they come with S-track sole patterns. These sole patterns provide excellent grip to your feet as well. 

Tongue pads are also soft, with shock absorption, and let you fit your feet quickly. With this functional tongue, the heel stabilizers are the cherry on top. 

If you think these padded shoes will leave your feet smelly, you are wrong. These shoes come with technical, breathable technology, so your feet stay fresh and odor-free even in fully cushioned shoes. 

Moreover, these remarkable shoes also come with a flexible lacing system that lets your feet adjust according to your moves and provides additional flexibility. 


  • Comes with TRP collars and heel stabilizers for more protection
  • Inner tongue and socks make them suitable for everyday skating rides
  • Waterproof due to leather material 
  • S-track pattern provides excellent grip
  • Breathability reduces bad odor


  • Does not fit well due to padded construction
  • Tongue material feels somewhat stiff

11 Osiris Men’s Clone Skate Shoe— Best Winter Shoes

Osiris Men's Clone Skate Shoe

Founded in 1996, Osiris is recognized today due to its innovative designs and robust quality products. The company excels in producing skate and daily life shoes. They also design special shoes for snowboarding and surfing athletes.

The Osiris Men’s clone involves every feature that any durable skate shoe can ever possess. The upper part of the shoe is wide and made with synthetic material with an additional layer of leather, making the whole shoe scratch-resistant and waterproof.

These high-top shoes also come with ankle protectors, so you may learn kickflips without the fear of hitting your ankles. The tongue is also cushioned to make the whole shoe soft and lightweight. The fitting may feel tighter due to these cushioned pads, but you can adjust it with stretchy laces. 

The outsole is super sticky with increased grippiness at the heel area. In addition, the outsole is made of rubber, so you will experience a perfect combination of flexible and lightweight shoes which you can move quickly according to your feet movements. 

In addition, the upper part of the Osiris Clone includes holes, and pads are also perforated. These perforations and upper part holes help to maintain ventilation in shoes. So, you won’t feel any unnecessary dampness due to these high-top construction. 


  • Perfect for the winter season
  • Stays firmly gripped on the skateboard
  • Ankle protectors help to learn kickflip or any intricate tricks easily
  • Breathable shoes
  • Stylish and durable


  • The laces are way too long
  • Narrow toe area

12 DVS Men’s Celsius Skate Shoe—Durable Shoes

DVS Men's Celsius Skate Shoe

DVS is renowned for producing fun products that focus more on originality and innovation. They have made not only skate shoes but for snowboarding and surfing also. 

The DVS Celsius is made with pure synthetic textile with double stitching. This double stitching makes the whole shoe extra durable, easily bearing any harsh impact and giving you stable rides. 

The midsole of this DVS is EVA padded, which provides smooth cushioning to your whole feet. The tongue is also extra padded, so your foot’s arch stays stress-free.

This DVS shoe is low cut end, but the collar cushion it provides around your feet is incredible, which protects your ankle from dangerous hits. 

Moreover, this skate shoe is a cupsole, so the lower part is sewn with the upper part. This stitching does not provide much flexibility, but the DVS shoes are stiff enough to bear any shocks and protect your feet. Therefore, you can perform landing jumps comfortably with these shoes. 

The laces are also flexible, letting you easily fit your feet in the shoes. On the downside, it has a narrow toe which is not suitable for people with wide feet.


  • Lightweight and durable shoes
  • Padded shoes which absorb shocks easily
  • The outsole has a strong grip which lets you perform kickflips and ollies
  • Breathable shoes
  • Affordable shoes


  • The Toe area is narrower
  • Feels a little bit stiffer

How To Select The Best Skating Shoes? A Complete Buying Guide

As skateboard shoes are not just something you wear casually, they are purpose-built shoes. So it would be best if you were vigilant while selecting the shoes which can provide you the comfiest rides, stay durable and give the right skateboard feels. 

Today, many brands are emerging which can provide you with top-notch shoes but finding the one which fits you properly and suits your skating style is like finding a needle in a haystack. Therefore, review this complete skating shoes buying guide and make a wise decision while choosing one.

Types of Skating Shoes

Based on the difference in shaft height, skating shoes can be categorized into three types. They provide you with a different style and feel for skating. If you know their techniques properly, you can choose the right one. 

1. High-Top Shoes

High-top shoes end up at your ankles, covering more area. The high-cut end provides cushions to your ankles and acts as insulators, so your feet stay warm from inside. Usually, people prefer high-cut-end shoes in the winter seasons. In summer, high-top shoes can cause more sweating and will be uncomfortable. 

2. Medium-Top Shoes

Mid-top shoes have a slight trimmer cut than high-top shoes, and they cover below or up to the ankle. You can use these shoes to swap out your high-top shoes conveniently. They have the qualities of both low-top and high-top shoes. You can enjoy these as high-top shoes for stability and low-top shoes for a cooling effect on your feet.

3. Low-Top Shoes

Low-top shoes come with the lowest height cut, which only covers your feet below the ankles. Although these shoes don’t come with ankle cushions, they have modernized insoles that make your feet move quickly. Additionally, the air circulates in these skating shoes so you won’t sweat while skating.

Types Of Skating Shoe Soles

Shoe soles are the most crucial part of skating shoes as they provide your feet with comfortability while walking or skating. Different types of shoe soles vary in terms of breadth and material. The other kind of shoe soles is as follows.


The outsole is the outer sole of a skating shoe. This sole is responsible for providing grip and overall height to your shoe. Some outsoles come with added cushion pads which make your shoe lightweight and flexible. A suitable outsole will always stay friction-free and get worn off quickly.


The midsole is present between the inner and outer sole. This sole is responsible for ventilation and reduces the dampening of your shoe. These midsoles are mostly constructed with phylon or vinyl plastic.

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The primary purpose of innersole is to provide a cushion for your bed feet. They are changeable as well. Some luxurious brands also offer to get soles that provide extra cushioning and make sure your feet stay bacterial-free.

Styles of Skating Shoes

Skating shoes are available in 2 different styles, which are discussed below.

1. Vulc Sole Shoes

Vulc sole shoes do not involve foxing tape, moreover, the sole and upper part is not fused through heating. Instead, the upper part is sewn separately; it is then sewn to the sole or glued together. These Vulc shoe soles provide more flexibility and heel cushioning. These thin shoes don’t offer much resistance to abrasions and give a more board feel. 

2. Cup Sole Shoes

Cup sole shoes are specially designed to perform intricate skating tricks while staying abrasion-resistant. The upper and lower parts are fused by heating which melts the rubber to merge and become one unit. The cup sole shoes don’t provide much board feel and cushioning to your heels.

Shoe Material Used In Skating Shoes

Skating shoes are constructed with various materials to provide skaters with the most tailor-made skating shoes. Therefore, the famous shoe materials available for the upper part of the shoe are discussed below.

1. Canvas

Canvas is the lightest and most breathable shoe material as these shoes are constructed with leather-free textile fibers, so they are animal cruelty-free shoes. On the downside, these shoes are not as durable as leather shoes and get easily damaged if rubbed by the grip. Therefore, they are suitable only for cruising.

2. Leather

Leather is the most durable material as it can easily absorb shocks and scratches. One of the drawbacks of this sturdy material is they don’t provide breathability, and your feet will heat up in summer in leather shoes.

3. Suede

Suede is a combination of leather and canvas material. So they have leather-like durability and canvas-like less dampness and increased breathability. Still, they wear off within months.

4. Patent Leather

Unlike suede, this material is constructed with an outer coating of leather, while the inner is a less durable material. It is also known as an artificial coating.

Main Features Of Skateboard Shoes

As the skateboard shoe market is flooded with multiple brands and styles, they add outstanding features to their shoes. The reason is any little part can directly increase or decrease your skating joys. Therefore, we have discussed the most critical and common feature of skating shoes which you should never ignore.

1. Heel Protectors

In prolonged skating commutes or performing intricate tricks, your heels are more prone to damage. It is because your feet are powering your skateboard. Therefore, always look for shoes that have additional heel protectors. Some companies add airbags, while others add EVA foams. The foam heels often make your shoes thicker. These heel protectors are also replaceable, so you can change one whenever you need them.

2. Toe Caps

Toes are the sensitive part of your feet that is at more risk of injury while skating. Therefore, modernized skating shoes have developed toe protectors so you never experience toe bruises ever.

3. Gusset Tongues

While purchasing skating shoes, always look for fixed gusset tongues. If they keep on slipping or moving, your pressure points may get moved which results in no controlled skating rides.

4. Layers of Foxing Tape

Some companies offer double layers of foxing tapes. Always look for multiple layers so your shoes may last longer.

5. Weight

If you are skating, you should wear shoes with the optimal weight. If your shoes are way too heavy, you won’t be able to control your skating board. Also, your shoes shouldn’t be way too light. As very light shoes sometimes compromise durability.

How To Clean Your Skating Shoes?

To get better performance out of your shoes, you need to maintain them as well. So they may last longer and provide an excellent grip on your decks. Therefore we have shared a few easy and excellent tips to clean your shoes.

1. Toothpaste

Using toothpaste on your grimed shoes is an excellent method to clean shoes. You can rub the paste on your dirty shoes and then clean them with a wet towel. Your shoes will be new without damaging your shoe’s upperparts.

2. Soap and Elbow Grease

This cleaning method is the most traditional method of cleaning shoes. You can take any DIY soap and soak your shoes in it. Dry it, and your shoes will be new.

3. Washing Machine

If you have Canvas shoes, you can easily clean them by putting them in the washing machine.


After reading our reviews of the finest skateboard shoes, you may choose the one that best suits your skating style. Occasionally, the size we order is less or larger than our real foot size. As a result, it is preferable to select the appropriate size. Also, search for comfort and grip strength in each skateboard shoe, as the quality and stability of your skating rides will be determined by this adhesive strength.

Therefore, it is preferable to make a one-time investment in skating shoes, keep your feet safe, and enjoy pro-like skating rides with no risk of injury.


1. Which brand is most popular for skating shoes?

DC and Etnies are the popular brands for skating shoes. The reason for this popularity is these brands provide lightweight, flexible, and long-lasting shoes which exhibit incredible grip strength. 

2. Which skate shoes are the best for beginners?

For beginners, Lakai shoes are best because they provide excellent cushioning and lightweight shoes which let skaters learn new tricks easily.

3. Why do skate shoes have big tongues?

Some skate shoes have big tongues in order to protect skaters from knee slides while they perform transition or kick flips.

4. Is suede good for skating?

Suede is not as durable as leather but still, they are good enough for sturdy skate shoes. They are flexible and strong like any other leather shoe.

5. Do Vans last long?

Although Vans are canvas shoes, they can easily last for 1 or 2 years if cared for properly. They are not as long-lasting as any other suede or leather shoe.

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