The 13 Best Skateboard Trucks For All Types Of Skating

Best Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard trucks are as crucial as a skateboard’s deck, wheels, and grip tape. They serve as a bridge connecting your wheels and the deck, allowing you to cruise while simultaneously spinning your wheels and bearings. They always come in pairs for mounting forward and backward wheels. 

A genuine pair of trucks defines your ollies, flips, maneuvers, and how you execute intricate tricks. The reason is the power you provide to your deck through your feet is processed through these trucks. So, if your trucks are of good quality, you will be able to distribute your power correspondingly on the whole deck.

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The 13 Best Skateboard Trucks Of All Times

If you find your skateboards are not performing the way you want them to, then it’s time to swap your trucks. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best skateboard trucks and their unique features. You can select the one that best fits your skating style.  

01 INDEPENDENT Stage 11 Polished — Best Overall Trucks

INDEPENDENT Stage 11 Polished Standard Skateboard

If you are a professional skater then there is no doubt that you have already tried Independent trucks once in your skating career. 

Founded in 1978, Independent tends to launch new truck designs with upgrades and modifications every one or two years. Multiple Independent trucks are available ranging from hollow to forged titanium trucks. 

The most common and popular Independent trucks are Stage 11 polished ones. They are constructed with aluminum to provide durability and lightweight at the same time. Due to these lightweight trucks, you will experience unmatched grindability and your kingpin will not be caught in rails. 

If you think that its strength and toughness may be compromised due to aluminum construction then you are totally wrong. The grade 8 kingpin and axle of these sturdy trucks are constructed with chromyl steel so they don’t get bent due to being overweight. Steel is also corrosion-resistant so you don’t need to be hesitant while skating in wet terrain. 

Moreover, this truck is low-profile which lets you enjoy extra stability. The low height increases the center of gravity and reduces the risk of falling while performing flips, ramps, and ollies. 

The extra soft bushing also aids in the performance of intricate tricks. The turns will be smoother and more responsive due to these mushy bushings. All you need to do is apply little force and you will have more controlled turns. 


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Less height makes landings smoother and risk-free
  • Constructed with aluminum and steel for durable construction
  • Cushy bushings make your turns fast and responsive
  • Provides fewer wheel bites


  • Bushings are not strong
  • A beginner might feel it heavy

02 [CCS] Skateboard Trucks—Best For Basic Tricks

CCS Skateboard Trucks

CCS skateboard trucks have provided you with a solution to never sacrifice your skating joys due to low-budget difficulties in this epidemic period where everyone is on a budget. CCS trucks are the sleek and lightest skateboard trucks ever made.

The CCS trucks are made of aluminum, making them light without sacrificing sturdiness. As a result, these trucks are a dream come true for beginners, as they can get started skating right away by practicing fundamental tricks on these light trucks. Performing ollies or riding up and down 2,3 stairs is a breeze with these trucks.

The extra-strong kingpin can readily tolerate everyday shocks and damages, allowing it to last longer. The entire truck works flawlessly because the non-slippery kingpin keeps all parts together.

In addition, the truck features smooth bushings for trouble-free control and mushy turns. Because of the soft bushings, your skateboard will be more responsive and quick, and you will have no wheel bite. Swapping out the bushes for a tougher one is just your cup of tea if you desire skateboards for cruising and carving.

The distance between the hanger and the baseplate is conventional, allowing for adequate pop. With these medium-high trucks, you may put 53 to 56mm wheels on your skateboard.

You may use these as regular or reverse trucks and give your skateboard a new lease on life. They come in black and raw silver colors.

On the flip side, because the trucks are light, you won’t accomplish complex stunts like professional skaters. Furthermore, the CCS truck’s baseplate is not as sturdy as other steel or titanium trucks, and it is susceptible to cracking if your skateboard is overloaded.


  • Lightweight trucks result in seamless skating
  • A strong kingpin holds all truck parts tightly
  • Best for basic tricks
  • Provides good pop to the whole skateboard with a moderate profile
  • 1’’ Philip hardware is included in the box for free.


  • Not able to withstand heavyweight
  • It will quickly be damaged if used for ramps or intricate tricks

03 FREEDARE  5 Inches Skateboard Trucks — Top-notch Quality Trucks

FREEDARE Skateboard Trucks

FREEDARE is known for its high-end skateboards and skateboard parts that show off the real potential of each product.

Due to its steel construction, this Freedare truck is solid and long-lasting. Steel trucks can endure substantial impacts, enhancing the skateboard’s overall performance and allowing you to enjoy grindings.

The additional four-hole elevation pads increase the height of your deck, making the overall height 5 inches. This height allows you to perform more secure flips and ollies with a 7.5 to 8 inches wide deck. Because these trucks are customizable, you may use skate tools to remove the riser pads and enjoy low-profile trucks for intricate tricks.

This truck’s grade 8 steel kingpin is a standout element, adding to its overall toughness. Not only is the kingpin strong, but so are the kingpin nuts, making your motions more responsive and quick.

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The bushings that surround the kingpin are soft and barrel-shaped. Due to these soft bushings, you may effortlessly enjoy vert or street skating and controlled turns. You can easily replace these bushings with stiffer ones to perform mega ramps and 84 stairs.

Furthermore, the baseplate is ergonomically built to make it simple to mount your trucks to your decks. The four-bolt holes on the baseplate are neatly cut for secure installation.

Conclusively, install these cost-efficient Freedare trucks in black or silver color and unleash the true skating thrills.


  • Steel manufacturing makes the trucks robust
  • Comes with 1-year warranty
  • Non-slippery axles ensure safer rides
  • Includes 7 ABEC bearings
  • Affordable price


  • Soft bushings need to be swapped out for intricate tricks.
  • Trucks produce peep sounds during carving.

04 Havoc Skateboard Trucks — Lightweight Trucks

Havoc Skateboard Trucks

Do you want to get the most fantastic skateboard trucks for your longboard or shortboard but aren’t sure where to start? Keep your cool! For your longboards and simple skateboards, Havoc offers high-quality trucks.

Thanks to Havoc’s aluminum alloy build, your longboard will be light and sturdy. With these trucks, you can add thick and dense decks to your skateboard without adding an excessive amount of weight.. Professional skaters prefer havoc trucks to demonstrate their complex stunts.

The kingpin on these rigid trucks is made of flush materials to withstand any brassy clashes and provide you with smooth grinds. Furthermore, the two bushings on the hanger’s upper and bottom sides are mushy. The bottom bushing between the baseplate and the hanger is somewhat loose. Skating tools can tighten these loose bushings to perform difficult skating stunts with ease. In addition, you can also improve balance and gain more controlled turns while performing intricate maneuvers by replacing the soft bushings with stiffer ones. These soft bushings with loose fastening are ideal if you prefer cruising and carving.

Furthermore, these trucks are available in multiple sizes ranging from 5 inches to 7 inches high. So, you can install any low trucks for complex tricks or higher ones for cruising. 

Not only do they come in a variety of sizes, but they also come in a variety of colors. Therefore, you can benefit from a wide range of skating stunts and also add flair to your skateboard.


  • It comes in multiple sizes to suit any large or small-sized deck
  • Cost-efficient trucks
  • Trucks’ paint does not wear off easily
  • It makes your skateboard lightweight
  • Provides enough room to fit skateboard wheels easily


  • Bolts do not get fit properly
  • Making a skateboard overweight can result in bent axles

05 Krux K5 Polished Skateboard Trucks — Iconic Design

KRUX K5 Standard Skateboard Trucks

Krux Polished skateboard trucks are all about having fun during skating. You don’t need to be worried about the balance or control turns while skating with Krux trucks. That’s why every skater loves these trucks. 

Krux has built the stoutest trucks ever, taking into account the merciless impact every truck faces due to carrying the skater’s weight and bearing force. The hangers and baseplate of the K5 trucks are made of monolithic aluminum, while the bolts and kingpins are made of stainless steel.. It is because the kingpin and bolts hold the whole truck together and attach them firmly to the decks. These sturdy trucks are also coated with rust-free powder to lower the risk of rust due to moist terrains or extreme climates. 

Furthermore, the truck comes in elegant silver color, giving your complete skateboard a sparkling look when you make flips and grinds. 

The height of K5 trucks is only 2 inches which makes them the perfect low-profile skating trucks. Due to this low height, the center of gravity becomes tighter, providing more balance in your technical tricks. You need to install wheels of smaller sizes with these low-height trucks. 

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In addition, the material and the shape of Krux bushings are also specially designed to get the most responsive turns. Upon learning all the basic tricks, you can replace these soft bushings with the tougher ones and make yourself ready to learn all the intricate tricks with these Krux trucks.


  • Provides smooth and swift turns
  • Hangers are designed ergonomically
  • Stylish trucks give your skateboard a classic style
  • Stays corrosion resistant
  • The tightness of the kingpin is likewise long-lasting.


  • Axles may get bent in a week or two
  • Screwing is not easy

06 Venture Skateboard Trucks — Best for Grinding

Venture Polished Skateboard Trucks

Deluxe is Venture Skateboards’ distributor. It has created the greatest range of items to meet the needs of skaters.

These polished trucks are as light as book pages and as tough as any hardest metal. The reason for this extreme thinness and durability is the T6 aluminum construction. These light trucks weigh only 0.37 Kilograms, which makes your skateboard lightweight and lets you enjoy swift skating rides. 

Moreover, the axles and kingpins of venture trucks are also hollow, contributing to the trucks’ overall thinness.

Furthermore, the hanger on venture trucks is primarily designed to keep them straight while maintaining a short radius. Therefore, to perform grinds, these trucks are best. As the turns become a bit stiffer due to hard bushings, you can also use them efficiently while practicing intricate tricks. 

The height of these trucks is only 5.6 inches with 8.25 inches wide axles. This length provides an intense center of gravity to your longboards. Due to this leaning position, performing stable and more extended manuals using longboards is not a challenge anymore. 

Furthermore, the bushings of these silver trucks are colored, which gives the whole truck a more sassy look. Well, dirt can cover everything, so placing these colored bushings will shine if you clean your trucks daily. Meanwhile, these colored bushings are bone bushings that are medium-tight and provide more controlled turns. You can also remove the washers on these bushings and make your trucks more lightweight. 


  • Provides good turns
  • Extra Lightweight makes them fit for grinds and manuals
  • Polished looks stay corrosion free
  • Offers stable and speedy rides
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • adding bolts is difficult in base plate holes
  • Deck installation takes time

07 Thunder Polished Hollow Lights — Most Responsive Turns

Thunder Polished Hollow Lights 2 Trucks

Since 1986, Thunder has been producing top-notch skateboard trucks which let you unleash the real skating thrills hidden in your skating styles.

Thunder-polished trucks are made of titanium, which makes them the most durable and lightweight trucks on the market. Moreover, its kingpin and axles are constructed hollow, adding to its overall thin construction. Due to their extreme strength, they can easily bear heavy weight without getting bent and let you enjoy the most powerful ride. If you want to grind on-ramp rails or have an adventurous downhill ride on any rough terrain, your skateboard needs these Thunder trucks. 

Moreover, the thunder truck bushings have 90A hardness, giving you the best skating rides of your skating career. The bushings are super soft and durable, so the turnings are more controlled and responsive. That’s why whether you prefer flips, ollies, manuals, or want to cruise your boards along the roads, these thunder trucks show excellent performance. Due to these incredible shock-absorbing bushings, you won’t feel any vibrations on rough terrain. 

Furthermore, these sturdy trucks are only 2 inches high. Due to this low height profile, Thunder trucks are the most stable trucks for executing intricate tricks. 

Additionally, thunder trucks have a longer wheelbase, providing ample space for strong wheel attachments. 


  • Titanium construction makes these trucks the most durable ones
  • Provides the most responsive and controlled turns
  • Extreme lightweight provides good flips. 
  • Low-profile trucks with extra stability
  • Polished trucks which are suitable for grinding


  • Wheelbite is possible
  • Expensive trucks

08 Ace Skateboard Trucks AF1 — Ideal For Cruising

Ace Skateboard Trucks AF1

In 2007, Joey Tershay began a skating journey and did his best to revolutionize the traditional skating experience. Due to his tiresome efforts, Ace’s most modern skateboard truck, AF1, came out in 2021. 

Ace trucks are constructed with aluminum and involve the casting process, which makes these trucks lightweight without compromising durability. The casting process also develops coherence in the structural geometry of the whole truck. In addition, the baseplate and hangers are also tough due to this durable construction. 

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The durable axles are made of steel with extra width to the axles that withstand heavyweight and minimize the wobbles. Additionally, the axle nuts also feature modern technology as their ends have been rethreaded to keep them damage-free. 

The bushings of AF1 come with 96A hardness. Due to this ideal toughness, you get more stable, silky, and swift turns and maneuvers. You can always go for more rigid bushings for street or vert skating. 

Moreover, these modernized skating trucks are low-profile with a total height of 2.1 inches. This little height makes you stable while grinding or performing kickflips, and you always end up landing on your decks. Moreover, less height increases your center of gravity, which provides natural stability during skating. 


  • Comes with modern re-threaded axle nuts for better axle end protection.
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • For a crisper turn, the bushing and cup washer forms have been refined.
  • Bearing engagement is enhanced due to machine-faced hanger ends.
  • Large axles to remove wobbles


  • Not budget-friendly trucks
  • Axles may get bent due to overweight

09 Paris Street Skateboard Trucks — Hybrid Construction

Paris Street Skateboard Trucks

Joey Pulsifer established the world-renowned skateboard trucks company known as Paris Trucks Co. If you are unfamiliar with this brand, then get ready to discover the most incredible trucks of all time.

A major reason for the success of the Paris brand is its superior quality. The trucks are constructed with virgin aluminum through a casting process. This casting adds more durability and sturdiness to trucks to bear bumps and scratches without getting damaged easily. 

The delicate and crucial parts that will handle your whole truck and bear the harshest impacts, like kingpins and bolts, are constructed with steel. As the steel is more durable and weather-resistant, so you will skate freely without the fear of bending or breakage. 

In addition, the bushings are soft and cushy, which lets you skate around turns smoothly, and maneuver with great speed. For pro skating tricks, you can opt for stiffer bushings. These hard bushings will make the turns harder and let you perform stairs, flips, ollies, and manuals efficiently. 

Furthermore, these trucks are also low profile at 2.25 inches, so they are most suitable for your longboards. You can also use them with shortboards and experience the most challenging rides with stability. 

The Paris trucks beat all skateboard trucks in terms of installation. The baseplate comes with six-bolt holes, which lets you easily mount the trucks to your decks. Whether you ride longboard, old-school, or shortboard, Paris trucks fit easily as they come in different sizes.


  • Compatible with any skating deck
  • Axle height is increased to get more grind clearance
  • No Wheelbites
  • Provides lifetime warranty
  • Sturdy trucks due to hybrid construction


  • A bit heavy trucks
  • Not suitable for flexible deck

10 Core Skateboard Trucks — Budget-friendly trucks

Core Skateboard Trucks - Aluminum Alloy

If you are looking for economical yet heavy-duty trucks, then Core Trucks is your solution. Core Trucks has been providing the highest quality trucks in the United States for over 20 years. Therefore, most skaters always have Core truck pairs as a backup in their garage. 

These durable trucks are constructed with a sturdy aluminum alloy which makes these trucks light in weight. Therefore, their weight is only .73 kg. Though they are not as feathery as other hollow trucks, they provide a perfect combination of lightweight yet sturdy trucks. 

The grade 8 kingpin and base plate are strong enough to withstand heavy loads while keeping your whole truck in position. 

These trucks also come with six mounting holes that can let you easily install these Core trucks on any wooden or fiberglass coating deck. 

Moreover, their bushings are also soft and cushy. With ergonomically designed pivot cups, these bushings make your turns more swift and reactive. Therefore, you can enjoy your every skating trick to the fullest with these Core trucks. 

Core Trucks are available in almost every hue. You can add matching trucks to your deck graphics and give your whole skateboard a classy look. Your grinds will look sassier with these stylish trucks. 

Not only shades but Core trucks are also available in multiple sizes. You can install these trucks for decks up to 7.5 inches.


  • Low-profile trucks which provide good clearance while grinding
  • Budget-friendly trucks
  • Mounting is easy with these trucks
  • Comes in multiple shades and sizes
  • Responsive bushings provide good turns


  • Bushings may get damaged if tighten
  • Not suitable for flip tricks

11 Gullwing Sidewinder II Trucks — Innovative Longboard Trucks

Gullwing Sidewinder

Gullwing has produced the most innovative and stylish skateboard trucks for 35 years. Whether you have been using Gullwing trucks since childhood or just bought one, you can always count on them. 

These sturdy trucks are constructed with aluminum and Chromyl; that’s why they are lightweight and provide good grinds. 

The most significant feature of Gullwing trucks is their double kingpin. These double kingpins let you make two different turns, enabling you to ride higher than ordinary boards. Due to this double kingpin, these trucks are suitable for longboards. You will also enjoy greater maneuverability through the narrow spaces. If you want to make 180-degree turns swiftly, these double kingpin trucks are the must-buy-ones.

If you are a single kingpin surfer, you can change the double kingpin by simply removing the middle joint through skating tools. 

Furthermore, these trucks have oversized 9 inches axles and 6.25 inches tall hangers suitable for any large board. Due to these heightened trucks, you can easily hop off over curbs on the street.  

In addition, the special bushings of these skateboard trucks are quite hard with an 89a durometer. The upper bushings provide smooth turns, while the lower bushings provide a good bounce. Combining the results, these trucks give you seamless cruising and carvings on your longboards.


  • Affordable trucks
  • Able to provide momentum through hill
  • Provides good hop off over curbs
  • Double kingpin provides narrow turning
  • Hard bushings made carvings easy


  • Not suitable for complex tricks
  • Beginners can’t control it easily

12 Caliber II Trucks — High Responsive Trucks

Caliber Trucks Cal

Started in 2010, Caliber Truck Co. has produced the most inspiring skateboard trucks for professionals as well as regular skaters. The CEO of this company is also a skateboard rider that’s why their design includes every detail that any skateboarder wants and nothing more. 

The precise Caliber II trucks are made with aluminum like any other sturdy truck. This second edition is 40 times more sturdy than the Caliber I truck, that’s why they can easily bear any sharp blows and give seamless rides. 

For bushings, there is a perfect circle on the hangers of the truck. On this hole, cone-shaped bushings are placed which are quite hard. These hard bushings provide skaters with more stability and control. 

Furthermore, the mounting is also handy with Caliber II baseplates. They can be easily placed on any longboard with six bolt holes.  

The kingpin is designed ergonomically with a precise diameter of 17.4mm fits with the kingpin nut easily and holds your whole truck together for a longer period of time. These kingpins are not like traditional sloppy bolts but come with pressed-in technology which provides increased control and more responsive turns. 

Moreover, the baseplate is also durable which is made more sturdy in the kingpin area by thickening the metal from that area. Due to these tough baseplates, you can ride fast-speed cruises. 

 In addition, as the pivot cup breaks in, the smaller seat chamber ensures a tighter fit for the pivot pin and prevents side-to-side play.


  • Updated inner for no-slip-fit of bushings
  • A strong base plate provides resistance against fast-speed impacts
  • Pressed in kingpin for increased responsiveness
  • Paint is thin which does not affect your overall performance
  • Durable trucks due to the heating process


  • Axles can be bent due to overweight
  • Expensive trucks

13 Tensor Alloys Skateboard Trucks — Best for Complex Tricks

Tensor Alloys Skateboard Trucks

Tensor Trucks are the world-renowned skateboard trucks distributed by Dwindle Distribution. The founder of Tensor Trucks is the Godfather of Skateboarding himself. He Established Tensor in 2000, which now stands among the top globe skateboard truck industries due to its top-notch quality products. If you are looking to master ollies and kickflips, then Tensor is the right choice. 

In order to perform complex tricks, your skateboard should be light. To beat this situation, Tensor has created lightweight trucks through aluminum construction. These lightest trucks weigh only 312 grams, ideal for performing speedy turns or enjoying seamless riding.

Moreover, the geometry of the skateboard is of great design. The angles of the kingpin and pivot are adjusted so that they provide more responsiveness while you skate. The kingpin is lowered 5mm, which reduces any hang-ups while grinding.  

Furthermore, the bushings are also soft and adjusted so that they remain centered and respond more. 

These 5 inches high trucks are suitable for any 7.8 to 8.1 expansive decks as the axle length of these trucks is 8 inches. 

Available in multiple shiny colors, you can easily mount these durable trucks to your decks with a four-bolt hole system and add style to your rides. 


  • Responsive trucks
  • Suitable for intricate tricks
  • Lowered kingpin reduces hang-ups
  • Cost-efficient trucks
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Small washers may destroy the bottom bushing
  • Pivot cups are not durable

Buying Guide of Skateboard Trucks

Before moving toward the list, we have brought a detailed guide about skateboard trucks. If you have a thorough understanding of what you are going to buy, you will make a sensible decision about purchasing trucks. Let’s start with truck components. 

Components of Truck

The main parts of skateboard trucks are as follows.

1. Axle

The axle is a long durable metal strip that is present lateral to the hanger and it is longer than it. At both ends of the axle strip, wheels get attached and secured with bolts. Axles handle lots of force, so they should be constructed with durable material.  

2. Hanger

The Hangers are trilateral in shape. A kingpin and pivot cup is used to secure the base plate. That’s why they are more prone to wear and tear as they handle all of your grindings. Your truck axle is also running along through these hangers. Therefore, there are always strong metal hangers. If they get cracks, then it’s time to change your truck hangers.  

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3. Baseplate

The base plate is also made of metal. The rest of the truck elements, including the kingpin and pivot cups, are fastened to this base plate, which contains hangers and axles. There are additionally eight bolt holes. The base plate secures the entire truck to your deck through these bolts..

4. Kingpin

The center pin that runs from the baseplate to the hanger and holds your truck together is the kingpin. A kingpin screw is also included with the kingpin. This nut is in charge of how tight or loose your trucks are. If the kingpin nuts are more secure, you’ll have challenging turns, whereas you’ll have easier turns if the kingpin nuts are loose.

5. Bushings 

Bushings are rubber rings made of urethane. These rings lie around the kingpin. Bushings are responsible for swiveling your skateboard when you make turns. It means the responsiveness of your skateboard depends on the rigidness or softness of these bushings. 

If your bushings are soft, then you can easily make smooth turns. On the contrary, if your bushings are hard, you will need to apply more force, resulting in lesser turns. Some skaters prefer rigid turns to get more secured and wobble-free speedy rides. 

Often your bushings get cracked over time because they are handling a lot of harsh impacts. So, you do not need to change the whole truck for these damaged bushings. You can swap out the broken bushings and install one that suits your skating style more. 

6. Pivot Cup

The baseplate has pivot cups, which are little circular pieces. These pivot cups ensure the stability of vehicles. You can easily replace these cups if they become worn out.  

7. Washers

Axle nuts are another name for washers.  These little nuts help the wheels spin faster by ensuring appropriate positioning. By minimizing friction between the bearings as they rotate, these washers help protect them from wear and strain.

8. Bolts

Bolts are the nuts that keep your truck attached to the decks. These bolts are inserted into the baseplate holes; riser pads can be added simultaneously as the bolts are being installed. These pads allow you to slightly raise the deck and attach larger wheels. When skating on stairwells or other rocky terrains, the raised deck provides a more vibration-free and smoother ride.

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Types of Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard trucks usually come in two different types, which are discussed below. You may choose the one which mainly caters to your skating needs.

1. Standard Kingpin Skateboard Trucks

These skateboard trucks were created with shortboards in mind. The insertion of bolts facing the center is expected in the building of standard trucks. The trucks are protected from grinding by this superstructure. These basic trucks may be used for bowling, street skating, flips, and other technical maneuvers. On the downside, these trucks don’t offer much stability for difficult maneuvers. 

2. Reverse Kingpin Skateboard Trucks

Longboards benefit from reverse kingpin skateboard trucks. The bolts are installed facing the nose and the tail.   The more stable these reverse kingpin trucks are, the easier it is to enjoy carving downhill and cruising on long commutes.

Different Sizes Of Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard trucks, like skateboard decks, come in a variety of sizes. You can buy the proper truck for your skateboard if the axle width of the truck equals the width of your deck. Although the axle width is typically equal to the deck width, smaller trucks with a lesser width of 0.4 inches than the deck width can also be utilized. 

The following suggestions can help you to select the appropriate skateboard truck for your customized skateboards. 

Truck Axle WidthSkateboard Deck Width
6″-7.25″6.5″ to 7.25″
7.5″7.25 to 7.5″
7.75″7.5” to 8″
8.0″8” to 8.5″
8.5″8.5” to 9″
9.0″9” to 10”
10″10” wide and above

Different Skateboard Truck Profiles

The truck profile is the space between the bottom plate and the truck’s hanger. In most trucks, the gap is short- to medium-term. Here, we’ll go through the three most common truck profiles. You can choose from various truck profiles that suit your skating style the most.

1. Low Profile

Low-profile trucks have a minimal gap between the hanger and baseplate. These low-profile trucks enable skaters to perform technical tricks with more stability. The wheels ranging from 50-53mm are suitable for these low-profile trucks.  

2. Moderate Profile

Medium to low-profile trucks is used on the majority of skateboards. With these moderate trucks, you can easily conduct simple street maneuvers and park skating. You can use 53-56mm wheels on these medium-profile trucks.  

3. High Profile

The margin between the baseplate and the hanger is more considerable in high-profile trucks. This truck with a high profile aids in installing large wheels up to 56mm in diameter. They’re primarily seen on longboards and allow skaters to perform carvings and cruising effortlessly. 

Different Skateboard Truck Material

Skateboard trucks are made out of a variety of materials. Aluminum, steel, and titanium are the most common.

Aluminum trucks are lightweight and cost-effective, making your entire skateboard light. Unfortunately, these trucks are not long-lasting and quickly wear out.

On the other hand, steel trucks are more rigid and slightly more expensive than aluminum trucks. Titanium trucks, on either hand, are the most durable and hefty making your entire skateboard heavier. These heavy-duty trucks are the most expensive.

Always invest in high-quality trucks to get the most out of your skating adventure. If any truck component isn’t working correctly, you don’t have to replace the entire truck. You can replace the damaged part and continue riding your skateboard. 

Because we went over the entire skateboard truck overview, we have made it simple for you to figure out which truck is best for your skateboard. 


The Skateboard truck market is flooded with various styles and sizes.  It is really difficult to choose one which suits your skating style. Therefore, we have provided you with a proper guide. You can select any one from the mentioned products as all of them are the best skateboard trucks in their own ways. Whether you are a beginner or looking for professional trucks, you can find one here easily. 


What trucks do pro skaters use?

Pro-skaters usually use Independent and Tensor trucks as they are lightweight trucks with exceptional geometry. Therefore, performing any complex trick is not a problem with these trucks. 

How much is a decent skateboard truck?

As there are different price range trucks available, a decent skateboard with good strength and durability costs around 30 to 50 USD. 

Are Titanium trucks worth it? 

Titanium trucks are the toughest trucks than any aluminum and steel trucks. That’s why they cost more but the strength they provide to your whole skateboard is priceless. 

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