Best Skateboard Knee Pad for Protection

Best Skateboard Knee Pad

Skateboarding is all about fun and thrill with no hard and fast rules to follow in order to skate. All you need is a skateboard and you can slide, glide, cruise, flip or do whatever you like with this skateboard. That’s why this sport is loved by adventure seekers and thrill lovers. 

As there is no limit in skateboarding so you are always at the risk of injuries or bruises while exploring new skating feats. Though most skaters wear skating helmets and they think they are ready to skate. Well, this is not true at all. You still need knee pads to protect your knees from scratches and other wounds. If you are skating on roads or rough terrains then this need increases because falling on roads and getting wounds may lead to other chronic diseases. 

The market is flooded with the best skateboarding knee pads. That’s why most skaters struggle to find the best skateboarding knee pad. To ease your difficulty, we have come up with the best skateboarding knee pads list. Before that, let’s see what to look for while selecting the most appropriate skateboarding knee pads.

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Top 10 Skateboard Knee Pads For Your Protection

We have gathered the best skateboard knee pads for you. You may choose one and make your skating rides more thrilling without compromising safety. 

01 Triple Eight KP 22 Knee Pads—Best Overall

Triple Eight KP 22 Knee Pads

These Triple Eight KP 22 skate pads are the best overall due to their durability. These pads are constructed with top-notch material. That’s why whether you are off to rails, vert, or street skating, these protective gears can be your best companions. 

They are made to fit comfortably around the knee and are adjustable with fasteners and elastic mesh. The fabric is sleek and form-fitting, while the internal foam adds comfort without impeding knee movement. Additionally, these pads have a sleeveless fitting with a neoprene butterfly closure system which helps you to wear them and wear them off easily. 

Moreover, it is constructed of durable nylon and has a seamless finish. It is stitched using industrial weight thread for durability. This implies that when skating, users won’t have to worry about the seams or threads cutting into their skin. 

In addition, these amazing pads come with plastic that extends to the front edges of the knee to minimize impact damage and increase safety. 

Moreover, these pads come in black color, therefore these pads are unisex. These elegant design knee pads also help skaters to overcome the superstition that protective gears make you look dumb. 

Additionally, these pad sizes range from extremely tiny to super big. One thing to keep in mind is that the pads sometimes run a little small, so it’s best to size up rather than down.

Overall, these are among the most durable and comfortable skating knee pads. 


  • Sturdy pads with heavy-duty EVA foam 
  • Flat cap design with increased impact resistance capacity
  • EVA cushioning and a plastic shell provides pleasant and long-lasting protection
  • Comes with the easy fitting of neoprene butterfly closure and adjustable loop and hook. 
  • simple to clean and dries quickly


  • Sizing is weird
  • Not suitable for thin legs

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02 G-Form Pro-X Knee Pads—Best-Fitting Pads

G-Form Pro-X Knee Pads

G-form knee Pro-X knee pads are designed for those who don’t want to wear knee pads at all. Their special slim design helps you to wear them under your jeans and skate safely without compromising your style. 

These pads stay attached to my body all the time because they come with special silicon grippers on the top and bottom sides of the pads. 

Moreover, these pads have a special ventilation system with ventilation holes on the front so you don’t stay sweaty while skating. Additionally, these pads are also moisture absorbing as they come with UPF 50+ compression fabric so your knees stay free from bad odor due to sweat. You can also wash these pads and dry them in the air.

Furthermore, another feature which I like the most is over the kneecaps, there is a SmartFlex protective plastic cover. This SmartFlex safety cover is flexible and comfortable when riding, but when you’re about to hit anything, it hardens so your knees stay protected. 

In addition, these pads are also lightweight so you can wear them for a longer duration and execute your intricate tricks without getting uncomfortable. 

You can get these pads in different sizes. Make sure to order a size up for these knee pads if you have thicker knees because these pads are tight in the fitting. 


  • Special SmartFlex for shock absorption
  • Fit pads to wear under jeans
  • Special moisture-absorbent compression fabric
  • Ventilation holes provide breathability
  • Waterproof pads


  • Not suitable if your thighs are thick
  • Little bit expensive

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03 Pro-Tec Knee Skate Pads—Stylish Knee Pads

Pro Tec Knee Skate Pads

Pro-Tec knee pads have been in the industry for the last 45 years. That’s why they know that the skaters need and design their products to cater to these needs. Every skater wants protection without killing his style. The Pro-Tec has kept this need in mind and developed its knee pads. 

Pro-Tec knee pads are sturdy enough that they comply with CE certification. That’s why for my street skating I prefer these knee pads. These knee pads include ABS plastic anti-slip covers that are incredibly firm and provide complete coverage. ABS plastic is one of the most durable types of plastic ever created. It assures that your falls do not jeopardize your roller skating career. Under the caps is a layer of soft, EVA foam designed to absorb the shock of heavy falls. Therefore, you can use these pads and explore every new skating feat easily. 

Moreover, these knee pads are made with lycra fabric which provides flexibility and increases longevity. Though it takes a lot of effort to disassemble them they stay fit tightly to your knees and don’t come off easily. So, you may try out different moves without worrying about wear and tear.

Furthermore, the cloth has a beautiful finish that makes it breathable as well. 

You can get these pads in multiple sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. Make sure you have proper fitting because these knee pads are body tight. You may adjust the sizing a bit with their hook and loop fasteners. 


  • CE certified pad
  • Comes with neoprene fabric for comfortable rides
  • Lycra stretch inside for the greatest fit
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Price-efficient pads


  • Not available in multiple colors
  • Straps might come off

04 187 Killer Pads Pro Knee Pad—Sturdy Knee Pads

187 Killer Pads Pro Knee Pad

These pads are popular because Tony Hawk chose them during his various skating tricks. These spectacular pads have an elegant design that provides extra protection and comfort during rough skating. 

They are constructed with special bullet-proof nylon so no matter how hard you hit them, they won’t tear off easily. The nylon is also stitched industrially under heavy weight which adds to the stitching durability of these pads. 

 Additionally, these skating pads come with a lock-in cap system which helps skaters to adjust the cap wherever they find it suitable.

Moreover, the special feature of these amazing pads is V-22 dual-density foam which helps to absorb rough shocks and provides safety to your knees in case of severe impacts. That’s why these knee pads are suitable for click flips and another vert skating. 

Furthermore, these lightweight pads are easy to wash and dry. So you may enjoy fresh skating rides with clean and tidy knee pads. 

On the downside, these pads are a bit more pricey. However, the durability and comfort they provide make them worth it. 


  • Dual-density foam provides high shock absorption capacity
  • Adjustable fitting with removable knee caps
  • Bullet-proof nylon stays tear free
  • Lightweight pads
  • Easy to clean and dry


  • Highly expensive pads
  • Not suitable for thin legs

05 Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads—Best Street Knee Pads

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

Bodyprox is designed for regular use. That’s why they come with comfy EVA foam which provides protection from regular falls. These knee pads lack knee caps so if you are looking for vert skating then these knee pads are not for you. 

These pads keep your knees warm while you walk outside, therefore, helping you to avoid joint pains and stiff muscles. 

Moreover, these ergonomically designed pads provide the greatest mobility so you may use them for various other outdoor sports. You may wear them on and off easily without the worry of slipping because of their elastic nature which keeps the pads stay intact with your knees. 

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The fabric of these skateboard knee pads is moisture-absorbing and breathable, which is a huge advantage. This implies that skateboarders won’t have to worry about sweaty knee pads or other discomforts while wearing them.

These pads come in only two sizes so you must be vigilant while placing your order. 


  • Soft and elastic knee pads make joints warm 
  • Easy to wear
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Provides strong grip and stays anti-slip
  • A variety of colors and designs
  • Enables extra mobility


  • Not suitable for intricate skating
  • Get wear off easily

06 Triple Eight ExoSkin Knee Pad—Best Comfortable Knee Pads

Triple Eight ExoSkin Knee Pad

If you are a beginner and looking for comfortable knee pads so you may learn the basic skating trick with safety then Triple Eight Exoskin is right for you. 

Unlike other knee pads with PVC caps, these provide protection through elevated 8-link foam cushioning. There are also six cushioned compartments to absorb the impact of strikes when they hit you, so your knees stay protected. This protection also gives confidence to the skaters.

Although this protection shields you from a variety of potential hazards, keep in mind that it is not as strong or impact-resistant as its plastic counterparts.

These knee pads are supported on the exterior by a Kevlar knee cover that is designed to withstand maximum wear and tear. This characteristic promotes longevity and endurance.

Moreover, the Triple Eight ExoSkin knee pad includes a ventilated neoprene shell that allows better ventilation. This function also improves perspiration absorption, keeping your legs dry, airy, and bad odor-free. 

Another feature that allures me the most is that these knee pads are thin and lightweight. Therefore, you may use them under your jeans or shorts and skate with style and safety. 


  • 8 link foam padding for knee caps
  • Outside Kevlar cover makes these pads tear-proof
  • Good ventilation and sweat absorption capacity
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Easy to wear


  • Does not provide protection from severe shocks
  • Available in single color only

07 NoCry Professional Knee Pads—Easy To Wear

NoCry Professional Knee Pads

NoCry knee pads are specially designed for those skaters who are always in a hurry. These skating knee pads come with a special buckle system that helps you to wear them on and off quickly. In addition, these buckle clips provide extra grip and you don’t need to adjust them over and over again. Once locked, you are all set to enjoy the skating thrills. 

Moreover, these skating knee pads have special foam which protects the sensitive knees from shocks and other impacts. The outer plastic heavy-duty shell protects your knees from scratches and bruises. That’s why these pads are preferable to use during intricate skating. 

If you think these heavy-duty knee pads may compromise comfortability then you are wrong. These knee pads are designed to give you protection as well as extra comfortability so you may enjoy your skating thrills. 

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Its precise balance of comfort and exceptional protection lends itself to a wide range of applications. So, if your profession demands you to labor on harsh surfaces or participate in dangerous activities, consider trying NoCry Professional knee pads.

These special pads utilize breathable nylon mesh so you may perform your outdoor activity or skate in sunny weather without becoming sweaty. 

The NoCry Professional knee pads become filthy with time. The stains, however, come out easily with warm water and brush. 


  • Tough and durable pads 
  • Easy to wear and remove with elastic buckle straps
  • Breathable pads
  • Suitable for skating and other labor activities
  • Budget-friendly pads


  • Not easy to clean
  • Heavyweight pads

08 2PM TOOLS Skateboard Knee Pads—Best Wide Protection Surface

2PM TOOLS Skateboard Knee Pads

The novice skaters, once they learn the basic tricks, have an insatiable desire to get more sturdy knee pads so they can move on to more sturdy knee pads. The 2 PM Tools can become their best skating partner. 

These amazing knee pads come with 2 cm heavy EVA foam which absorbs any hard shock due to fall or strike on roads and protects the knees. These thick pads are also lightweight so you can move your knees easily while wearing them. 

The outermost cap of 2 PM TOOLS is scratch resistant and provides safety from wounds and bruises due to sharp objects. Additionally, the outer cap is attached with reinforced metal rivets to the pad, that’s why the cap does not come out easily. Furthermore, because these pads are broad, they give protection across a larger area of the knee. 

Moreover, these knee pads are made of highly elastic Tetoron straps with adjustable hooks and loops so you may wear them easily. These knee pads stay hugged to your knees tightly so you don’t need to adjust these knee pads while skating. 

Furthermore, these amazing pads are available in 3 different sizes. I have tried these pads for rollerblading and snowboarding and they stood well. I recommend using these pads for every outdoor sport. 


  • Elastic straps for easy fit
  • Durable knee cap for high impact resistance
  • Suitable for multiple outdoor sports
  • Stylish design
  • Provides protection in the wider area


  • Can be tight for some skaters
  • Not breathable enough

09 Bont Adult PRO Knee Skate Pads—Best For Skateboarding

Bont Adult PRO Knee Skate Pads

These Vert skating knee pads are another dependable product from Bont. They are specifically developed for skateboarding and roller derby, but they may also be used for other activities like roller skating and bicycling.

The knee cover is made of strong, impact-resistant polythene caps that are cushioned from the inside with elevated contoured Polyester material. This combination offers significant protection to its consumers.

These knee pads are also ergonomically designed to give comfort. They are fastened and fit through the butterfly closure system, allowing you to swiftly put the pads on and off.

These knee pads are available in children’s, youth, and adult sizes. Yet they are designed especially for athletes

The most loveable feature of these pads is the knee recess cradles which make these pads stay intact. So, you will be free from loose pads or stopping your thrilled skating just to adjust your pads.


  • Butterfly closure for easy wearing
  • Suitable for all types of skating
  • High-density impact absorption caps provide maximum protection
  • A special knee recess design keeps the pads in place


  • Butterfly closure straps can be itchy sometimes
  • Sizes need to be measured carefully

10 Gute Knee Pads—Best Long Sleeve Knee Pads

Gute Knee Pads

If you are looking for the longest knee pads which provide the maximum protection to your knees and legs then Gute knee pads can be your best partner. These long sleeve knee pads provide safety to your legs without compromising your comfort and mobility. 

In addition, these budget-friendly pads have a straightforward, utilitarian design with robust, flat-ish, riveted high-density plastic covers for optimal protection.

I’ve ridden my bike and skateboard safely with these knee pads. And, while I haven’t tested their efficiency with a heavy fall, I believe they would rescue me in such a case. The knee caps enclose a layer of heavy-duty EVA foam, which allows you to bounce off the ground during a wipeout.

The admirable opportunity about these knee pads is that they fit well. All you need to do is measure your knee size appropriately and order the right knee pads to avoid any inconvenience. 

Moreover, these sleeved pads provide complete mobility while you skate. In addition, you don’t become sweaty with these pads as they are breathable and absorb sweat. They are easy to clean and dry as well. 


  • Price-efficient knee pads
  • Provides maximum protection
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Longest knee pads for knees and legs safety 


  • The pads are a bit heavy
  • Can be small for adults

Skateboard Knee Pads Buying Guide

While buying knee pads for skateboarding, you must look for the following factors. 

1. Knee Pad Material

Knee pads come in a variety of materials. Commonly they are made of reinforced foam which absorbs the shock while you fall on the ground. 

You should be aware that the outermost layer of your knee pads protects your knees from bruising. As a result, while shopping for knee pads, consider the durability of the outer layer. Usually, these outer layers are constructed of a plastic such as PVC, PE, PP, and PVE. These materials have sufficient load-bearing capability and assist to reduce ground shocks. 

Furthermore, you can see what the innermost layer is composed of. If your skin is sensitive to a certain type of fabric, avoid purchasing knee pads that have an inner layer composed of that fabric. In addition, make sure this material is not slippery and stays intact to your knees. 

Moreover, elastic and velcro tape is used to keep the knee pads in the exact place to give you a smooth skating experience. 

2. Dimensions

The proper sizing of skateboard knee pads is necessary. If these pads are larger or smaller and don’t fit you properly then you will stay at risk of injury while skating. 

The Properly sized skating pads will be snug enough to stay on your leg even when you’re moving about. The material should not slip or loosen as a result of movement. Simultaneously, the pads must be loose enough to be comfortable.

You can use a flexible tape measure or your height and weight to find the correct size for you.

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3. Pad Types

The skating pads come in various types. You can choose the one which fits you appropriately. The most common types of pads are: 

4. Toy Pads

These pads are constructed with plastic or foam and designed especially for children. That’s why they are named toy pads. You can get these pads from a  big-box retailer such as Amazon, Meijer, or Wal-Mart. These pads have special thin elastic and velcro straps which keep these pads intact. 

If you are a pro-skater and are going to do intricate feats then these pads are not for you. The reason is these pads do not provide adequate protection when riding at fast speeds, executing stunts, or practicing on-ramps. It is also difficult to glide securely on the foam surface, which increases your risk of scratches, bruises, and burns wounds due to friction. 

5. Pads for Verts

As the name implies, these pads are created for vert skaters. That’s why these pads provide skaters with extra protection from wounds and bruises. They are constructed with hard durable plastic to absorb the shock impacts and keep your knees protected when you fall off the ground. 

Moreover, there is foam underneath the pads which provides cushioning to your knees. Your skin also stays protected from rashes as the foam is covered with linen. 

6. Street Skating Pads

These types of pads are designed for fashion only. You can’t use them for intricate skating. They are made of thin foam which is stitched in cotton, that’s why they fail to protect your knees from severe shocks. If you are skating for a regular commute then these pads are suitable to go with as they are price-efficient as well. 

7. Foaming

The foam in your knee pads is as necessary as the outermost layer of your knee pad. if you don’t have foams in your knee pads then you may save your knees from bruises but can’t save them from high impacts. 

That implies that the padding on your knee pads is critical. This feature refers to the light layer of protection that provides a comfortable feeling to your knees when you fall on your skateboard.

EVA cup foam is the ideal material for this. This flexible foam is as soft as the majority of premium foams on the market. However, what makes it ideal for skating pads is that it does not wear rapidly. It’s also tough and strong enough to bear pressure.

8. Mobility

Another feature to look for while buying knee pads is the mobility of your legs. If the knee pads are too tight that you can’t move your knees then you can’t enjoy the real thrills of skating. Therefore, always test the knee pads before buying and make sure you are comfortable with them while skating. 

9. Budget

While buying protective gears it’s highly recommended not to consider the budget when it comes to your safety. It’s better to invest more in quality knee pads and make your knees safer rather than paying less for low-quality pads and ending in bruised knees. 

Conclusively, you need to be vigilant and focus on your requirements while buying one. In this way, you may get the best out of your knee pads. 

Final Thoughts

Skateboarding can be dangerous if you don’t wear protective gear. If you are wearing a helmet and thinking you are fully protected, in reality, you are not. The right skateboard knee pads are as important as skateboard helmets. Any damage to your knees may cripple or let you lose your confidence to skate ever again.

That’s why we have reviewed the best skateboard knee pads. You can select the one which best suits your needs and makes your skating experience thrilling as well as safe. 


1. Which knee pad is good for skateboarding?

Bon adults are best for all types of skateboarding. These pads come with increased mobility with a durable EVA which protects your knees from shocks. Moreover, these knee pads are lightweight as well so you can easily enjoy your kickflips with it. 

2. Which skateboard knee pad Tony Hawk uses?

Tony Hawk uses 187 Killer Pro Pads as these pads are designed ergonomically with industrial heavyweight stitching. In addition, they absorb high impact without compromising comfort and are lightweight. 

3. What is the most important protective gear for skateboarding?

The most important protective gear is a skateboard helmet. In some areas, it’s a crime to skate without helmets. However, skateboard knee pads are also crucial to make your knees safe from wounds and bruises. 

4. Do knee pads actually work?

Knee pads provide your knees protection from fractures. Moreover, their hardcore outer caps help your knees to stay safe from penetration of any sharp object like nails.  Additionally, the reinforced foam behind these caps helps to absorb shocks during any fall or accident.

5. What are the two types of knee pads?

There are two types of knee pads. One for knee protection while the other is for medical purposes. These medical knee pads are used as knee braces. These braces are used in the treatment and prevention of orthopedic illnesses, as well as for pain relief.

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