10 Best Skateboard For Beginners

10 Best Skateboard For Beginners

Did you know, the global skateboard market is anticipated to reach approximately $170 million by the year 2025? Well, China, being the largest population worldwide, has been found to be the largest skateboard user. These skateboarders not only include pro or expert skaters, but a large number of beginners have come up with this passion as well.

Well, it won’t be wrong to say that skateboarding is not only limited to extreme fun, but it is a practical way to sustain overall fitness and boost versatility. Anyhow, picking your first skateboard could be cumbersome, particularly if you’re a beginner. This is because the market now offers thousands of options for different levels, tricks, and ages of skateboarders.

To help you with this matter, I have listed down the best skateboards for beginners in 2022, so that you don’t waste your time in selecting the right item for you.

List for Top 10 Skateboards for Beginners 2022

Each model on the list has been selected by testing them personally. I tried and reviewed more than 20 skateboard decks designed for beginners specifically and extracted the most suitable out of them. So, here’s a list of ten flawless beginners skates.

01 Beleev Skateboard Best for Short Stakers

Beleev Skateboard

Beleev skateboards are explicitly designed for skateboards for small-height skaters who are beginners. This beginner’s skateboard serves an objective to provide the beginners with a stable and controllable ride and deliver flexibility to the advanced players while riding at high speed. It means this board can be used for dual purposes.

This complete Beleev skateboard is an assembled model which comes in a ready-to-use form out of the box. The length the width of this deck is just astonishing, which provides adequate space for the rider to stand on it and get a balanced posture. Since the deck is built with high-quality 7-ply Canadian maple wood, it has the capacity to bear heavy riders easily. A rider with up to 220-pound weight can ride this board.

This skateboard is featured with heavy-duty five-inch alloy, making it the sturdiest and most enduring. These trucks also provide sufficient safety to beginners and deliver a sustainable ride. The concave design of the Beleev decks is a double-kick symmetric design that brings more energy to your toes and heels. 

In addition to this, the deck is gripped with waterproof non-slip grip tape to prevent your feet from slipperiness and delivers friction between your shoes and deck. Beleev is considered one of the best starter skateboards because of its superlative shock-absorption feature that avoids minor street bumps and passes through them hassle-freely.

This cruiser skateboard equips anti-slippery 95A 55mm high-rebound PU wheels featured with ABEC-7 precision bearings, which are flawless for smooth street ridings. Besides, the colors and graphics of this board are quite captivating and creative to give your skateboard a next-level appearance.


  • Provides a smooth and stable ride
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Most flexible and durable model
  • Helps in  to improve Ollie
  • A variety of colors and designs


  • Bearings are not fast

02 RIMABLE Skateboard – Cheapest Option

RIMABLE Skateboard

Honestly, I personally like this board because of its cool aesthetics and excellent performance. This skateboard is constructed with an outstanding quality deck with a combination of plastic to enhance its longevity. This deck is 22-inch long and 6-inch wide, which are fine dimensions for a beginner. The plastic deck delivers enormous flexibility to develop more control and stability, making it one of the cheap skateboards for beginners

Besides, this lightweight item is considered the easiest skateboard to learn because it allows you to ride different styles and tricks, despite your weight. This board has the tendency to bear up to 198 lbs. It means it is a decent option to try new tricks and learn something new every day.

Other than this, this board offers 78A PU wheels equipped with sturdy bearings and 3-inch solid aluminum trucks. When these features combine together, they help the wheels roll efficiently, and the bearings aim to execute well without lubricating it. Concisely, this skateboard can ensure better performance, especially if you plan to learn new tricks.


  • Light and super-durable surface
  • Delivers maximum control and stability
  • Big wheel size for a steady ride
  • Most affordable entry-level skateboard
  • Roads, parks, and a U-shaped surface are ideal for this skateboard


  • Wheels might not be suitable for rough surface
  • A good option for short-term usage only

03 POSITIV Team Skateboards – Most Durable Construction

POSITIV Team Skateboards

Positiv is one of the leading names in the skateboard industry, which is beginner-friendly and helps you learn new tricks easily. This board is ideal not only for initial-grade players but for advanced-level as well. Although you might not find its aesthetics pretty attractive, it may still turn your park skating into an exceptionally tricky play.

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This skateboard comes with an AirLam press, which is made with a combination of numerous wood plies in order to increase endurance. Further, various pieces of maple wood are bound together with the help of strong and waterproof adhesive to make it more durable. Well, this multi-material skateboard deck makes it capable of tolerating heavyweight riders. This deck can hold up to 200lbs or even more than that.

In addition to this, the Positiv deck is equipped with wheels by the same brand, which makes a great pair to provide stability and controllability. The level of grip of the Positiv complete skateboard is versatile, which conveys perfect maneuverability while executing tricks or half-pipes. This beginner skateboard is the easiest on tricks because it can be controlled hassle-freely. This is a very useful feature for those who have never been into skating. It aids you in developing your muscles for sharp turns. Yet, it is advised to tighten its trucks with time for smooth riding.


  • Super grippy wheels for great pavement
  • Tremendous construction
  • Perfect for abusive tricks
  • Great for rough and uneven surface
  • Ideal for beginners to pro-level


  • Trucks are a little dull that often require maintenance
  • The inner paint may come off

04 Enjoi Whitey Panda Skateboard – Perfect for Training

Enjoi Whitey Panda Skateboard

The Enjoi Whitey Panda complete skateboard is a remarkable option to begin your training. Enjoi is considered a prominent skate brand on the market that also retails other skateboard components. This board is a flawless choice for wanting to start their skateboard training and enhance their skills.

This deck is 7.75-inch long and is constructed with 7-ply Canadian maple to make it eminently long-lasting and damage-resistant. Additionally, this board comes with 52mm thick wheels along with ABES-5 bearings for stable momentum and even position. This board is designed for park and street skating. 

Unfortunately, the only downside of this board is that you will not get it in a pre-built form. But you will get all accessories that would allow you to customize the skateboard as per your requirements. Enjoi Whitey Panda board delivers superb friction to prevent you from slipperiness throughout the ride.


  • Solid Canadian maple construction
  • Super lightweight and portable
  • Disassembled skateboard allows customization
  • Tough wheels allow you to skate in parks and street
  • The rubberized wheels keep the friction


  • The trucks aren’t designed for downstairs skating

05 Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard – Best for Safe Ride

Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard

If you are a serious skateboard rider, you must know the importance of picking an excellent starter skateboard that can handle jumps and bumps easily while riding. Anyhow, if durability is your main concern, don’t look further at Powell Golden Dragon Flying’s complete skateboard. I really appreciate its wheels and truck quality that helps a new skateboarder to experience great riding and stability.

The thing which I love the most about the Powell skateboard is the quality of the deck. This board included an additional polymeric strap along with three ligament straps. This strap makes this board more durable. It not only makes the deck robust but prevents it from cracking or breaking. The concave-shaped deck is coated with high-quality grip tape for delivering incredible stability. 

The Powell Golden Dragon Flying skateboard comes with some versatile features, which include the hand-casted polyurethane wheels to provide constant roll during the ride. Moreover, the sturdy trucks that measure approximately 7.62-inch provide a smooth ride over multiple grounds with diminished friction.


  • Delivers the fastest ride
  • Provides good control and smooth ride
  • Economical option
  • High-quality wheel and trucks construction
  • Can hold up to 200-lbs weight


  • Low-quality bearings
  • Wheels are a bit hard at first

06 WhiteFang Skateboards – Best for Bulky Riders

WhiteFang Skateboards

WhiteFang is one of the most popular names in the skate industry, especially for beginner skaters. This brand offers skateboard decks specifically for heavy riders who want to develop their skills and become pro. This skateboard comes with a 13-inch long and 7.88-inch wide deck, which are the perfect dimensions for an initial-grade rider. 

It is constructed with premium-quality 7-ply Canadian maple wood that ensures its durability and overall strength. This board has the capacity to hold a weight of up to 400 pounds, which is great. A double-kick concave design helps you negate the ride quickly. This model is considered the best skateboard for learning and teaching new tricks because it delivers better control. 

Furthermore, it is equipped with the finest 3-inch alloy trucks along with 95A 52mm tough wheels and ABEC-9 precision bearings to give you a smooth ride. This board delivers a quick response from any sort of ground and prevents you from hits and bumps. This board is used for executing tricks on parks, pools, ramps, or other smooth and uneven surfaces.


  • The shock-absorbing wheels prevent bumps
  • Anti-slip finishing avoids slipperiness
  • It offers a wide range of colors and designs
  • Holds heavyweight riders
  • No assembly is required


  • The deck tends to bite the wheels

07 GETFUN Skateboard – Best Cruiser Board

GETFUN Skateboard

If you want to practice cruiser skating skills, you should definitely opt for the Getfun beginner’s skateboard, which is considered a stunning skateboard for beginners. This complete skateboard is equipped with a double kicktail along with 5-inch robust aluminum and magnesium trucks to provide you with better control and an effortless ride.

This beginners skateboard also comprises light-up wheels which have 54 x 36 mm dimensions with a high rebound of ABEC-11 bearings along with 95A PU bushings. When these features combine with the deck, they convey an outstanding ride. The Getfun skateboard is designed for street, park, and sidewalk skating. Besides, it is also considered as the best learning skateboard.

Its 8-layer Maplewood deck is super tough and solid that can support up to 220 weight. This deck is not only sturdy but encompassed with first-class grip tape to provide you with a stable ride. It also helps you learn new tricks instantly. Another benefit is that you don’t need to waste time assembling it because it comes in a pre-built form.


  • Water-resistant skateboard
  • Grip tape ensures stability
  • This board is fitted with durable maple wood
  • Solid wheels can bear up to 220 lbs of weight


  • Wheels get loose

08 Roller Derby Deluxe Series – Best for Street Skating

Roller Derby Deluxe Series

The first thing you’ll notice in a Roller Derby Deluxe Series skateboard would be its deck because of really cool aesthetics and fabulous design. This deck is 7.5-inch wide and 30.75-inch long, which is a perfect size for a beginner to execute different tricks. In addition to this, the concave design of this board provides you with a better ride and stunning control. Its grip take also provides you a great amount of friction during the ride to avoid slipperiness.

Other than this, the enduring construction of wheels is quite ideal for a border that rides multiple kinds of grounds. This board is perfect for street skating because its 5-inch T5 Indy aluminum truck absorbs shock and vibration while passing through bumpy roads. No matter if you’ve never been into skateboarding before, the Roller Derby Deluxe Series is a perfect option for you to learn the game. 

This 7-ply Canadian maple deck helps you perform your best with the highest Ollie and other skateboarding tricks hassle-freely. The seven layers make this board spectacularly durable and solid, allowing you to use this item for extended years.


  • Thick and solid wheels for a smooth ride
  • The durable maple wood ensures solid construction
  • The wide board helps you to easily control the board
  • Riser helps to avoid contact from the ground
  • Offers a 90-day limited warranty


  • Trucks cause problems while skating
  • Grip tape may stick with shoes

09 Bamboo Graphic Skateboard – Eco-Friendly Board

Bamboo Graphic Skateboard

Over the past few years, bamboo skateboards have successfully become a well-known branded product. This all is because of delivering the premium boards with superior construction. The uniqueness of this board is that it is not made with the typical maple wood. The objective behind this step was to protect the deconstruction of old-grown forests.

Therefore, the company decided to introduce the very new bamboo skateboards, which are eco-friendly and super reliable. This innovative challenge became a new sensation among the best skateboard for beginners. Also, it has been tested that bamboo skateboards are more flexible and sturdier than maple boards. These boards have adequate strength to bear enough pressure and do not break. 

The eco-friendly bamboo boards are probably the lightest boards that quickly absorb shocks and vibration so that your ride does not get impacted by any factor. Moreover, if you execute stair skating or skate from mountains, it does not damage. It is proven that these boards last longer than a standard board.


  • Lightest and most durable board
  • Increased flexibility due to bamboo material
  • It rises higher than other decks because of the lightweight
  • Affordable product
  • Eco-friendly


  • Trucks are less functional

10 MINORITY Maple Skateboard – Downhill Longboard

minority skateboard

When we talk about the best type of skateboard for beginners, an expensive product might come to our mind. This is because the product, which is manufactured robustly and delivers attractive designs, must be manufactured costly. But, this fact doesn’t apply to all items.

Introducing you to one of the renowned skateboard beginners, which is available at a competitive price on the market. The Minority is considered one of the best skateboard brands, which conveys top-notch features and exceptional performance to a skater. This longboard allows you to ride downhill with convenience and brings great support to you. 

The Minority downhill skateboard is made with 100% pure 8-ply maple wood, which makes it an imported-quality board. These plies are cold-pressed to make them tremendously durable and sturdy. Besides, its 40-inch length provides excellent support to the initial-grade skater, which is much more spacious and wide to execute skateboarding with enhanced speed. In addition to this, it features tough PU wheels with 70 x 51 mm dimensions along with ABEC-9 bearings for a smooth roll.



  • Not ideal for hefty riders
  • The nuts of trucks are not rust proof

Other Good Skateboards for Beginners

So, these were some best beginner skateboards, which are designed for different heights of players and for several tricks. Still, there are dozens of boards that are ideal for beginners and help them develop their skateboard skills. If you are wondering what is a good beginner skateboard, I have listed them below.

01 Cal 7 Popsicle Complete Skateboard

Cal 7 Popsicle Complete Skateboard

Who wouldn’t want a superlative skateboard with a premium design? Well, Cal 7 Popsicle board has come up with a next-level design. The dynamic colors and graphics on this good starter skateboard are versatile that provide you with a captivating appearance while riding on this board. Nevertheless, its wheels are a bit different from other boards because they are explicitly designed to give you a flawless speed and grip.

Further, there are 3 mm pre-installed riser pads to give you a better grip over the board. This would help your skateboard prevent going in the undesired directions and remain on its route. This deck is equipped with 95A bushings to ensure perfect flexibility. Along with that, you’ll find its wheels are 52mm wide with a 99A durometer. 

If you are a bulky rider, you can easily ride on this board fearlessly because it has the capacity to bear up to 220 pounds. It is a potent product that conveys outstanding performance, solid construction, and spectacular aesthetics. Moreover, you’ll get a one-year warranty on this item.


  • Soft and wide wheels
  • Comes in the pre-built form
  • High-quality and lightweight board
  • Medium concave allows you to change your posture while riding
  • Offers a one-year warranty


  • Not ideal for asphalt tracks

02 Magneto Mini Cruiser Longboard

Magneto Mini Cruiser

Magneto is the best-selling skateboard brand that manufactures good-quality skateboards for beginners. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its deck quality. The deck of this mini cruiser is made with 7-ply Canadian maple wood with a fitted grip. This skateboard comes with a double kicktail designed that enables you to perform numerous tricks such as flips and Ollies.

Although you may find this board more expensive than other models because of the longboard design and that the deck is made with the highest-quality material. Despite its price, Magneto is the best-selling product on the market. One thing you may find strange is that the Magneto deck is overall plain without any graphics on it. This allows you to stick your favorite stickers on it to make it cooler. 

Also, this deck is equipped with patterned wheels to prevent it from wheel biting. These 70 mm wide wheels add more capability to tolerate heavy riders. Its durometer is 78A, which makes it effortless to pass through all kinds of terrains. In addition to this, these wheels are featured with ABEC-11 bearings for a smooth ride. The skateboard has asymmetrical kicktails on the front and back, creating a surf style design that is directional and highly functional. 


  • Ideal for cruising tricks
  • Superior quality deck, wheels, and trucks
  • Provides a stable and balanced ride
  • Delivers a smooth ride on rough terrains
  • Very easy to take turns


  • Wheels need to be adjusted and tightened before starting riding

03 ROCKBIRDS Pro Skateboard

ROCKBIRDS Pro Skateboard

Here comes another highly-reputed skateboard on the market, which is a top choice for beginners to develop their skills. This deck is 31-inch long and is made with seven-ply maple wood to give it extreme durability. Thanks to Rockboard for providing a preassembled deck board that allows you to avoid any problems during assembly.

RockBirds pro deck is considered one of the good skateboards for beginners who want to take performance and style alongside. This board provides a high-density emery surface that is waterproof as well as prevents you from slipperiness. These features ensure your safety throughout the ride and provide you with a great experience. 

Above and beyond, it comes with first-class PU wheels that offer the ultimate grip for a flawless ride. The board also equips a grip tape, which is designed nicely to provide you with joyful moments. If you are concerned about the weight of your board, this deck has given a balanced weight for your stable stance. The grips are scratch-resistant and work great with bearings to provide a smooth ride at the fastest speed.


  • Works best for adult beginners
  • Top-notch design with stunning execution
  • Tough wheels manufactured from solid PU material
  • Highly enduring skateboard
  • Can hold the weight of up to 440 lbs
  • The pre-built form allows you to start right away


  • Weak trucks bushings

04 KPC Complete Skateboard

KPC Complete Skateboard

On the other hand, if you are more concerned about the looks of your skateboard, you should definitely consider the KPC skateboard as your first choice. Like me, you would definitely get impressed with its looks and graphics. It’s a quite simple board that is available in numerous colors and designs to suit your requirements.

Besides, this quality skateboard is built using a one-piece maple wood, which is pressed with seven-ply maple wood to make it super solid and long-lasting. Moreover, this board comes with 52 mm thick krown wheels that add more stability to your ride. These wheels are featured with solid aluminum trucks to deliver you a ride more than your expectations. 

It is the best skateboard to learn on, which is extremely lightweight and can be carried anywhere easily. The weight of this board also allows you to master new tricks every day. With this board, you’ll have a great experience with distant rides, which is pretty controllable. When you compare this model with other top skateboards for beginners, you’ll find it quite affordable, attractive, and performative.


  • A griptape with 80 grit provides good traction
  • Tremendously affordable
  • Provides good friction to beginners for learning new tricks
  • Incredible grip tape
  • Extremely lightweight and portable


  • The color may come off after some time

05 Meketec Skateboards

Meketec Skateboards

The Meketec best skate for beginners comes with a very unique and simple design that has been CE safety certified for beginners. While it comes in a distinguished style and graphics, you will get it at a very affordable price. You only need to spend a couple of hours practicing on this board; you’ll learn for sure.

The deck of this skate comes with a combination of plastic, aluminum, and polypropylene materials that make it incredibly long-lasting and sturdy. The board is easy to handle in parks, in schools, and on roads, and it offers a more stable ride. 

Over and above, the Meketec beginners skateboard offers 60 x 45 mm premium PU wheels that have 78A hardness for great stability. These wheels are fitted with ABEC-7 bearings to provide the rider a free feel and better control throughout the ride. In case your wheels get dirty, they are super easy to clean.


  • Smooth, controlled, and stable ride
  • Stylish and enduring simultaneously
  • CE safety certified
  • Lightweight is easy to carry
  • Anti-slippery patterns on wheels and grip


  • The plastic material seems cheap
  • Mini skateboard

What Size of Skateboard is Best for Beginners?

It is recommended that a beginner should opt for a skateboard that has a width of approximately 7.75 to 8 inches. Mostly, full-sized skateboard decks come with this width, which is the right size for beginners as well as experienced skateboarders. Yet, as you become an expert in skateboarding, you would require a wider board.

Talking about the wheel size, it should be approximately 54 to 63mm size of deck wheels. As many beginners prefer skateboards with 86-99A hardness, this wheel size makes the perfect combination. As you improve this skill, the wheel size decreases. Concisely, the lower the hardness, the more grip you get.

What to Avoid While Buying a Skateboard?

Several skateboard experts have revealed some signs of a poor-quality skateboard which should never be purchased. However, such skateboards include the following traits:

Too Hard or Too Soft Wheels

If you pick a skateboard that features either too hard plastic wheels or very soft rubber wheels, it can affect your posture balance. Balance is very important while skating. For a balanced position, polyurethane wheels are the best. These wheels maintain grip, stability, and controllability. Yet, consider a board with a 90-100A durometer rating.

Fixed Plastic Trucks

The perfect material for trucks is metal or aluminum alloy which has two polyurethane bushes. If you get a skateboard that has plastic trucks that are immovable, it won’t help you take a turn while skating.

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Plastic Decks

Usually, the best premium skateboard deck is built with several layers of plywood to give it a superior shape, high-end durability, and excellent performance. These boards also have the tendency to bear numerous tricks and styles easily. A plastic deck tends to be weaker and easily breakable.

Final Words

Skateboarding can be an exciting experience when you buy your first skateboard as a beginner. Each skateboard features its own unique characteristics. In terms of board characteristics, some boards are designed specifically for cruising, while others are designed to handle a lot of batterings, flips, slips, and ollies. Therefore, I have reviewed the most suitable board options for you as a beginner. 

Our Top Picks


1-What skateboard deck should I acquire as a beginner?

Since a beginner does not do tons of tricks, the most important aspect to consider is comfortability. As a beginner, you should pick a product that provides a great comfort level. 

2-Should I pick a short skateboard or a longboard?

If you are a beginner, it is suggested to start practicing with the longboards because these boards are pretty lengthy and wide to provide you more stability while skating than a regular skateboard.

3-Is it hard to learn skateboarding?

Absolutely not! If you follow the basic rules, it becomes very easy to learn skateboarding. However, you must identify what size and design of skateboards are ideal for you. Also, do not stop practicing until you become a pro.

4-What trick should I perform as a beginner?

While practicing skateboarding, you should learn Ollie first. This trick is the foundation to further tricks of skateboarding. In Ollie, your feet must be placed on the board in a basic posture, and the back foot must be placed in the middle of the tail for a perfect balance.

5-How long does it take to learn skateboarding?

The skateboard specialist claims that it should take not more than two days to learn the basics of skateboarding. However, it depends on the skating style, learning skills, and many factors. Thus, you can spend as many hours learning skating as you want.

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