11 Best Skateboard Grip Tapes for All Types of Skating

Best Skateboard Grip Tapes for All Types of Skating Tricks

No matter if you are a professional or beginner, if your feet are not sticking properly to your skateboard deck, you are unable to perform any trick or ride your skateboard properly. 

Your skateboard is powered by your feet’s energy. It means that not properly balancing your feet will also lower your skating strength and put you at risk of falling. 

So, to make the best out of your skateboard, you also need to invest in grip tape. By creating required friction between your shoes and the deck, an effective grip tape will provide you with the proper balance in your skating rides.

The grip tape market is growing today with new technology such as bubble-free coating and silicon carbide granularity. This immense selection may leave you perplexed as to which one is best for your custom decks. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best grip tape for skateboards of all time to assist you. You can choose from the 10 most excellent grip tapes listed here, regardless of whether your deck is shortboard or longboard.

Top 11 Skateboard’s Grip Tape Review

We have compiled a list of the best skateboard grip tapes with their exclusive features. This guide will help you to make a wise decision about the selection of appropriate grip tape for your skateboards.

Our Top Picks

01 Wudan Skateboard Grip Tape — Waterproof And Sun-Proof Tape

Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet Black Red Bubble

Wudan Skateboard grip tape is a Chinese brand renowned for its best quality. The material used in its manufacturing is emery which is rock solid. The emery grains act like tiny needles which adhere to your shoes when you place your feet on them. These sturdy grains do not get scratched and vanish quickly. These scratchless grains lead to long-lasting slip-free skating rides and more controlled maneuvers. 

Furthermore, this heavy-duty grasping strip also protects your deck from scratches and keeps your graphics safe and faint-free. You can also protect your bottom side of the deck from scratches using this tape at the backside. In addition, your knees and elbows will also stay scratch free even in damp terrains with this grip tape on your decks. The reason is this grip tape is constructed with diamond like bonds which provides incredible non-slipperiness to your skateboard. 

As the upper side of this tape is durable, so is the bottom side. Due to the strong gum, the tape gets cemented to the deck tightly and provides water-proof protection to your deck. If you think that riding in wet terrains or harsh weather can ruin the adhesiveness of these Wudan strips, then you are wrong. The firm glue is tolerant enough to bear any harsh impact and stays wear-proof. 

Moreover, Wudan also has provided ease to beginners by creating perforations in the tape. These perforations result in easy bubble-free installation of the tape on deck. If you clean your deck before applying tape, this results in a smooth and leveled deck surface.

If you want to enjoy intricate tricks with style, this grip tape, with its unique colors does this job efficiently. The grip tape is available in various vibrant multi-shades, giving your eyes an appealing look and making you stand out in your skating gang. 

The tape size is 33×9 inches which is a precise size for shortboard decks. Therefore, due to this appropriate size you don’t need to chop off the corners or edges of the tape in order to place the tape perfectly on the deck.


  • Ideal for shortboards
  • Does not wear off due to sun-rays
  • Stays water-proof
  • Provides tough grip to feet
  • Easy to install on deck


  • Strong adhesive makes it difficult to peel off and re-stick it
  • Over-priced gripping tape

02 ZUEXT Grip Tape —Best For Beginners

Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet, ZUEXT Bubble Free Waterproof Black Scooter Grip Tape

The number one on our list is Zeuxt grip tape. This ranks on top due to its incredible design, which provides precise traction while taking care of your shoes as well. Let’s review its unique features. 

Zuext is made with a hybrid mixture of silicon carbide and PVC. This mixture provides resilience against any harsh impact. So your feet will stay in place without getting slipped. Due to this necessary traction, performing flips and ollies is no longer a problem for beginners. Due to these slip free and safe rides, this grip tape is the best grip tape for beginners. 

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 The tape is constructed with obscure perforations, which does its magic when applying it on deck. It quickly absorbs all the air bubbles and lets them escape. Once the tape is installed perfectly, all you are left with is enjoying your seamless skating rides. 

The grip tape is up to 1.5 mm thick. This thickness contributes to its durability, resulting in waterproof and weather-resistant grasping tape. This waterproof nature enables you to surf your skateboards in pools as well.  

Moreover, its super stickiness due to OS780 makes grip tape stay intact with the deck for a more extended period, and your deck stays protected.

In addition, this grasping tape comes in 11 x 44 inches. This large size shows that this grip tape has covered you all whether you are a shortboard user or a longboard one. If you face any difficulty fitting the tape on the deck or the size is not adjusted, you can trim the tape with skating tools or sharp scissors according to the deck shape. 

Moreover, this large-sized grip tape is multifunctional. You can use it for kid’s scooters, pistols, or any other DIY project. 
Conclusively, this good grip tape for skateboards is best for your deck. If you have never applied a grip tape before, then add this grip tape to your cart right now.


  • Waterproof tape
  • Protects shoes from wearing off
  • Easy to install
  • Weather-resistant
  • Careful packaging prevents creases


  • Comes with no warranty
  • Does not get cleaned easily

03 Mob Clear Griptape 10 x 33— Long-lasting

Mob Clear Griptape

The mob is famous for creating the grippiest grip tapes. Other than grip tapes, they also produce the best skateboard decks, wheels, bearings, and bushings. Therefore, Mob always prioritizes the skateboarder’s needs and tries to cater to them by creating the most exquisite products. We have discussed its excellent grip tapes as follows. 

Mob manufactures its grip tape with silicon carbide. This robust construction lets the grip tape stand among the standard grip tapes. Silicon carbide provides more robust traction, so you may perform ollies and kickflips efficiently in parks or streets. The firm friction between your feet and the deck also helps to distribute your feet’ power evenly on the deck. Not only this, you can also skate in pools or do vert skating efficiently. 

The grip tape comes with tiny invisible holes on the surface. These tiny holes help to escape air bubbles easily when the tape is applied. This results in the firm application of tape on the wooden deck without any expert.

Although its overall installation is easy, you may face difficulty cutting the tape for customization because it is sturdy and won’t cut easily with regular shears. For cutting the tape, you may need special skating tools. 

Mob grip tapes are not affected by any extreme temperature. They are also waterproof. So if you are living in an area where the weather is too hot or too rainy, then this grip tape is a great savior for your deck and your skating styles. 

In addition, these durable grip tapes will not get worn off or tear apart easily, especially from the corners. 

Furthermore, Mob grasping straps are 10 inches wide and 33 inches long, perfect for shortboards. You can easily install them from nose to tail while folding the extra straps towards the bottom from the borders. For 7 to 8 inches wide decks, you may customize the tape also by trimming. 

Like every other grip tape, this has its own imperfections. Due to the high grit level, your shoe sole will be worn out easily. To prevent this, rub the new grip tape with coarse material. This rubbing will normalize the crispness and flatten the grit level a bit.


  • Clear grip tape helps to show off your deck graphics
  • Bubble-free application
  • Water-proof and weather resistant
  • Offers maximum skating control
  • Sticky adhesive results in longevity


  • Not suitable for longboards
  • Can damage your shoes easily

04 Jessup Skateboard Griptape— Easy Application

Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet

Founded in 1956, Jessup has 66 years of experience producing adhesive coated and laminated materials, including photoluminescent films and sheets. Due to the production of more than 10000 durable products for their clients, professional skateboarders tend to buy their skating tools from them. 

They started producing grip tapes for skateboards in 1975 and have made 75 million adhesive tapes. 

Jessup Griptape is available in multiple sizes. You can select the size according to your deck size. The ideal size you can choose for your shortboards is 9″ X 33″. 

This gummy strap is made of tough silicon carbide while maintaining a moderate grit level. This appropriate combination contributes to the balanced adhesion between feet and the deck, which is suitable for long controlled cruising. 

In addition to improving your skating skills, these mild grip tapes will keep your shoes new as they will not cause harshness to your soles. This feature also helps you stay light on your pockets as you don’t need to buy skating shoes separately. 

Moreover, this grip tape stays on any flat or concave deck for a more extended period, which protects your decks from scratches, and your decks’ original graphics also stay safe.

Unfortunately, the Jessup grip tape does not provide the bubble-free application. If you are a novice, it is better to ask any pro skater or skate shop to install grip tape for you quickly. They will use heat and release all air-tight bubbles.  

Conclusively, if you are looking for regular grip tape which makes your long commutes smooth without damaging your shoes, then Jessup is your right choice.


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Best for technical tricks
  • Does not damage shoes
  • Grip tape is long lasting
  • Easy to cut and customize


  • Not suitable for intricate tricks
  • Installation is not easy

05 Mr. Pen- Clear Grip Tape for Skateboards— Weather Resistant

Mr. Pen- Clear Grip Tape for Skateboards

Mr. Pen is usually famous for school and business stationery. Among other products, its grip tape is so unique that it is worth including in our best skateboard grip tape list. This cheap grasping strap can easily beat any other expensive clinging strips out there. 

Mr. Pen has designed their grip tapes with corundite and high-density sand granules. This emery construction provides the good friction to hold your shoes on deck without slipping while performing technical skating tricks. 

The bonus you get with Mr. Pen’s grip tape is that your shoes stay safe. Still, it is better to skate with skating shoes for better performance. 

Furthermore, this grip tape comes in 39.4″ x 10.6″. This long grip tape is suitable for any longboards and shortboards as well. Due to the longer length, Mr. Pen grasping straps can also be applied on kids’ scooters, slide plates, and roller boards.  

In addition, as this gripping strip is crispier, it is easy to cut or trim according to the size of your skateboard deck.   

The gumminess is also firm which lets the grip straps stay on the deck longer. This increased gumminess also adds to the extreme weather-resistant and water-proof nature of the deck and makes you able to cruise on any wet terrain. 

Due to little gaps in tape, no air bubble will be collected beneath the tape during application. The air bubble will come out through these invisible holes, and your grip tape will be applied smoothly on your personalized deck. 

Furthermore, these durable straps are clear with no colors. This tends to show your deck graphics and hues. As a result, your skateboard will never look dull, even with grip tape on it.


  • Cost-efficient tape
  • Easy and seamless application
  • Extreme weather resistant
  • Wide strap can be used for multi-purposes
  • Protects shoe soles


  • Friction will be lost after few cleanings
  • Not able to re-stick

06 Black Widow Skateboard Griptape— Budget-Friendly

BlackWidow Skateboard Grip Tape Longboard

Black widow is owned by Yocaher, who started a skateboard company in 1975. Other than skateboarding, he also started launching customized skateboard parts. The skateboard grip tape is the most popular among his other products. Let’s check what the reasons that you should consider buying it are. 

First and foremost, the durable construction of Black Widow makes this grip tape the distinctive one. Its grippy layer is constructed with silicon carbide, which provides your feet with much friction. Though the friction is not strong as compared to Zeuxt or Mob straps, it is enough to give you firm control on your skating rides and perform any complex tricks, including flips and ollies by providing sufficient traction. 

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Furthermore, this premium grasping strap is 33 inches long and 9 inches wide, perfect for any shortboards. This precise size will leave you little to no modifications in the grip tape. All you need to do is get one and apply it to your deck. Using this grip tape is also easy, but bubbles may form on the deck if not appropriately placed as the grip tape does not come with perforations. 

As the front side is grippy and functional, so is the backside of this strap. The bottom side comes with a robust adhesive that tightly sticks the grip tape to the deck. The adhesion is so strong that the Black Widow can easily withstand heat or cold and does not wear off quickly. 

This incredible grip tape comes in various shades, including clear grip tape. Therefore, you can select one or order a pack of multiple colors and add to your skating styles with these vibrant colored grip tapes. 

Unfortunately, this grip tape does not work well in wet terrains. If your area has a rainy climate, this grip tape is not for you.


  • Application needs no customization
  • Weather-resistant
  • Comes in various vibrant colors
  • Shoe soles stay safe with it
  • Price-efficient


  • Readjustment is not possible
  • Tape may wear off from the edges

07 Viosun Skateboard Grip Tape— Amazing Comic Graphics

Grip Tape Skateboard Comic Design

If you have a craze for comics and want to show your passion, this Viosun comic skateboard grip tape is the right choice. You can apply these best grip tape designs on your deck and enjoy your skating ride with full zest. 

Due to their diamond construction, the top of this gripping strap is emery in nature which holds your feet on deck entirely and lets you unleash the most intricate skating tricks. You will never face the fear of slipping ever with this Viosun foot-holding tape. 

In addition, the bottom layer is also firm and comes with powerful adhesion. This tough stickiness holds your comic grip tape to your wooden deck for a more extended period. The adhesive is so rugged that no extreme weather can rip the gripping strip from the deck over time. The sturdy binding lets no water enter between the deck and tape while cruising in wet terrains or pools. So your wooden deck stays safe with this comic grasping tape. 

As the size of this grip tape is 9 inches x 33 inches, you need to place your skateboards on a table and then apply this tape without the need to chop the edges of the tape. These stripes don’t show perforations, so you need to be extra careful during application. If you accidentally build bubbles, you could lose your balance entirely. 
In addition, this coolest grip tape also comes with grip tape cleaning erasers. These erasers save you from cleaning the tape with traditional methods and losing the grippiness due to these odd methods.


  • Comes with grip tape cleaners
  • Viosun provides customer service
  • Grip tape is easy to cut without tearing
  • The rock-solid adhesive makes the tape waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Easy going on shoe soles


  • Graphics fade away easily
  • Application is not bubble-free

08 P.LOTOR  Skateboard Grip Tape— Durable Grip Tape

P.LOTOR Skateboard Grip Tape

Established in 2016, this emerging brand has produced many practical products, including shears, aprons, jeans, and grip tapes. 

If you have recently bought yourself a longboard and want to test all possible tricks you can perform, then P. Lotor can make your dreams come true. This grasping strap comes in the size of 46″ x 11″. This considerable size will cover your extended deck adequately and let your feet experience holding power at every corner of your longboard. 

This grasping tape is constructed entirely with silicon carbide, which is four times harder than steel. Due to this, the friction produced through this material is long-lasting, and the 80 grit level never fades away through rubbing or extreme weather conditions. This material is specially chosen for the production of longboard grip tapes because longboards are heavy and restrict you from performing technical tricks. But now, when you have P.Lotor straps under your feet and deck, you will never experience slipping. In addition, you will also be able to power your board with full potential due to these amazing grippy strips. 

You don’t have to worry about applying this grip tape to your deck if you are a beginner. As this tape comes with a handy and tear-proof application. You can easily customize the tape according to your deck shape and size and trim the edges. 

While keeping the longboards in mind, the cohesion level is also increased on this grip tape. This P.Lotor will stay intact with your deck, whether you are cruising on wet terrains or downhilling on muddy terrains. The edges will always remain locked at their place on the wooden deck. 

Furthermore, many skaters complain about the damaged packaging of grip tape when receiving. Same doubts will be popping up in your mind as well. Calm your nerves as P.Lotor grip tape comes in individual packages packed carefully to avoid any scratches. 
Overall, P.Lotor provides professional skaters with true skating vibes. This coolest skateboard grip tape unleashes the beast tricks hidden in longboard rides.


  • Comes with life-time warranty
  • Provides ample friction on longboards
  • Carefully packed
  • Constructed with durable material
  • You can easily cut the edges and corners


  • Grip tape is packed by folding which is difficult to unfold when received
  • Comes in black color only

09 Gonex Skateboard Grip Tape— Aggressive Grippiness

Gonex Skateboard Grip Tape

Gonex has been producing remarkable outdoor travel and sports products since 2013. They have produced hiking backpacks, fitness products, camping, and skateboard products. Every outdoor enthusiast tends to fall for their products because they design every product while keeping an eye on customers’ needs. 

Gonex holding straps are made of carborundum, which has a diamond-like structure. Due to this structure, the bonds are so strong that straps provide exceptional feet holding capacity on the deck during skating. When your feet stay on the deck firmly, no complex trick will be difficult for you to perform. 

Moreover, Gonex strips can be used for longboards or shortboards because of their 44 “L x 10 1/4 “W size. You may trim the tape from corners as it is tear-proof and customize it to apply on kids’ scooters, guns, pedals, and stairs. Moreover, its unique marble design with black color gives your complete skateboard an elegant look. 

Gonex has specially designed grasping strips for novices who have no experience of correctly placing the tape on deck. Their grip tape comes with perforations on the edges so that beginners can easily set the tape on their deck without air bubbles. 

The extraordinary adhesive on the downside of Gonex strips sticks to any maple or fiberglass deck properly. The resin adhesive is so strong that the strip never wears off or loses its stickiness over time. Unlike regular boards, which show ripping off of strips from corners and boundaries, the Gonex tape stays firmly attached to the edges. 

Moreover, one of the most significant features that every pro-skater loves about Gonex abrasive strips are their extreme thinness. This thin tape does not affect the overall breadth of your deck, and you will have better pop and flips with this sleek tape on your skate decks. 

You are wrong if you think that these features are enough to add this tape to your cart. As Gonex tends to put extra attention on minor details, that is why its packaging is also quite exquisite. The tape is packed in special boxes, so you receive creaseless tapes.


  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Tear-free edges due to increased perforations at the corners
  • Aggressive grip due to strong diamond-like bonds present in carborundum
  • Slip-free rides on wet terrains
  • Can be cleaned easily


  • Do not go easy on shoes
  • Grip tape designs are mostly for kids

10 OREZI Blue Skateboard Grip Tape— Easy on shoes

OREZI Blue Purple Galaxy Stars Skateboard Grip

Orezi classically designed grip tapes are a relief for skaters who are tired of boring grip tapes and want something refreshing and innovative. 

This Blue Purple Galaxy Stars graphic represents the infinity you can achieve in your skating styles by using Orezi grasping tapes. 

The holding capacity of these tapes under your feet is so great that the equilibrium you acquire in your complicated maneuvers is boundless. The reason behind this is the use of emery material on this friction tape. 

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In addition, the cohesiveness between straps and deck is so firm that this friction tape stays in place for a longer period. Your deck also remains scratch-free due to this tape. As the material used for stickiness involves PVC so this grip tape can stick to any deck material easily. 

With amazing graphics, Orezi also includes a gift to make you delighted. You can send your picture, and Orezi will design a gripping tape and add it in the box for free. 

The size of this deck is 33 inches (L) x 9 inches (W), which is designed specially to accommodate shortboards. You can trim the corners easily if you want to apply it on less expansive decks and have a precise application.


  • Water-proof grip tape
  • Comes with refund in 24 hrs if you are satisfied
  • with the product
  • Tear-proof and long-lasting tape
  • Don’t tear shoes
  • Bubble free application


  • Not suitable for longboards
  • Becomes slippery in wet terrains

11 Black Diamond Longboard Grip Tape Sheet— Long-Lasting Griptape

Black Diamond Longboard Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

Black Diamond has been turning your dream products into reality since 1957. The company has hired climbers and skiers to design the most tailor-need products. That’s why their grip tapes are most popular among skating professionals. 

Black Diamond comes with 10 inches wide and 48 inches long tape. This enormous size enables any longboard skater to benefit from this gripping strip. The cutting and trimming are easy with this grip tape, so you can customize this tape according to your popsicle or flat-shaped deck. 

Your feet will stay on the deck while cruising or flipping like standing on the ground. Black Diamond uses silicon carbide in its construction which provides 80 grit levels. The bonds of this conundrum are pressed together with a sintering process which adds more resilience to the molecules. This strong bonding leads to the production of heavy-duty gripping substances.

The application of these Black Diamond strips on your deck is convenient. All you need to do is peel off the tape and place the tape gently on the deck. As the tape has more miniature perforations, it is better to ask any professional’s help. The stickiness is durable enough to last longer. Unlike other gripping tapes, you can easily peel off and re-stick the tape due to high-quality adhesives. 

Available in Black, you can select many different hues and give your deck a new life.


  • Ideal for longboards
  • Provides good grip for non-slippery tricks
  • Easy to apply
  • Gripping stays for longer
  • Comes with tape cleaner


  • Not water-proof and weather-resistant
  • Stickiness may wear off over time

How To Buy The Best Grip Tape? A Comprehensive Buying Guide

When choosing a grip tape, you should check for some distinct characteristics to get perfect ollies or kickflips. Just like any other component of skateboarding, grip tape will have a direct impact on your skating experience. Therefore, before ordering one for your little beasts, have a look at these crucial characteristics.

Traction Strength

The most important consideration when choosing grip tape is its gripping strength. The greater the gripping power of a grip tape, the more balanced and secure the ride will be. Thanks to the proper traction, your feet will stay attached to the surface, so you won’t simply fall off while performing complex tricks. Specialists prefer the coarser grip tape when it comes to downhill skating.

In some cases, the strong coarse grip tape may wear off your shoes if not made correctly. A moderate grip tape with medium sharpness is recommended for extended journeys and cruises. With regular to somewhat sharpened grip tapes, beginners can perform rotation tricks and simple flips.

Precise Stickiness

While buying the best grip tape, also check its adhesive strength. The highly adhesive grip tape will stay on your deck for a more extended period increasing its longevity. Thanks to its reliable clinging power, the deck will remain safe and waterproof in stormy weather. Your unique designs and graphics will also stay protected with these sticky tapes. 

The tenacious grip tapes will also prevent air bubbles, resulting in more stable and balanced skating rides. As every good thing has its flaws, so is the case with strongly gummed grip tape. Due to its firm stickiness, you won’t have a second chance to remove the tape and install it again if not installed properly in your first attempt. Therefore, you need to be very vigilant while strapping grip tapes.

Design And Colors

Grip tape in black is usually the most prevalent hue. You may use different colored grip tapes and make your designs on them. Transparent grip tapes are also available if you want to customize your deck. These grip tapes not only preserve your deck and give your feet sufficient traction, but they also make it easy to show off your unique deck graphics and stickers.


Grip Tapes are typically 33 inches long and 9 inches broad, making them ideal for shortboard decks. You may get rid of the additional grip tape by cutting the edges and installing it properly on your deck. If your deck is longer, don’t worry; some manufacturers also offer grip tapes for longer boards. Get the right size or order custom grip tape for your unique decks.

Types of Grip Tape

Today, three different types of grip tapes are available in the market, which you may select according to your needs.

Non-abrasive Grip Tape

These grip tapes look and feel like any standard or mild grip tape. The only difference is that they are high-quality grip tapes that will not readily come off your shoes.

Standard grip tapes are constructed of a fuzzy substance that does not provide shoe protection. Their sole function is to provide traction. The non-abrasive grip tapes, on the other hand, are constructed of the same substance as ping pong paddles which are basically rubber. Due to these rubber grip tapes, your shoe sole will be protected. 

You will be surprised to know that this non-abrasive grip tape is created with molecular adhesion, which is far better and cheaper than any silicone-carbide or aluminum oxide grip tape.

Specialized Grip Tapes

As the name implies, these grip tapes are designed specifically for professionals to offer them with additional holding capacity. Skaters can accomplish more sophisticated flip tricks and spin as a result of their improved hold.

On the downside, more grippiness is associated with increased grit level, which leads to your shoes being worn off after a few practices.

These specialized grip tapes also come in various styles and colors. You can get any glow-in-the-dark tape or customized grip tape. The only purpose of technical grip tapes is to provide proper traction and style in your skating rides.

Standard Grip Tape

They’re the most common grip tapes. These regular grip tapes come in a variety of roughness levels. Those grip tapes which have less friction are suitable for cruising. Whereas, the standard grip tapes with increased grit level provides stronger traction. This stronger traction allows you to do sophisticated maneuvers in wet terrain while keeping your feet firmly gripped to the deck.

The only disadvantage is that these essential grip tapes can quickly wear off your shoes because the substance used is not rubber.

Installation Of Grip Tape

If you purchase grip tape but cannot place it on your deck correctly, you will incur a complete loss of money. To get the most out of your grip tapes, you’ll need to install them perfectly. If there are any air bubbles in the grip tape, it will begin to wear off immediately after the first use. To avoid this, invest in good grip tapes with air holes that absorb any air bubbles.

Use trimmers or skate tools to cut off the extra grip tape pieces for a better application. To avoid any scratches and wearing off of the grip tape at the corners, apply grip tape properly at the edges of your deck.

How To Clean And Maintain Your Skateboard’s Grip Tape?

It is vital to clean the grip tape. These grip tapes can quickly lose their sharpness due to dirt pilation. So, to ensure that your grip tapes last as long as possible, clean them carefully after each usage. This cleaning results in the proper grit level, leading to first-day like traction on every use.

You may quickly clean your grip tape using the methods listed below.

Grip Cleaner

They are specially designed to clean your grip tapes without rubbing off the friction from the tape. These cleaners are rubber in nature which removes the dirt from the grits when rubbed gently on the tape.


If you don’t have grip tape cleaner, then worry not. A toothbrush can save you easily. All you need to do is get an old toothbrush and make your grip tape wet. Then rub the brush on tape gently in circular motions. 

Even if they don’t provide as thorough cleaning as grip cleaners, having anything is preferable to having nothing.

Coarse brush

This brush will rapidly clean your grip tape, but you will notice a decrease in grippiness after using it. So, if you don’t mind the slight sharpness of grip tape, you can include this procedure in your cleaning routine.


As you have gone through all of the top-notch grip tapes for your customized skateboards, now you can make the best decision on which best skateboard grip tape you should buy. There is a stereotypical concept that the higher price rate will provide a more efficient product. Let me tell you that every product has its pros and cons, it is better to look for specific technicalities and grab the right one that truly meets your needs.


1. Which grip tape is best for skateboarding?

The best grip tape for shortboards is Gonex grip tape whereas for longboards the Zeuxt is the best to go with. These grip tapes provide firm grippiness while staying strong enough to tolerate any extreme weather. You can also enjoy seamless skating on wet terrains with these grip tapes.

2. Is Jessup grip tape any good?

Jessup grip tape makes your life easy with the bubble-free installation of tape on the deck. You can select from various sizes and get the most appropriate one without the need for trimming. Moreover, these grippy tapes are waterproof and weather resistant which also goes easy on shoes. 

3. Is clear grip tape good?

Clear grip tape is good for those skaters who want to show off their deck graphics and hues. They provide the same friction as any other deck.

4. Is Black Magic grip tape good?

The black magic grip tape is lightweight and provides magnet-like adhesion to your feet during flips and tricks. Moreover, they are also polite to your shoe soles. 

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