Best Skateboards for Beginner Girls

Skateboards for Beginner Girsl

Did you know a considerable number of females have come up with a passion for skateboarding at the moment? No matter if you are a teenager or an adult, skateboarding has gained popularity among girls. In Addition, the fact is that the girls have been found executing more slaying performances than boys. That’s why I decided to review the Best Skateboards for Beginner Girls

There is no doubt that skateboards are being offered in several sizes and shapes, which are specifically designed to perform distinguished tricks. Since a skateboard must be picked by determining the rider’s height and weight, girly skateboards are designed differently from men’s boards.

Anyhow, below is a list of the ten cool skateboards for girls, which deliver outstanding performance throughout the ride.

List of 10 Best Skateboards for Beginner Girls – Reviews

So, the skateboards for girls are designed a little differently from that of boys. Therefore, you might become a bit confused while shopping for the best skateboard for a girl beginner. That’s why I analyzed each model that is made specifically for girls to help you pick the most suitable product for you that not only enhances your skateboard skills but aids you become one of the pro-girl skateboarders.

01 Beleeve Cruiser Skateboards – Double-Kick Deck Concave

Beleev Cruiser

If you are new to skateboarding and seeking a beginner-friendly board, especially for girls, then the Beleeve Cruiser board is the best option to decide upon. This board comes in a complete form that does not require your effort to build it. Essentially, the Beleeve cruiser board is designed for short riders who want to develop their skateboarding skills. These products are ideal for teenage girls.

These teenage skateboards are incredibly lightweight so that a girl could effortlessly ride on this deck while enjoying a flawless balance. The board is so durable that it can easily handle weights up to 220 pounds. It means you can ride on it fearlessly.

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Besides, its graphics are very spectacular, which come with stunning colors and designs that make this board pretty eye-catching and creative. The colors and art on it make this board ideal for teenage girls. 

On the other hand, the seven-ply Canadian Maplewood makes this skateboard solid and sturdy. This board is featured with five-inch high-end aluminum alloy trucks making it tremendously reliable, explicitly for beginners as well as pro riders. Further, the deck features heavy-duty PU wheels with ABEC-7 precision bearings that absorb shocks and allow you to enjoy bumps and pits smoothly.

You can use this board for skating on streets and sidewalks effortlessly. However, for easy control, the deck is equipped with anti-slip grip tape that produces adequate traction between the deck and your shoes for safe riding.


  • Flexible and long-lasting deck board
  • Pretty affordable
  • Shock-absorbing wheels
  • The lightweight board is portable
  • Delivers a smooth, safe, and stable ride.


  • Not ideal for adult girls

02 MINORITY Maple Skateboard – High-End Skateboard

MINORITY Maple Skateboard

When we talk about the best skateboard for beginner girls, an expensive product might come to our mind. Because a product that is made robustly and has an attractive design must have a high price tag. But, this fact doesn’t apply to all items.

The Minority downhill skateboard is made with 100% pure 8-ply maple wood, which makes it an imported-quality board. These plies are cold-pressed to make them tremendously durable and sturdy. Besides, its 40-inch length provides excellent support to the initial-grade skater, which is much more spacious and wide to execute skateboarding with enhanced speed. In addition to this, it features rugged PU wheels with 70 x 51 mm dimensions along with ABEC-9 bearings for a smooth ride on the streets and parks.  

Safety is a major concern since it is primarily designed for downhill racing and not for regular riding. Therefore, the bearings, bushings, and trucks all work in harmony to ensure a safe downhill ride. In addition to the wide kick tail and nose, this longboard aids in maintaining balance while performing tricks. The possibility of choosing art that corresponds to your aesthetics or tastes is also available.


  • The classic downhill drop model allows you to ride at any speed
  • Adjustable trucks
  • The 9-inch deck delivers the perfect stability
  • A Low-gravity board is ideal for downhill riders
  • Solid and efficiently cheap


  • Vulnerable trucks
  • Not ideal for hefty riders
  • The nuts of trucks are not rust proof

03 Skatro Complete Skateboard – Suitable for All Ages

The Skatro is a plastic skateboard, which comes in a complete and pre-built form that does not require your time and effort to put together. Nevertheless, this pre-built skateboard does not allow you to customize this board. Anyhow, once you get this board, you can ride on it right away.

This skateboard is pretty lightweight so you can take it anywhere. Further, the lightweight board allows you to execute more tricks. This board comes with a rather long and expansive deck, which has a length of 31 inches and a width of 8 inches that conveys a stable ride and assists you perform tricks comfortably. 

Another eye-catching element in this model is its striking colors and graphics. These graphics come in the design of different animals that give it a wild look. These impressive aesthetics on the plastic body make the board rougher and more rigid. However, the board is manufactured with seven wooden layers to make it more flexible. Featuring a SKATRO Adhesive technology, it has 7 layers of wood to make it more sturdy and flex, and agile.  

Moving towards the wheels of this board, which are made with urethane material that has 59 mm dimensions. These wheels allow you a smooth ride along with the 3-inch lightweight yet solid trucks. Moreover, these wheels feature ABEC-7 bearings for smoother rides. Concisely, this girl cruiser skateboard diminishes the friction and develops the speed with the help of the conventional carbon metal in it.


  • The plastic and wooden construction makes this board tough
  • Trucks and wheels offer a smoother ride
  • You would get a complete pre-built skateboard
  • The extremely lightweight board allows you to perform different tricks
  • Offers plentiful colors and designs


  • The lightweight board may bounce easily
  • Wear and tear on the grip tape

04 ANDRIMAX Complete Skateboards – Pro Longboard

Whether you’re new to skateboarding or want to develop your skateboard skills, Andrimax complete skateboard is right there for you. Since you need to be very vigilant while learning this sport, therefore you need to pick a trustworthy and comfortable skateboard for you. Moreover, this skateboard accommodates your footstep on its wide deck in order to make you feel comfortable.

Other than being ideal for the girls, this skateboard can be used efficiently for a six-year-old rider who anticipates developing his skateboarding skills. It has non-slip grape tape which is waterproof and provides sufficient tractions during skating. Moreover, this board offers high friction and allows various movements while ensuring the safety of the new skateboards. 

This board is constructed using seven layers of Canadian Maplewood which comes with a 31-inch long and 8-inch wide deck. This broad Maplewood deck provides more stability and safety. Further, this board has the ability to hold a weight of up to 220 pounds. It means this board is versatile for kids and teenage riders. Moreover, it uses soft PU wheels, which have sturdy 95A 53 mm rebound dimensions for enhanced grip on the road.


  • Comes in a standard wrapped design
  • Provides more stability and comfortability
  • Lower price
  • Equipped with high-end soft PU wheels
  • Suitable for adults and children


  • Decks may break very quickly

05 WeSkate Complete Standard Skateboard – Cruiser Trick Board

If you are a skateboard enthusiast, you must have heard the WeSkate brand at least once in your life. WeSkate is a popular board that is made with seven layers of Canadian Maplewood. This board comes with an 8-inch width, which is excellent for beginners. Regardless, you might find its different models at varied prices. However, the higher the price, the better the execution.

With the WeSkate skateboard, you are allowed to perform Ollies and tricks. The blend of double kick and U-shaped soft concave gives you complete control and stability while skateboarding. It’s ultra-durable construction can hold a maximum weight of 220 pounds. 

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Moving towards its pre-installed wheels, which are ready to deliver a smooth ride on rough terrains. These 55 mm 85A polyurethane wheels, along with ABEC-11 bearings, fall under the category of soft wheels, which is a great factor for beginners to enhance their riding skills.

A grip tape is also featured on its deck that is non-slip and waterproof to produce friction between the deck and your shoes. This grip tape aids you to ride rougher tricks such as cruisers. However, with the passage of time, you need to rub the grip tape with the sandpaper to sustain its friction.


  • Wide board for big feet or shoe size
  • The grip tape offers good traction
  • The wheels are suitable for rough ground
  • Budget-friendly skateboard
  • Ideal for performing cruiser and Ollies


  • Wheels are not designed for smoother surfaces
  • The seven-ply Maplewood might be heavy to execute high stunts

06 Geelife Complete Skateboard – Double-Kick Concave Board

Whether you’ve been looking for some colorful and cute skateboards for girls, the Geelife complete longboard is a suitable option for you. This highest-quality skateboard comes in the pre-built form, which consistently delivers the fastest and smoothest ride. This board uses a pair of aluminum alloy trucks that make the turning pretty effortless.

Above and beyond, this skateboard offers soft PU wheels, which are 55 mm 95A, along with ABEC-7 precision bearings that deliver the fastest ride. This skateboard allows even better speed while executing the cruising tricks. This board’s soft nature allows for easy and precise skating in skateparks and on downtown streets, as well as in pools, ramps, and even on rough ground. The construction of this board features a single press deck and a 7-ply maple wood making it lightweight, durable, and highly functional.

On top of that, the deck of the Geelife pro skateboard is made with seven-ply maple wood, which is coated with a waterproof grip sheet and offers outstanding traction during the ride. This protective sheet does not allow water to remain on the deck, nor does it hold soil. However, all you need is to clean it with a piece of dry cloth.


  • The skateboard offers a secure and smooth ride
  • It comes with high-density waterproof grip tape
  • Designed to prevents the board from water and soil traps
  • The double kick tail concave allows easy control
  • High-end aluminum trucks deliver effortless turning


  • The deck is very prone to getting dents

07 Merkaba Complete Skateboard – Colorful LED Light-Up Wheels

Merkaba is a Chinese skateboard brand, which manufactures other sports equipment as well. However, this company has gained a pretty optimistic repute on the market. This reputation is because of the strength and durability of the products they deliver. 

Anyhow, talking about these particular classic complete skateboards for girls, the Merkaba deck is constructed with Polyurethane plastic material, which is considered one of the safest materials for skateboards. This material is naturally solid and heat-resistant. This deck is 22-inch long and 6-inch wide, which aids you in standing on it fearlessly. Moreover, the single kick polyurethane deck is quite more durable and recyclable than other ordinary boards.

Further, the wheels of this board are pretty attractive because of the integrated LED lights that light up the wheel while skating, which gives a remarkable impact on the audience. These lights do not work on batteries, but they automatically generate upon the rotation of the wheels. These lighted wheels look cooler and provide safety while skating at night. 

Besides, the heavy-duty aluminum trucks are equipped with soft 60 mm PU wheels and ABEC-7 bearings, which make the turning and sliding relatively easier for the rider. These trucks can hold a weight of up to 180 lbs and can bear a substantial amount of pressure. This skateboard is a good choice for you if you seek a solid yet affordable board for beginners and teenage riders.


  • The LED lights on wheels make this board spectacular
  • Pretty lightweight and easy to carry
  • The plastic deck makes it robust
  • Soft PU wheels, bearings, and trucks ensure a smooth ride
  • Affordable price tag


  • Having trouble turning the wheel

08 Penny Australia Blackout Skateboard – Original Plastic Board

There is no doubt you will explore several colorful skateboards when you are searching for the best skateboard for teenage girls. However, if you want a sleek and decent board, then the Penny Australia Blackout skateboard is available in the full black color. Talking about the performance of this model, the trucks of this board come with 4-inch aluminum powder-coated trucks that allow a smooth and stable ride when going straight. 

The 27” deck is made with plastic making it more flexible during skating on rough surfaces. Crafted with durable hardware components, it makes your ride safe and secure. The wide deck allows you to enjoy stability when skating. 

However, you may not find its wheels pretty awesome because, as per my experience, they aren’t very responsive. However, these wide 59 mm wheels are manufactured of 83A polyurethane materials. But, they are wide enough that might prevent you from executing higher tricks. Moreover, there are ABEC-7 bearings made with stainless steel, which take this model to the next level.

Concisely, this Penny board delivers an impressive pattern and texture and conveys a solid feeling. Besides, this board is pretty helpful in developing riding skills and learning new tricks hassle-freely.


  • Extremely convenient skateboard
  • Portable because of its lightweight
  • Durable construction
  • Whole black solid appearance


  • Wide wheels prevent you from performing tricks
  • Large dimensions consume much space

09 DIMMABLE Complete Skateboard – Cheap Girl Skateboards

I personally like this board because of its cool aesthetics and excellent performance. This skateboard is constructed with an outstanding quality deck with a combination of plastic to enhance its longevity. This deck is 22-inch long and 6-inch wide, which are fine dimensions for a beginner. 

The plastic deck delivers enormous flexibility to develop more control and stability, making it one of the cheap skateboards for girls. This board has the tendency to bear up to 198 lbs. It means it is a decent option to try new tricks and learn something new every day.

Other than this, this board offers 78A PU wheels equipped with sturdy bearings and 3-inch solid aluminum trucks. When these features combine together, they help the wheels roll efficiently, and the bearings aim to execute well without lubricating them. Concisely, this skateboard can ensure better performance, especially if you plan to learn new tricks as a beginner or teenager.


  • Light and super-durable surface
  • Delivers maximum control and stability
  • Big wheel size for a steady ride
  • Most affordable entry-level skateboard
  • It offers spectacular and vibrant colors


  • Wheels might not be suitable for rough surface
  • A good option for short-term usage only

10 POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards – Long-Lasting Board

Positive is one of the leading names in the skateboard industry, which is beginner-friendly and helps you learn new tricks including rails or aerials quickly. This board is ideal not only for initial-grade players but for advanced-level as well. Although you might not find its aesthetics pretty attractive, it may still turn your park skating into an exceptionally tricky play.

This skateboard comes with an AirLam press, which is made with a combination of numerous wood plies in order to increase endurance. Further, various pieces of maple wood are bound together with the help of solid and waterproof adhesive to make it more durable. Well, this multi-material skateboard deck makes it capable of tolerating heavyweight riders. This deck can hold up to 200lbs or even more than that.

In addition to this, the Positiv deck is equipped with wheels by the same brand, which makes a great pair to provide stability and controllability during the performance. 

The level of grip of the Positiv complete skateboard is versatile, which conveys perfect maneuverability while executing tricks or half-pipes. These cool-girl skateboards are the easiest to use as newcomers because they can be controlled hassle-freely. This is a very useful feature for those who have never been into skating. It aids you in developing your muscles for sharp turns. However, it is advised to tighten its trucks every time before using them for smooth riding.


  • Super grippy wheels for great pavement
  • Tremendous construction
  • Perfect for abusive tricks
  • Great for rough and uneven surface
  • Ideal for beginners to pro-level


  • Trucks are a little dull that often require maintenance
  • The inner paint may come off

Factors to Determine while Choosing the Best Skateboard for Beginner Girl

Several significant factors need to be kept in mind while shopping for the best skateboards for women. As there are various models having different shapes and sizes, it becomes truly confusing which one to choose a starter. There’s no need to worry, I will guide you through the entire process of picking the best one.

Rider’s Age

The first thing to consider while choosing the best skateboard for girls is the age of the skateboarder. Age matters a lot, especially if you are purchasing a board for a kid or a teenager. For a kid rider, the deck should be between 6.5 to 8.0 inches. On the other hand, if you are looking for a skateboard for a teenage rider, go for an 8.0 to the 8.5-inch deck. Although there’s no specific age to begin and learn skateboarding, make sure the child must be above five years.

Riding Level

Besides, if you want to pick a skateboard for learning purposes, it is recommended to never select an expensive model. Determine your level. Since you’re a beginner, you should spend on an average board that is affordable as well as delivers quality performance.

However, if you’re an intermediate skateboarder looking to enhance your skills then an average pre-built skateboard could be an ideal choice. These skateboards are generally designed for this specific purpose.

On the flip side, pre-assembled complete boards work best for cruiser tricks that perform their job flawlessly. These boards come with high-end bearings and soft PU wheels to help you perform numerous tricks. Moreover, longboards are perfect for cruising.

Skateboard Style

Various styles of skateboards are available so that riders can ride according to their preferred style. We have listed four options for female skateboarders such as a flat deck that makes tricks easy while proving more room to move around. To make downhill riding a breeze grab convex and to enjoy stable footing go for a U-shaped deck.      

Deck Quality

Generally, decks consist of seven layers of veneers which are thinly sliced wood.  Additionally, the decks are pressed in a specialized way to ensure their strength, as well as to make them light and snappy. In skateboarding, the most popular decks tend to be 7-ply or 9-ply hard maple. 

Wheels, Trucks, and Bearings

Now, it’s time to consider the quality of trucks, bearings, and wheels. The smaller the wheels, the smoother ride you will get as a beginner. Some brands offer integrated LED lights in wheels, which enhance the visibility of the skateboard. Make sure the quality of these components is high-end for superior performance on hard surfaces.


Skateboarding is a fun and eco-friendly game, which also provides some fantastic health benefits. Consequently, skateboards are suitable for players of all ages, sizes, and genders. For girls who want to start skating, it is imperative to choose the best skateboard for girl beginners. In order to make it easier for you to pick one, I’ve put together a list that contains the ten best skateboards for girls.

However, if you’re still unsure about which one would be best for you, here are a few recommendations based on your requirements.

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What size skateboard should a girl get?

Well, it depends on the height and weight of the rider. However, an ideal girl’s skateboard should be 7.5 to 8.0 inches wide so that it provides enough room for stability while riding. 

Are longboard skateboards good for beginners?

Absolutely! For beginners, a drop-through longboard would be ideal. The longboard’s multi-flex options allow you to ride easily. Moreover, you might get these boards in fiberglass and bamboo construction which incredibly enhances the durability of the skateboard.

What kind of skateboard is easiest to ride?

The longboard is by far the easiest board to ride for an average skateboarder compared to a standard or shortboard. 

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