Best Skateboard Helmets

Best Skateboard Helmets

Skateboarding is a game of thrill and action. When you skate, you are experiencing the most exciting sensation. These stimulating vibes are also dangerous for you if you are not prepared for accidents. Moreover, if you are a beginner, then you are at higher risk of falls or serious accidents due to skating. That’s why the US Government has also made it compulsory for skaters under 18 to wear helmets. 

We know that it’s not so cool to wear a helmet while skating. You may end up messing up your hair. But, still, it’s far better than ending up in the hospital or having broken bones due to no use of a helmet. When you fall while skating, helmets protect you from major injuries and damage. Moreover, if you are skating on the road, then these colorful helmets also let drivers see you and let them lower the speed of their vehicle. 
We have put together a comprehensive guide on the best skateboard helmets so you can protect your high-impact area, namely the head. This article will help you choose the best skateboard helmet that is suitable for you and give you some tips on how to choose one.

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Top 16 Best Skateboard Helmet Reviews

Here are the top 16 best skateboard helmets reviewed. You can use the guide and decide which one you should get according to your needs and requirements.

01 OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling HelmetExcellent Ventilation System

OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet

LEO, an IT expert, has a great passion for a nature adventure. He is also an outdoor sports enthusiast. This passion led him to establish a gearing company in 2015 named Outdoor Master. Since then, Outdoor Master has produced top-quality products, including helmets, skiing helmets, ski goggles, and slurpy boards. Due to its durable products, the brand is popular among professional athletes. 

The outdoor helmets are made with ABS material, which protects the outer core. In addition, the thick inner EPS foam is also durable. This durable construction protects your head from major injuries during any serious accidents. The foam absorbs all of the shocks and lets your head stay safe. 

Moreover, the helmet straps are also strong and adjustable. The chip-locking helps you to instantly adjust the helmet and then lock it. This chip is also skin-friendly; that’s why you don’t feel any pressure or rashes due to this chip locking system. Additionally, there is also a dial for adjustment. Due to this double adjustment system, your helmet never comes off easily. 

Due to the various ventilation places, you will not sweat excessively. Air moves freely through the helmet, preventing moisture from accumulating. This ensures that you won’t feel uncomfortable, and skate in a cool setting. 

In addition, you will receive two inner liners to choose from, the one that fits your head the best. These inner liners are super comfy, and you don’t feel any hesitation while wearing an Outdoor helmet. These liners are also removable. So, whenever you sweat more, or your helmet starts giving off a bad odor, you can wash it easily. 

OutdoorMaster helmets are available in multiple vibrant shades. With these helmets, you can get one that matches your skateboard and give yourself a cool skating look. 


  • Suitable for multiple outdoor sports 
  • Double removable liners are easy to clean
  • A double dial and chip locking system secures the helmet tightly on the head
  • Thick EPS foam ensures safety during major accidents
  • 12 air vents provide good ventilation


  • They are heavyweight
  • Design is not low-profile which gives an odd appearance when worn

02 Tourdarson Skateboard Helmet—Classic Style And Lightweight Helmet

Tourdarson Skateboard Helmet

Tourdarson is popular due to its most innovative and classic lightweight designs and products. If you are going to skate for your regular practice, then Tourdarson helmets are the best. 

Moreover, these skateboard helmets are suitable for skating and are also suitable for cycling, longboarding, two-wheel electronic boarding, and rollerblading. If you are interested in more than one action sport, then Tourdarson will help you pursue your passion with safety. 

The most interesting feature is that small protective gears come with a special rotating knob. You can turn the knob to make the helmet tight or loose accordingly. That’s why you can adjust the helmet size even after purchasing it. The helmet comes in three different sizes. For small skaters, the size range is 46cm-51cm, for medium 51m-58cm, and for large the size range is 54cm-60cm. 

 Additionally, these closures don’t let your helmet loose, and you can skate at turbo speeds without the hesitation of tightening and adjusting your helmet multiple times. 

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Furthermore, the Tourdarson helmets are made with reinforced ABS material, saving your helmet from minor scratches. 

In addition, the Tourdarson helmets have wide Polystyrene foam, which guards your skull against injuries during an accident. However, if you have gone through an accident, then I won’t recommend using the same helmet again. The reason is Tourdarson EPS foam loses its shock absorption capacity once it undergoes massive shock. 

Tourdarson helmets have a special design for ventilation, so you stay sweat-free with increased breathability. Air crosses through the 11 holes and saves you from elevated temperature inside the helmet. 

If you think that it’s enough, then it’s not. Tourdarson helmets are also comfy from the inside with soft liners, which absorb your sweat and free you from wiping off the sweat during skating. As these liners are removable so you can wash them weekly and enjoy fresh skating rides. 


  • Adjustable knob and straps for different head sizes
  • 11 breathable vents for good ventilation
  • Price-efficient
  • Perfect for regular skating
  • Lightweight for stress-free rides


  • Inner straps are not properly fitted
  • Chin-guard is required on straps for a better fit

03 INNAMOTO Skateboard Helmet—Superb Ventilation System

INNAMOTO Certified Bike Helmet - 2 Thickness Removable Liners Ventilation Multi-Sport Skateboard

INNAMOTO was established in 2009. Before that, the company was producing outdoor sports gear for other companies. When they got enough experience, they started their own official brand which exhibits true outdoor sports spirit. 

They have undergone intense testing and then passed CPSC 1203 & ASTM 1492 tests. Since INNAMOTO helmets meet safety standards, you can depend on them to go crazy while skating.

These durable helmets are constructed with ABS material, making the outer layer rigid and strong. An inner layer of EPS foam is present just beneath the ABS layer. The EPS used in INNAMOTO helmets is of high density; that’s why they can absorb high shock impacts, making them suitable for challenging skating tricks. 

Moreover, the third layer is the innermost layer that touches your head. This layer is made of cotton and soft pads, so the overall helmet remains lightweight. The cotton padding layer is removable as well, so if any sweat accumulates in this layer, you can wash it easily. 

Furthermore, the innovative design of 8 air vents provides breathability and reduces heat inside the helmet when you wear it. That’s why you can skate in hot weather without getting overheated. This breathability lowers the overall sweating as well. 

These lightweight helmets are suitable for cycling, motorcycling, inline skating, and other outdoor activities. 

In addition, these INNAMOTO skateboarding helmets are available in different sizes. You can also adjust the head size of the helmet with a dial. The adjustable strap makes the helmet fit properly to your head and chin area.


  • Comes with a free storage bag
  • Return policy and good customer service
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • Special aerodynamic design for ventilation
  • Lightweight and a sturdy helmet


  • It is a little bit larger for kids
  • Lacks fun graphics

04 SAMIT Kids Skateboard Helmet— Cool Design For Kids

Skateboard Helmet Kids

If you are looking for kids’ cool skateboard helmets, then SAMIT is the right choice. The company is renowned because it has produced top-notch quality sports gear. Their innovative and cool-designed products provide kids safety and let them skate in a trendy style. 

SAMIT skateboard helmets are made with ABS material which is strong enough for kids to protect their heads from any major injuries. The inner EPS foam is 2 cm thick, which absorbs all of the shocks. 

Moreover, SAMIT helmets have special sponge pads which are removable as well. These pads give your child a comfortable feeling when they skate. There are also chin pads on the strap to keep the child’s chin area safe from allergies or rashes.

In addition, there are special 17 vents that let a good crossing of air in the helmet. This reduces sweating and lets the kids focus on learning and enjoying their outdoor sports. 

As SAMIT helmets are designed for kids, and kids are naughty, they have a special adjusting system. There is a knob that helps to adjust the helmet size according to the child’s head. There is a buckle near the chin and adjustable straps to keep the straps tight. So, your kid will never lose a helmet while playing. 

Furthermore, the SAMIT helmets have a cool Crack style design available in multiple colors. Your kids under age 8 to 14 years can use these helmets for every outdoor sports activity including skateboarding.


  • Available in unique designs and colors
  • Excellent adjusting system
  • 17 air vents provide high ventilation
  • Budget-friendly
  • Unisex helmet


  • Not suitable for adults
  • Does not cover the back neckline

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05 Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified MIPS Skateboard Helmet—MIPS Technology Helmet

Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified MIPS Skateboard and Bike Helmet

Established in 1996, Triple Eight sports gear is the most creative, durable, and innovative. They have a special team of designers who are continuously experimenting with producing the most modernized and player-needed products. That’s why you can always rely on Triple Eight helmets for your safety during every thrilling and challenging skating, snowboarding, or biking. 

The interesting feature of Triple Eight helmets is their MIPS technology. MIPS or Multi-directional Impact Protection protects your head from rotational energies. If you fall at an angled position during an accident, the forces will rotate and cause severe damage to different areas of your brain. That’s why most pro skaters including Tony Hawk use Triple Eight Helmets while they perform rails, slidings, ollies, and other intricate tricks to avoid terrible accidents. That’s why they are considered the safest skateboard helmet.

Moreover, these skateboard helmets come into the market after passing various difficult tests. That’s why they stand on the list of certified helmets. These durable helmets are constructed with ABS, which gives them rigid strength against scratches. 

Furthermore, the EPS foam is also modernized with conehead technology. This system absorbs all hits and uses the energy to compress the cones. Therefore, you stay safe and sound during any horrible accident by wearing Triple Eight helmets.

Additionally, this conehead also provides more airflow, so overall ventilation is enhanced with this conehead and multiple vent holes on the helmet. 

The inner terry cloth pads are lightweight and absorb sweat. They are also removable, so you can clean them when your helmet starts giving off a bad odor. 

These most innovative and best skateboard helmets provide personalized fitting with buckle locks and a dial system. If you need to lose or tighten the helmet, you can turn the dial and adjust the size accordingly. 

On the downside, these helmets are heavy on your pockets. But, the durability they provide is worth it. 


  • Certified helmet
  • MIPS technology lowers the rotational impacts
  • Special ventilation system with EPS conehead 
  • Personalized fitting with dial and buckle
  • Suitable for multiple outdoor sports


  • Lack graphics 
  • Highly expensive

06 STOMP Skateboard Helmet—Innovative Design

STOMP Skateboard Helmet

Stomp has produced the most futuristic helmets in classy style. They are best for every board game, including snowboarding, skiing, surfing, and skateboarding. Your surfing rides will be safe and sound with Stomp sturdy helmets. 

Stomp has used ABS material in their helmets to make them tough and shock-proof. The impact resistance is increased with a denser EPS core. In addition, you can rely on Stomp helmets because they have undergone serious testing and received their durability certification from ASTM F-1492 Skate safety standards. If you are 18 or above and looking for durable helmets, then Stomp certified helmets are a great option. 

Moreover, the inner liner of the Stomp helmet is removable and washable. So, you can always wash the interior whenever it begins to smell bad and have a new-like helmet before skating. 

Another amazing feature of the Stomp helmet is its rear adjustment dial. Simply rotate the dial and get your customized fitting with Stomp helmets. Additionally, the strap with chin pads provides the helmet’s tight and comfortable fitting. These straps are also sturdy and do not come off easily. 

Furthermore, the Stomp helmets have a cooling ventilation system that circulates the heat and kicks it out through vents. Therefore, a cooler environment is maintained inside the helmet. This good ventilation leads you to skate comfortably and don’t get distracted due to sweating. 


  • Certified helmets
  • Available in multiple sizes and hues
  • Straps don’t come off easily
  • The dial allows personalized fitting
  • 14 vents provide excellent ventilation


  • Feels heavy on the head
  • Slightly expensive

07 S1 Lifer Helmet—Tough Helmet

S1 Lifer Helmet for Skateboarding, BMX, and Roller Skating

Two pro-skaters, i.e., Dan and Dave, started making helmets in 2000. After ten years, they noticed that the most popular helmets of that time, i.e., soft helmets, were not providing vert or bowl skaters enough protection. Most of the skaters were getting injuries during intricate skating. That’s why they made stronger helmets after testing them intensely. They also made videos that showed how S1 helmets could withstand extreme shocks and pressure. Therefore, S1 helmets got certifications after passing the ASTM test and CPSC test for multiple and high-impact resistance. 

S1 helmets are made with ABS outer shells, which are tougher and resist scratches. The EPS foam of S1 helmets is five times tougher than ordinary helmets. That’s why S1 helmets can bear any aggressive shocks and save your skull from serious damage during accidents. If you think that five times harder EPS foam will give you restless rides, then it’s not true. Though the foam is harder, the interior lining is soft enough that it fits deeply on your head. 

Moreover, the S1 helmets are also lightweight in construction as compared to other ABS helmets due to their unique and innovative design. This lightweight design allows you to wear these helmets comfortably on your thrilling rides and skate fearlessly. 

Furthermore, the helmet is classy in style with a logo on it. Wearing this helmet will give you an overall elegant and pro skater look as well. 

In addition, the best skateboard helmets have 5 circular air vents and 6 teardrop air vents which provide proper ventilation. The soft colored liners can also absorb sweating which saves you from cleaning the sweat from your eyes and losing your focus on your rides.


  • Tougher and certified helmets suitable for BMX and rollerblading as well
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Multiple sizes are available for the most appropriate fit
  • Lightweight helmets
  • Suitable for kids, teenagers, and adults


  • Does not come with a chin pad
  • Very expensive

08 YUFU Adult Skateboard Helmet—LED Light Helmet

 YUFU Adult Bike Helmet

YUFU helmets are popular among night ride skaters. They have rear USB rechargeable LED lights which let those behind you immediately identify your location. That’s why these YUFU helmets are the safest to use during the night for multiple sports including cycling, skating, off-road biking, and mountain biking. These LED lights can stay in working mode for 3 hrs with single charging. Moreover, you can use its three different modes: normal mode, flash mode, and fast flash mode while skating. 

Additionally, YUFU helmets are constructed with Polycarbonate, which makes them tough yet flexible and lightweight. The inner EPS foam is thick enough to withstand any external pressure during an accident. This foam dissipates the rotational energy causing you to save from internal head injuries.

Moreover, YUFU has focused on producing the greatest ventilation system possible. Their helmets have special air vents which let air cross through the helmet and keep the inner area of the helmet cool when you are skating. 

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Furthermore, the helmet retention system is also good. The straps are durable and adjustable from buckle and sides with a chin pad. Upon wearing this helmet, the adjustable dial and buckle helped me customize the size of the helmet according to my head which is great. Hence, these helmets are suitable for adults aged above 14. 

YUFU helmets come in two different sizes. The medium fits people with circumferences between 55 and 58 cm, and the bigger one fits people with circumferences between 59 and 61 cm.

Another interesting feature of these helmets is they are extremely lightweight. They weigh only 288 grams so you can wear them comfortably on your long rides. 


  • LED helmets
  • PVC makes them flexible and lightweight
  • Compatible with multiple action sports
  • Good ventilation system
  • Removable inner linings 


  • Not certified helmet
  • The inner padding is somewhat difficult to adjust on head

09 Retrospec Skateboard Helmet—Cozy Interior

Retrospec Skate-and-Skateboarding-Helmets

Ely Alexander founded Retrospec in 2009. His motto was to push people to come out of their comfort zone and enjoy nature with full zest. That’s why he created the comfiest and most durable outdoor sports products for skating, snowboarding, and paddling. Still, the list of Retrospec products is growing. 

The Retrospec helmets are most elegant in design and sturdy in construction. As there are chances of injury during skating, the outer shell is made with ABS material, giving the whole helmet enough strength to bear any wild impact due to fall or hitting. The inner EPS foam absorbs this shock energy and protects your skull from breakage or concussion. 

Moreover, wearing a Retrospec helmet is very easy and comfortable. I bought it for my cousin who has sensitive skin as this helmet has nylon straps with chin pads to make the chin area stay rash free. The straps also stay locked to the helmet tightly through rubber-edged guards, and they don’t chip off easily. You can adjust the helmet size through these straps easily. 

Another interesting feature of Retrospec is the built-in visor which shades your eyes from sunlight. So if you have a Retrospec helmet, you don’t need to buy separate sunglasses with them.

Furthermore, these helmets are lightweight with a soft, cushioned interior. The soft inner liners are sweat absorbent and removable. Additionally, the 11 air vents provide good circulation of air which lets no heat accumulate. 

Hence, these CPSC-certified helmets are lightweight and suitable for your skating, biking, inline skating, and snowboarding.


  • Comes with a visor to block direct sunlight
  • Comes with reflective nylon straps
  • The certified helmet which can absorb rotational energies 
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • 11 vents for excellent ventilation


  • sometimes don’t fit properly on bigger heads. 
  • Nylon straps are not durable and wear out after a few uses

10 OUWOR Skateboard Helmet—Fits Properly On Head

Skateboard Bike Helmet CPSC

The OUWOR helmets are the finest option for sports enthusiasts who seek both safety and thrilling rides.

By completing the rigorous tests, these tough helmets meet the CPSC and ASTM safety regulations. ABS is used to make these sturdy helmets. This heating technique adds greater durability and makes the outer shell break-proof since ABS is heated and then cooled to give it a suitable shape. Furthermore, the high-end EPS foam right beneath the ABS layer absorbs all of the shock energies and keeps your head injury-free during accidents. 

Moreover, this good skateboard helmet contains 11 air vents that provide excellent ventilation and keep you cool and dry when skating.

Another characteristic that appeals to me is the presence of two inner pads of varying thicknesses. These soft paddings ensures that the helmet is properly fitted to your head and remains comfortable.

Meanwhile, OUWOR helmets offer a customizable fit, thanks to the crank adjustment dial and straps that allow the helmet size to be adjusted easily. You won’t have any discomfort in the chin area because these chin straps have chin pads to cushion your chin.

OUWOR helmets are available in a variety of colorful colors and three sizes that are suited for teenagers and adults.


  • Suitable for various outdoor sports
  • Adjustable helmet for customized fit
  • 11 vents give energizing rides
  • Different thickness of 2 inner liners provides a deep fit
  • Comes with a free carrying bag


  • Gives no full face protection
  • MIPS protection is not included

11 TurboSke Skateboard Helmet—Unisex Helmets

TurboSke Skateboard Helmet, BMX Helmet

TurboSke is an initiative of SKE Outdoors Inc., a wholesale supplier of high-quality athletic goods.

The TurboSke helmets are made in accordance with the CPSC 16 CFR Part 1203 and CE EN 1078 safety standards. That’s why they can become the best-certified skating partner for your exciting skating adventures. They have a heavy-duty ABS shell that keeps the helmet spotless of tiny scratches. The inner EPS layer is denser, allowing all rotational energies to dissipate during a fatal fall or collision.

The TurbSke also contains 11 circular cavities that allow fresh air to circulate inside the helmet. Therefore, you won’t experience heat or irritation on your head after wearing this helmet. Thus, you will be able to skate safely for a longer period of time.

They also have quick-release buckles and adjustable straps. The buckles are composed of a tough POM material that won’t deform easily. Adjustable clasps can be used to ensure correct strap fitting if your helmet does not fit properly.

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The TurboSke helmets come in two sizes, one for teenagers and the other one for grown-ups. The smaller one is 20.5 inches to 22.8 inches while the larger adult skate helmet is 22.8 inches to 24 inches. But it all depends on your head size. I am an adult but my head has a small circumference. That’s why I used to wear small helmets.

Moreover, there is a dial as well. This helps me to expand my smaller helmet. As a result of this dial, you will no longer have to deal with loose or tight issues of helmets. There are also soft pads that can be removed. You can also add or remove these pads for a more personalized fit size if the helmet is hard to fit.


  • Unisex Helmet
  • Suitable for BMX, rollerblading, inline skating, and cycling. 
  • Removable and washable pads
  • Lightweight material
  • Size adjustable


  • Not suitable for kids
  • Pads are difficult to place back

12 Thousand Adult Bike Helmet—Best Selling Helmet

Thousand Adult Bike Helmet - Heritage Collection - Safety Certified for Bicycle Skateboard Road Bike Skating Roller Skates Cycling Helmet

A thousand helmets are the most popular skateboard helmets for adults around the USA because it has a history. Gloria Hwang established the brand when she lost her friend in a cycling accident. She knew that a change was needed. With the help of fund-raisers, she founded Thousand in 2015. It is named Thousand after an inspiring mission i.e., to save thousands of lives during accidents through durable helmets. She incorporated all of the needs which an outdoor sports athlete requires. 

This Thousand Heritage outer shell is made with Carbon material, which is considered the safest shell material among all other shell materials. That’s why ‘Thousand’ helmets are built up to the certification standards and meet all requirements of CPSC, ASTM F1492, and CE EN 1078. The thick EPS foam beneath the carbon shell depletes the shock forces and protects your head from damage. 

Moreover, another amazing addition that makes Thousand unique among all of the above-mentioned helmets is their secret lock. There is a special channel for a pop lock, which combines with design and is hard to differentiate. If you are using a cycle, then you can easily lock your helmet with your cycle using a chain lock or U-lock. 

Furthermore, the straps are made with vegan leather, which makes a Thousand helmets an environmentally friendly product as well. The vegan straps are waterproof, so your sweat doesn’t soak up in the straps. They are also easy to clean. 

Meanwhile, the chin strap buckle is magnetic, which makes it easy to open and close with a single hand. So, if you have arthritis or any other issue, you can wear your helmet and close it with a single hand. Additionally, to adjust the circumference size of the helmet, there is a dial that expands or contracts your helmet on rotation. 

The ‘Thousand’ built-in visors save you from wearing glasses, and your eyes will stay safe from direct sunlight or rain. That’s why you can skate in extreme weather comfortably using ‘Thousand’ special helmets. 

These elegant design helmets have a ventilation system consisting of 7 air vents and three cooling channels, which maintains a refreshing and cooling environment inside the head during skating.


  • Anti-theft helmet with secret pop-lock
  • Environment friendly due to vegan leathers and 110% CARBON OFFSETS
  • Magnetic buckle for locking helmet with a single hand
  • Dial provides a customized fit
  • Free replacement in case of accident or theft


  • Highly expensive helmets
  • The vegan leather strap is uncomfortable and hard. 

13 Lanovagear Skateboard Helmet—Lightweight Helmet

Skateboard Bike Helmet with Two Removable Liners Adjustable Ventilation

Lanovagear helmets came into the market in 2018. This brand is gaining instant popularity due to its stylish and reliable products. 

The Lanovagear helmets are made with ABS material from the outside and the inside material is EPS buffer foam. Together they protect your head from injuries by reducing the shock impact and ensure safer rides on rough terrains. 

Moreover, these helmets have a special heat dissipation system which lowers the overall temperature while you move. This system is maintained through multiple ventilation holes. 

Meanwhile, they have two fan-shaped buckles that are quick to release by pressing a button. The nylon straps have chin pads as well so your chin stays comfortable while you are out on long commutes. 

Furthermore, there are 20 pads inside the helmet which have different thicknesses. Due to these multiple pads, your head stays at ease while wearing a helmet. Therefore, you can enjoy your skating rides as well with Lanovagear helmets. These pads are sweat-absorbent and removable so you can clean them easily.


  • Price-efficient helmet
  • Integrated dial for a custom fit
  • Available in various colors and sizes
  • 20 removable pads for proper fit and sweat absorption
  • Excellent retention system


  • Padding comes off easily
  • Sometimes the size is smaller than mentioned. 

14 DAYFULI Skateboard Helmet— Low-Priced Helmets

DAYFULI Skateboard Helme

Dayfuli has a record of securing individuals in 54768 accidents. That’s why it is popular and has been sold to 7 billion people up to now. If you want to explore the real thrill of extreme sports, then Dayfuli is the right choice for you. 

Dayfuli skating helmets for adults are constructed while considering 16 CFR part 1203 and CE EN 1078 safety standards. That’s why they have certified helmets and protect your head under extreme shocks. 

The outer shell is ABS, and the inner foam is EPS which absorbs shock and keeps you safe in severe accidents. The design of Dayfuli helmets is innovative, which makes them lightweight. 

Moreover, the air holes are divided on the helmet in such a way that air enters and crosses easily, giving you a cooler and refreshing atmosphere in the helmet. You won’t experience much sweating as the three inner liners are soft and sweat absorbent. These liners are removable, so you can wash them after using them and place them back in the helmet. 

Furthermore, these helmets are available in 3 different sizes. If a particular size is not giving you a proper fit, then a rotating knob will fix your size problem. You can loose or tighten the helmet according to your head size easily. 

Overall, the Dayfuli Helmets are certified, durable, and the cheapest helmets. So, you don’t need to compromise your safety due to expensive helmets, as Dayfuli has solved your problem. 


  • Suitable for inline skating, skateboarding, and other outdoor sports
  • Lightweight and certified
  • Inner liners are easy to remove and place back
  • Comes with chin pads
  • Low-priced 


  • Has fitting issues
  • Inner liners wear out quickly if over washed

15 AFRANTI Kids Skateboard Helmet—Best For Kids

 Afranti Kids Bike Helmet

If you are looking for the best helmet for skateboarding for your young kids aged under 5 to 10 years, the Afranti helmets are the right choice as these helmets have been tested many times. This testing ensures the safety of Afranti helmets before they come into the market. 

Afranti helmets are constructed with high-end ABS outer shells and denser 0.8-inch EPS foam. This durable construction bears any aggressive force and keeps your child’s head safe and sound during any mishap while skating on the road. 

The inner area is built cozy, so your child doesn’t hesitate to wear the helmet. There are soft pads that comfort your children’s heads while they enjoy skating for a longer period.

Moreover, the excellent ventilation system with 11 air vents and a special aerodynamic system makes these helmets stand among the coolest helmets. Your kids will stay sweat-free and learn skating or other outdoor activities with full enthusiasm. 

Furthermore, these helmets exhibit a strong retention system, so your kids will not lose the helmet while having fun. The helmet straps can be adjusted through adjustable buckles. You can also adjust the circumference of the helmet through a dial.  

Hence, for your kids or younger siblings, Afranti’s stylish skateboard helmet with vibrant colors can be the best gift for their birthdays. 


  • Suitable for multiple outdoor activities including snowboarding and skating
  • CE & CPSC Certified Helmet
  • 11 vents provide good ventilation
  • Thick and soft pads for more comfort
  • Adjustable dial and buckle for customized fitting


  • Suitable for kids only
  • The stitching of the pads is not durable

16 Triple Eight THE Certified Helmet — Best Overall

Triple Eight THE Certified Sweatsaver Helmet

Triple Eight as the best skateboarding helmet is popular for a variety of sports, including skateboarding, cycling, roller skating, and inline skating. This is because they were created by people who enjoy participating in extreme sports. 

These helmets are sturdiest and safest because they are manufactured with EPS inner foam which absorbs the impacts perfectly. Due to this strong construction, you can use this helmet for any intricate skating tricks and perform your kickflips and ollies without the fear of head injuries. If you are into multiple sports, then you can also use the same helmet. 

Moreover, the helmet comes with a special ventilation system. Sweating is irritating and affects skateboarding, therefore, this Triple Certified helmet is made with sweat saver fabric which pulls away the moisture from the face. 

In addition, the inner foam is breathable, which also aids in lowering your body temperature. Still, If you start sweating, then the thick dual-density soft foam can absorb it. This absorption protects you from sweaty eyes, and you don’t need to wipe off the sweat frequently. Not only this, this helmet comes with removable parts. So, you can wash them, and after cleaning, you can place them back. Due to this cleaning, your skating rides will always be free of bad odors. 

Furthermore, this best skate helmet is available in four sizes. So if your head size is in the range of 20 inches to 24.5 inches, then JBM helmets are for you. As the straps are adjustable on JBM helmets, you can wear them properly. Additionally, these helmets are also available in multiple shades. Due to their size and color variety, these helmets can be worn not only by men but by women as well. 


  • A sturdy helmet provides protection from severe injuries
  • A breathable liner provides ventilation
  • Washable inner prevents bad odor
  • Multi-Sport Usage
  • Suitable for boys and girls


  • Straps are not durable
  • Helmet size varies with the individual head size

Thing to Look For in Best Skateboard Helmets — A Complete Buying Guide For You

Every one of us only gets one chance at life, and we need to cherish it with ultimate care and protection. That’s why it’s your duty to protect yourself and never compromise your safety for some thrill. Therefore, buy the best and most appropriate skateboard helmet with the following tips and ensure your safety while skating.

01 Look For Correct Type Of Skateboard Helmet

Skateboard helmets are available in two popular styles. You can choose the one which you think is right for you.

Classic Helmet

Classic helmets provide coverage from the center of your head to the neckline. These classic helmets have holes for ventilation and a special cut-out for ears, so you don’t experience much sweating. In addition, classic helmets are not so heavy, so you can wear them comfortably while you’re skating. 

On the downside, these helmets do not provide full head coverage, so it’s better to avoid them while you do vert skating.

Full Cut Helmet

Full-cut helmets are similar in construction to classic helmets, but they are bigger in size and provide full coverage to the ears as well. Moreover, they are longer than classic helmets, so your full head is covered along with a full neck in these full-cut helmets. They also have holes for ventilation, reducing the sweating effect. However, these helmets are heavier than classic ones, so you can’t wear them every time. It’s better to use full-cut helmets only when you plan to skate vert, bowl, stair sliding, or do any other intricate trick.

Full-Face Helmet

Full face helmet lets you cover your full face. Therefore, the chances of any bruise or injury on the face or head are almost zero during any accident. I suggest using these helmets when you are downhill on rocky mountains or doing any other challenging outdoor sports such as bike racing.

Youngsters Skateboard Helmet

For kids, there are special helmets that are more colorful and with added protection. They are smaller than normal helmets. If you are looking for a kids helmet then Wiggle is the best brand that manufactures helmets for kids and toddlers.

Aero-road or Time-trial Helmet

Aero-road helmets are designed especially to give you faster rides by lowering the aerodynamic drag. The air passes through around your head with a special up and down layer design. This creates turbulence which increases your overall speed.

However, the aero-road helmets do not provide good ventilation. That’s why you can only use them in cold weather. 

If you are a novice skater then you don’t need these helmets. But for downhill skating or turbo-speed cruising, these helmets are ideal.

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BMX Helmets

BMX stands for Bicycle MotoCross helmets. These helmets have large air vents and provide more protection. If you are planning to skate on rough terrains then a large wheel skateboard with a BMX helmet is an ideal option to skate with. These helmets are a bit heavy but good ventilation compensates for them.

Road Helmets

Road helmets are compact in size. They provide more ventilation and greater protection from serious head injuries. You can use these helmets for various outdoor sports activities including cycling, motorcycling, roller skating, or other turbo-speed games. 

Mountain Bike Helmet

Mountain bike helmets have a lower cut on the backside. This modern style not only makes you look cooler but also increases the chances of protection from brain injuries. Because, the special design covers more area, which provides more safety to your head. That’s why you can use these helmets during downhill skating.

02 Check Certification Of Skateboard Helmets

Skateboard helmets are constructed with different safety technologies. These technologies are sometimes certified and sometimes not. Let’s see what’s the basic difference between these two technologies.

Certified Helmet

Certified helmets are designed with a sturdy interior that can protect your head from severe impact or a brain concussion. That’s why these helmets get their certification from various federal and state safety agencies. 

Previously, the CSPC bike standard (16 CFR part 120) certification was granted to skateboard helmets as well. But now, there is a separate certification for skateboard helmets known as ASTM 1492. If your skateboard helmet has this certification, then your helmet will protect your head from angular impacts and provide your head a good coverage. 

Moreover, there are also certified single-impact and multi-impact helmets. If a helmet provides you with one-time safety from severe angular impact, then it’s a single-impact helmet. On the other hand, if a helmet can protect you multiple times from minor impacts without getting replaced, then it’s also a certified multi-impact helmet.

Uncertified Helmet

Uncertified helmets are cheaper in price and protect your head from minor impacts. If you are performing intricate tricks or kickflips, then it’s better to avoid these uncertified helmets.

03 How To Measure Helmet Size For Your Head

Helmets come in a variety of sizes. You need to choose the helmet which fits you properly. It should neither be that much loose that it comes off easily nor too tight that you can’t move your head easily. To buy an appropriate helmet, you need to measure your head size. You can measure your head size in the following way.

  • Take a measuring tape and wind it around your head just 2.5cm above the eyebrows.  
  • Make sure that the tape does not go uneven and cover the middle of your forehead. 
  •  Note the point where the tape meets the other end.

If you don’t have a measuring tape then you can use a piece of string and repeat the process. Then you can measure that string and know what’s the circumference of your head. Once you measure your head size, you can buy a helmet of that size. In the chart given below, you can select the helmet according to your head size.

Y-SMALL47 – 5118.5 – 20.0 
Y-MEDIUM52 – 5620.5 – 22.0
X-SMALL52 – 5420.5 – 21.3
SMALL54 – 5621.3 – 22.0
MEDIUM56 – 5822.0 – 22.8
LARGE58 – 6022.8 – 23.6
X-LARGE60 – 6223.6 – 24.4
XX-LARGE62 – 6424.4 – 25.2

04 Check The Straps And Holding System

Straps are the essential part of a helmet. They help to retain the helmet on your head while you skate. While looking for helmet straps, make sure that straps have a V-shaped fitting near the ear lobe. This helps to hold the helmet tightly. You can also go for normal straps if you think your skating is not so wild. Moreover, also look for adjustable straps. Otherwise, you can never have a proper fit helmet.

05 Look For The Durable Parts Of Helmet

If you have considerable knowledge about helmet parts, you can select the most sturdy and appropriate helmet. That’s why we have discussed the helmet parts as well.

External Hard Core

The external layer of the helmet is hard and tough, made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) or polycarbonate material. The ABS material is more scratch-resistant. As this layer is attached to the inner foam layer, so your inner layer stays scratch-free. 

On the other hand, Polycarbonate helmet exteriors are thin and lighter than ABS shells. They are more flexible, so they provide more shock absorption capacity. But, the polycarbonate helmets are more pricey than ABS helmets. 

Both polycarbonate and ABS shell helmets are thermoplastic. So, the external layer protects your head from major cuts during accidents and protects it from the scorching outer heat of the sun.

Middle Layer

The middle layer of helmets is made of Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) foam or Stage-2 foam. This main layer protects your head from shocks by absorbing the shock and dissipating its energy. So your head stays safe from a concussion, trauma, or any internal damage. 

Moreover, the EPS foam is a hard foam that is used in certified helmets only; that’s why EPS foam helmets are always expensive. In comparison, the Stage-2 is soft foam and is present in non-certified helmets. It does not dissipate the shock energy but saves your head from minor accidents. That’s why they are cheap

Inner Layer

The inner layer is the layer that touches your head. This layer consists of soft pads and liners. Some inner layers come with sweat-wicking technology, which absorbs sweat from your forehead and head, so your eyes stay sweat-free. Some helmets feature removable inner liners, so you can wash them easily.

06 Color And Graphics

Skateboard helmets come in various designs, colors, and amazing graphics. You can always choose the one which best goes with your mood. Moreover, you can also customize your helmets and break the stereotype that “wearing a helmet is not so cool.

How to clean your Skateboard Helmets?

In this pandemic era, you must clean your skateboard helmet after skating. You can clean it monthly but if you are using it daily then it’s better to clean your helmet weekly. Cleaning a helmet is not a hectic way. We have brought the simple steps to clean your helmet. Follow these helmets and your helmet will be clean and ready to give you a refreshing skating experience. 

  • First of all, you need to remove the skateboard helmet pads. They are present inside the helmet. Some helmets have a single pad while others have multiple liners. You need to remove them gently, otherwise, the pads may lose their grip and stay loose while you place them back. 
  • Now place warm water in a tub and add mild shampoo or any other detergent. Stir it and make foamy water.
  • Add a little bit of vinegar which will disinfect your helmet. 
  • Now place your helmet and pads in the water and soak them for 15 to 20 minutes. 
  • After 20 minutes, rub the helmet shell gently. Clean the straps especially the chin area with an old brush. If your helmet has leather straps then don’t need to rub them. 
  • Now wash the helmet and pads with clean water. 
  • Dry the helmet and pads in the sun or air. 
  • When they are dried, you can place the pads back. 

Your clean helmet is ready to use.


Most of the skaters don’t wear helmets. However, you need to realize that it only took one bad moment to alter your life. That’s why we have reviewed the 16 best skateboard helmets which are certified and suitable for all outdoor sports along with skateboarding. 

It is now a legal requirement to wear a helmet, so it is better to buy one and save yourself from penalty charges and horrible accidents. We have covered a buying guide as well which will help you in getting the most appropriate skateboard helmet.

Frequently Asked Question

1-Which skating helmet is best?

JBM skateboard helmets are the best-certified helmets. If you are performing downhill, rails, kickflips, or any other adventurous skating trick then JBM can be your best safety partner. 

2-What helmets do pro skaters use?

Pro-skaters use JBM or S1 Lifer helmets while they skate. These helmets keep them safe from dangerous accidents all the time. 

3-What is the most popular skateboard helmet?

Thousand Skateboard Helmet is the most popular and best-selling helmet. They got popular after Thousand’s owner shared the sad story of her friend’s death due to an accident. These helmets are environment friendly and provide safety to your head in serious accidents. 

4-What helmet does Tony Hawk use?

Tony Hawk uses Triple 8 helmets which are Certified Sweatsaver Helmets. These helmets have special MIPS technology which lowers the rotational energies and saves the head from serious injuries. Moreover, the conehead technology provides better ventilation. 

5-What is the lightest skateboard helmet?

Lanovagear is the lightest skateboard helmet due to its ergonomic construction. Their outer shell is made with ABS material while the inner core is EPS buffer foam which reduces the overall weight of the helmet. 

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