10 Best Skateboard Decks – How To Choose The Right Deck

Best Skateboard Decks

The deck is the heart of a skateboard. This is the portion that bears your weight and evenly distributes your power across the entire skateboard. The way you ride will be determined by the deck. Your trucks and wheels will also be attached to this board.

Therefore, skaters who like to make their own boards are more selective in their deck choices. Usually, sturdy decks are constructed with maple wood. Other decks include composites, aluminum, nylon, Plexiglas, fiberglass, foam, or various other artificial materials. Each of these materials provides a different level of durability. 
You can perform a variety of tricks with different deck styles and shapes. Some decks are designed for vert and street skating, while others are designed for safety. So, in order to assist you in constructing your own board, we have reviewed the best skateboard decks with their comprehensible buying guide. You can develop a thorough understanding of which deck is right for you through this article.

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10 Best Skateboard Decks Reviews In 2022

Fortunately, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to performing incredible tricks with specific boards. You can do transitions with narrow decks or accomplish intricate street skating tricks with deep concave. All you have to do is try out different decks and discover new skating styles.

Are you getting drowned in the oceans of skateboards and wondering which deck would be more suitable? Don’t worry, folks! We have reviewed the best skateboard decks of all time. You can take your skating experience to new heights with these amazing decks. 

01 Stoked Ride Shop Blank Skateboard Deck— Best For Rough Terrain

Stoked Ride Shop Blank Skateboard Deck

In 2007, Stoked Ride made its debut. This company was taken to new heights due to the production of exquisite products. This has made it the largest longboard retailer in the industry. This California-based firm specializes in custom skateboards and related equipment such as decks, wheels, and trucks.

The Stoked Ride decks are established with 7 layers of Canadian Maple wood. The sturdy wood layers are joined together with liquid epoxy resin. Due to this liquid epoxy, this deck provides a good combination of stiffness and flexibility. The deck has considerable tensile strength and lasts longer as a result of this sturdy design.

The deck has a popsicle form with a medium concave from the center. Additionally, the nose and tail have double kicks. This incredible combo allows everyone from a beginner to an expert to skate with this deck and enjoy cruising as well as numerous aerobatic maneuvers.

This deck comes in various sizes ranging from 7.75 to 8.5 inches in width. The length of the deck is 32 inches only. Due to their spacious deck sizes, you may experience the most enhanced stability while commuting. 

Because it is specifically intended for elegant deck enthusiasts, this board has no graphics. Still, you can get this deck in various warm shades including purple, blue, red, green, and natural brown.

As nothing is perfect, so is the case with this incredible deck. This deck does not come with grip tape. As the price is lowered so you can compensate for the grip tape easily. 


  • Double kicktail provides pop for tricks
  • Works perfectly on rough roads
  • Ideal for street skating and cruising
  • The deck is spacious so your feet can land comfortably
  • Flexibility and stiffness combo provides enhanced maneuverability


  • Does not come with grip tape
  • The Concave is not really steep

02 CCS Blank and Graphic Skateboard Decks— Lightweight Deck

CCS Blank and Graphic Skateboard Decks

The CCS brand has been in the market for the last 30 years. Just like any other notable brand, CCS tends to design its products with logos imprinted on it. Their innovative and durable products include skateboards and their parts. 

This deck is made of 7 layers of genuine Canadian maple. The maple layers are pushed together under high pressure to ensure that they are tightly cemented together and give extreme stiffness without sacrificing the flexibility of the board.

The deck has a mellow concave shape in the center with slight kicks at the nose and tail. This design allows you to perform flips in parks and on roads.

CCS decks are available in sizes up to 8.50 inches. Depending on your needs and requirements, you may choose from a variety of 7 to 8.5-inch broad decks.

This wide deck has a total length of 32 inches, which can easily support your weight and give balance whether you stand in the middle or place your feet at tails to make a flip. These wide decks are perfect to perform technical tricks at pools, ramps, and cruising along with long commutes. 

Thanks to its heavy weight, it provides enhanced balance so you will not easily fall off. That’s why this deck is mostly selected by beginners. 

The deck is colored and includes logos and graphics on both sides. The print on the deck is protected with stain cover, so it won’t fade away quickly. You may order this deck in various colors. 

This budget-friendly deck does not offer grip tape. Therefore, the additional grip tape will ensure safer rides.


  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Provides increased maneuverability during sharp turns
  • Spacious deck with more space for foot landing
  • Logo and stain is protected with additional layers
  • Simple yet customizable


  • Grip tape is not included
  • Narrow mounting holes which do not fit trucks properly.

03 FREEDARE Skateboard Deck—Durable Deck

FREEDARE Skateboard Deck Blank Skate Deck

FREEDARE gives the message of freedom and courage through its logo. This China-based manufacturing company has designed one of the top-notch quality skateboards, scooters, skateboard wheels, longboards, and inline skates. With their premium skateboard accessories, you may experience the real side of skateboard tools. Let’s check out their aesthetic decks. 

Freedare decks are carved with cold Northern Maple. As this maple wood grows in cold climates, it may experience low development. Due to this, this cold maple tends to have extra strength and endurance as compared to normal maple wood. The 7 layers are pressed together under extreme pressure with strong liquid adhesive. This construction makes this deck smoother and more elastic. You can rock on pools, streets, and parks with these robust decks.

The deck comes in popsicle shape with double kicks. The concave center enables skaters to operate more advanced tricks like sharp turns, pivots, slides, and other amazing street skating tricks. Suitable for beginners, it is easy to develop your own tricks with a lot of practice.

Furthermore, the Freedare deck is 31.7 inches long and 8 inches wide. This offers your feet adequate room to stand on when performing technical tricks, allowing you to maintain balance and maneuverability. 

Freedare deck also comes with free deck guards. Each deck includes two guards that can be placed at both tails. This rubber guard helps keep your deck looking new for longer by protecting it from scratches. Now, you can skate on any rough terrain while staying tension free about damaged tails.

In addition, you will also enjoy free grip tape with Freedare decks. The grip tape includes a unique OS780 SiC gravel bonding that adds extra stickiness and friction to your foot. This lowers your chance of falling and gives you the courage to try new feats and elevate your skating experience. The grip tape is very tough, so it won’t lose its traction in bad weather and won’t come off easily. The tape is also simple to apply and bubble-free.

This blank Freedare deck has a natural wood hue, making it one of the most elegant and attractive decks. Personalize it with your favorite designs and express your own creativity while skateboarding.


  • Can carry upto 200 pounds
  • Additional grip tape
  • Deck guards for protecting the tail from small scratches
  • 30 days return warranty
  • Customizable deck


  • Some users noticed dents on the deck
  • Grip tape is not pre-installed

04 Moose Blank Skateboard Deck—Lightweight Deck

Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

Moose skateboards are popular among both beginners and experienced skaters. The reason for this is that it gives players an infinite number of options. No matter what type of skateboard you have or what you want, their products will meet your needs. Still, we’ve evaluated some of the fantastic characteristics of Moose decks to help you understand why you should buy them.

Moose decks are constructed in the same way as standard maple decks, with seven layers of Canadian maple. The layers are firmly cemented together, resulting in a narrow width and making the board lightweight and fragile. Due to this skaters can perform complex tricks with little effort. 

This lightweight deck shows a rapid pop. The center is mellow concave with steep double kicks. Skaters can perform flips without making their feet stick to the board and enjoy amazing street tricks. 

This blank deck gives you the option of choosing your own deck size. You can buy any size deck from small to large, with a width of up to 9 inches. Every youngster to adult, novice to professional, can benefit from this extensive range of sizes. This deck has you covered for anything from street skating to vert skating to long commutes.

Moose allows you to completely customize your deck, not only in size, but also in design and visuals. You can create any patterns or paste stickers on the deck because it is completely blank. Moreover, this blank deck can also be used as a decoration piece by adding personalized graphics and then hanging it on the wall.

Even though the utility of Moose decks is limitless, they do have some flaws. As small fractures appear after using a month. Moreover, you also have to buy the grip tape separately. 


  • Made of durable material
  • extensive variety in deck sizes available
  • Ideal for flips and street skating due to mellow concave
  • Lightweight
  • Cost-efficient deck


  • No grip tape included
  • Deck gets delaminated within 2 months

05 Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck— Highly Sustainable Deck

Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck

Bamboo is also a California-based skateboard company that builds sustainable skateboards out of bamboo. Most of their graphics are beachy themes. As bamboo can regrow easily so the decks are totally eco-friendly. They not only manufacture shortboards but also longboards which are best for racing downhills. If you want to push your skating limits then Bamboo is the right choice. Let’s review its amazing decks. 

  • Construction

Bamboo decks are made largely of bamboo. They also utilize a mixture of maple wood in their decks to increase the deck’s sturdiness and endurance. Because bamboo is really grass, the bamboo deck is more flexible, allowing it to absorb any harsh dents and cracks that may occur on rough roads. This simple hybrid deck consists of six layers of wood, allowing it to readily support big loads while increasing the overall durability of your skateboard. 

  • Deck Shape

This bamboo deck has a gentle concave shape in the center and a minor curvature at the corners. This shape is ideal for dispersing your foot power evenly across the board, letting you try out all of the incredible tricks and take more balanced turns. With this sturdy deck, you can achieve more flip feats due to the instant pop this deck provides.

  • Deck Specifications

Designed for every skater, this deck comes in various sizes. You can get a 7 to 9 inches wide deck depending on your shoe size and height. No matter if you are planning to get a deck for cruising, ollies, or simple commuting, this deck is available to cope with your every need. 

Though flexibility is good while making flips but in big ramps, this extra elasticity is completely a bummer, as it can’t provide enough speed. In addition, I also noticed a few cracks in the first month of my usage. Overall, it is worth buying if you love eco-friendly products. 


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a 6-month warranty
  • Flexible deck to maintain maneuverability
  • Eco-friendly deck
  • It can absorb shock


  • Cannot withstand heavyweight
  • Not able to provide swift speed at ramps.

06 LOSENKA Maple Skateboard Decks— Super Framework

LOSENKA Maple Skateboard Decks

Losenka has taken one step ahead in creating skateboard decks than any other brand. As maple takes years to mature so they incorporated Russian maple in their decks. This not only provides more strength but makes Losenka a distinctive one. The Losenka deck possesses the following outstanding features.

Due to its Russian maple wood construction, Losenka’s deck is more durable, sturdier, and lighter. Thanks to its high-density fibers, Russian maple also enhances the board’s flexibility.

With the 8″ x 31.75″ dimensions, your feet have plenty of space to give full power to the skateboard. This makes it the perfect board for cruising or doing tricks on any terrain.

This symmetrical skateboard deck has a double kicktail with a mellow concave in the center. With this amazing shape, you’ll be able to perform better flips and land more easily on the board. Simply drop the board and hop without deciding which side to land on because both sides will be equal. You will get true vibes of park or street skating with this incredible deck.

As the deck comes with free grip tape so you may experience safer rides with Losenka decks. The tape is completely waterproof and tear-proof so you may clean it from time to time. 

Losenka shows no graphics or colors which adds this board to the list of classic decks. This feature is loved by those skaters who not only want to assemble their own skateboard but also want to add their own personalized graphics as well on the board. 

Unfortunately, this deck is not good for shuvits as you may experience a broken tail if shuvits are performed on this deck. 


  • Russian maple makes this deck lightweight
  • Mellow concave enables to perform simple tricks easily
  • Comes with 12 months of warranty
  • Can carry up to 400lbs weight
  • Grip tape is included


  • Not sturdy enough to last longer
  • Tails are designed weakly

07 Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck— Chinese Maple Deck

Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck

Cal 7 is established in California which is the birthplace of skateboarding. Due to the fusion of old-school-style decks with modern creative decks, Cal 7 is popular among skateboarders from different cultures. Cal 7 represents its true passion for unique skateboards by always creating a unique and distinctive deck every time. 

Cal 7 deck is composed of Chinese maple, which gives sufficient flexibility and stability. With the flexible deck, you can quickly learn when to apply more force and when to slow down.

As the Chinese maple is an Asian maple, some individuals may hold superstitions about it. To put your mind at ease, this Chinese maple is just as robust as any other Canadian or North American maple. The only difference is that Asian maple wood has a slightly softer texture than regular maple wood.

Because the deck is made up of seven layers of Chinese maple, its softness has no influence on its durability. All of the layers are bonded together tightly under great pressure which also adds to its sustainability. 

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The deck is designed in a popsicle shape with a mellow concave which is ideal to provide skaters with incredible skating tricks. With this Cal 7 deck, you can effortlessly perform ollies as well. 

This deck is available in 4 different size ranges between 7.75 to 8.5 inches in width. Therefore, if you are looking for cruise or vert skating then this deck is a perfect match. You may also perform some technical tricks if you do enough practice with this deck. 

Cal 7 is a godsend for coloured deck fans, as it comes in 5 different tints. Even yet, the coloured decks are basic, allowing you to personalize them with your favorite stickers and show them off to your skater gang.

A little surprise of free grip tape is added in the box to give you a safe ride on this incredible deck.


  • Comes with free grip tape
  • Can hold 200lbs weight easily
  • Provides the best control while skating
  • Deck shows good pop
  • Reasonable price


  • Grip tape is not pre-installed
  • Feels like a water log due to extreme flexibility

08 Blind Skateboard Decks— Voguish Decks

Blind Skateboard Decks

In the skateboarding market, the Blind brand is known for creating high-quality skateboards. Because of its longevity and artistic designs, skaters have a soft spot in their hearts for Blind decks. Even though the dead skulls are embodiments of death, they still exhibit complete life signs. The cannibals have a double meaning as well.

Constructed with 7 layers of Resin and carbon fibers, the deck shows extreme flexibility and strength. These decks may not look as strong as maple or bamboo decks, but you would be surprised to know that the carbon fibers provide more leverage to the whole deck increasing its longevity. 

Furthermore, when it comes to its shape, the mellow concave shape in the center and sharp kicks at both the nose and tail allow you to perform kickflips and ollies in street parks and along roadsides. Because both sides are steep, there’s no need to worry about which side you should land on. Simply hoop on the board and make a kick. Then you are all set to discover the true thrills of skateboarding.

Designed for every teenager to adult, this deck comes in various sizes ranging from 7 inches to 8.375 inches in width. You may select any deck size which is most appropriate for your feet and then distribute your feet’ power evenly on the whole deck during skateboarding. 

Blind decks are also available in a range of colors and graphics. Even this single Jordan Maxham pro model comes in a variety of colors and styles, demonstrating how much fun a skater can have while skating on these incredible decks.


  • Hold heavyweight up to 95 kgs
  • Attractive design
  • Steep kick rear
  • Constructed with single pressed technology to provide an even shape
  • Durable deck due to carbon fibers


  • No additional grip tape
  • Quite an expensive deck

09 Power Peralta Skull & Sword Skateboard Deck— Extremely Lightweight

Powell Peralta Skull and Sword Skateboard Deck

Powell Peralta first won the “Skater Of the Year” award from Skateboarder Magazine in 1979. After that, they released their famous signature decks including “original bones”, “Skull and Sword” by Ray Rodriguez and Tony Hawk pro model. After two decades of complexities, Stacy Peralta and George Powell signed contracts again in 2008, and still, they are continuing to produce fantastic deck series having jaw-dropping frameworks. 

These robust decks will provide you with maximum vigor. It’s because they’re made of hard rock maple and seven layers are pressed with AirLam technology and fused together with strong epoxy glue. The liquid resin is used to keep the deck formation as thin as possible while still maintaining its durability.

The decks are more ductile and lighter than any other skateboard decks on the market. The board’s thinness and enhanced elasticity give it a long-lasting pop, which helps you to get more balance and maneuverability while skateboarding.

From the center, the Powell Peralta is deeply concave. The board is a popsicle in a form that helps to execute ramp skateboarding. The kick ends are round and parallel. This form allows you to move the skateboard swiftly and enjoy transition tricks in skate parks, on the street, or in any freestyle maneuver. With deep concave, master skating bowls and halfpipes, thanks to its responsive turning. 

This deck comes in three different sizes and all of them are 8 plus. Due to this, the decks are specially designed for cruising as well as to perform esoteric tricks. If your height is longer than 5.5 then these decks can also let you perform technical tricks or downhill skating.

You may get this awesome old-school deck in vibrant colors including pink and green. 


  • Provides great speed.
  • Good for proper placement of feet on the board
  • Suitable for vert, streets, skateparks, pools, freestyle, and bombing hills
  • Lightweight yet durable deck
  • Comes in two vibrant colors and different sizes


  • The deck is quite expensive.
  • Griptape is not included

10 Anti-Hero Classic Eagle Skateboard Deck— Maneuver Lord

Anti-Hero Classic Eagle Skateboard Deck

Deluxe Distribution has always maintained its skateboarding heritage and this led to the creation of anti-hero decks in 1995. Todd Francis designed the anti-hero eagle symbol which is still engraved on every anti-hero deck. The symbol depicts the genuine gliding sensation you’ll have with this amazing deck.

This deck is made of 7 layers of Canadian maple which leaves no doubts about its strength and durability. The layers are glued tightly together with acute pressure so the boards never delaminate easily.

With a total length and breadth of 32″ x  8.25″  and adequate area to lay your feet, this conventional gray Eagle board is ideal for both teenagers and adults. To master any terrain, you may move your feet on the board easily and perform incredible stunts. This tough deck also features a long wheelbase, giving you more balance and agility while turning and becoming a terrain ripper.

The deck comes in the deep concave form, with a nose that is slightly larger than the tail and double kicks. This shape is ideal for gliding on any terrain and performing flips and tricks. 

The deck comes in a classic gray shade. This color is suitable for uni-sex and adults. 

This classic deck also comes with additional free grip tape. Due to this, you may have seamless rides and long commutes. 


  • It can hold weight up to 220 lbs
  • Long-lasting pop which does not worn out easily
  • Ideal for performing flips, ollies, Rampling on rails or developing your own tricks.
  • Extra-wide deck with more wheelbase
  • Equipped with an additional protective layer for the logo.


  • The tail is more prone to damage
  • Not suitable for kids

What to Look For When Buying Skateboard Decks?

Before choosing the perfect deck, get some knowledge about the types of decks and how they work. This information will help you to make a wise decision about what you really need before ordering one. For this purpose, we have discussed some general specifications of the deck here. 

Specifications of Skateboard Deck

  • Wheelbase

The wheelbase is the base distance between two mounting holes for trucks on deck. 

Some decks have a wider wheelbase. The wider the base, the more quick turnings you can get. The manuals will be difficult to control but your feet will land on the deck comfortably. For a wider wheelbase, you must include thunder trucks for best results. In addition, the spacious wheelbase gives you more firmness while performing jumping gaps or getting a good grasp while grinding rails. 

On the flip side, the narrower wheelbase provides more sharp turns. If you are using Royal trucks then a shorter wheelbase is preferable. In terms of street skating, if you are more into wall ledges or manual pads then a narrow wheelbase suits you. 

  • Width

 A skateboard’s width is more important than its length. The width of the deck is measured from the right to the left side. The width is usually between 7 and 8.5 inches. You can choose the deck width based on the size of your shoes or the style of street skating you wish to do.

The wider the deck, the more spacious trucks you can attach to the deck. This results in more stability at greater speeds. But your tricks will be limited because wider decks are heavier as well. However, you may perform gaps and transitions with it easily.

On the other hand, the narrow deck does not provide stability at great speeds but enables you to perform flips and rotations. That’s why these decks are loved by professional skaters. It allows them to perform curbs, wheeling, and flat floor rides. 

  • Length

The normal length of decks ranges from 28 to 32 inches. It is the distance from nose to tail. Decks smaller than 32 inches are usually known as shortboards. There are also longboards whose length is longer than 32 inches and varies between 33 to 59 inches. These long decks are best for cruising as they provide more stability due to heavyweight. Whereas, the shortboards provide more flips and are best for shuvits and round flips. Longer boards can also aid you in tricks if you have longer legs. 

  • Rails

Rails run the length of the deck, from nose to tail. The rails are mostly rounded to make flipping easier. Sliding while balancing your feet is much easier with the sharp-edged rails.

There’s another sloppy form that’s gaining popularity these days. These pedal rails are known as gas pedals or GPs. It aids in lowering the deck’s concave shape making it more near the ground, so you may get seamless sliding.

  • Mounting Holes

Pre-built holes are located near the nose and tail of the deck. These holes will enable your trucks to attach to the deck. Always double-check whether these holes are compatible with your trucks or not.

  • Nose And Tail Of The Deck

The front half of the deck is called the nose, while the back part is called the tail. The nose is usually longer, sharper, and less sloppy than the tail. The tail, on the other hand, is short and sharp, which helps it pop when the back leg is placed on it.

Furthermore, double kicktails are gaining popularity. This design allows skaters to distribute their strikes evenly throughout the deck, allowing your deck to drag for longer periods of time. It not only helps with street tricks, but it also makes it easier to glide over cracks. The skaters will also never waste time determining which side to land on.

Shapes of Skateboard Deck

Whether you are bowling or cruising you need different shapes of skateboard decks to perform particular tricks. We have gathered the most popular deck shapes.

  • Popsicle Shape

Popsicles are the most prevalent shape for street skateboards. Because its nose and tail are both rounded and curled, it resembles a band-aid. The deck is completely flat, with parallel edges. This deck is good if you want to perform transitions or switches.

  • Shaped or Fun Decks

These decks are neither popsicles nor longboards. They have various different shapes which are symmetrical on both sides. That’s why they lie somewhere in between popsicles or longboards.

These fun decks are also more spacious than normal boards. That’s why they are perfect for bowling or other vert freestyling. You will experience stability while cruising as well. 

  • Cruisers

Cruisers are used for commuting or stable cruising, as the name implies. Their snout is curled and their tail is flat, giving them a surfboard-like form. Bowling can also be done with these single kicktail forms. Pintails can be found on both sides of some cruisers. Because their wheels are lowered, they can be used for carving. 

Designed especially for long rides, the deck is wider and soft wheels are used with it. This also provides increased stability and maneuverability. 

  • Longboards

Longboards are mostly longer than 33 inches. Most of the cruisers are longboards. Longboard decks come in pintail, mounted kicktail or drop-through shapes. The drop-through includes two tails which lead the wheel to pop out of the board. 

As the wheels are coming out of the deck, it stays more close to the ground. This leads to more safety while commuting. The heavyweight of the deck also contributes to safer rides. 

You may utilize these decks to perform cruising, carving, dancing, freestyle, and downhill racing. 

  • Stinger Shaped Deck

In terms of shape, Stinger decks resemble cruisers as they have a wider deck with a rounded nose and flat tail. Today, Santa Cruz is designing the most versatile stinger decks which provide utility in cruising along the roads. These stingers have visible distribution between the round front and rectangular back. 

  • Pig Shaped Deck

These decks resemble stinger ones as they have a round front and square back but the front and back are not divided. Due to their wider decks, they resemble cruisers also and provide more stability while cruising, commuting, or bowling. 

  • Egg-shaped or Football Shaped Decks

These decks have two kicktails, just like popsicles, however instead of flat edges like popsicles, they have round edges. Though they serve the same purpose as popsicles, their round edges may make it difficult to place your feet. You may still enjoy your commutes while bowling or freestyling in the streets or parks.

  • Flatboards

Flat decks are completely flat, therefore there are no curves on them. They make it possible for your feet to land comfortably, and you can easily perform impressive tricks with them.

Concave Shapes Of Deck

Skateboards are usually bent in the center. This curving allows skaters to flip the deck by applying force to the tails. These curves are usually low, moderate, or high. These different carvings enable skaters to perform more sophisticated stunts and enhance responsiveness and paddling stability. To help you out with which concave shape is suitable for you, we have discussed them here briefly.

  • Radial Concave

This U-shaped low concave board is widely used by skaters. The reason is they provide good flips without compromising stability. If you are planning to get speedy rides then this shape is not for you. 

  • Progressive Concave

This falls within the medium concave group. The tails are steep, but the base is broad. This allows you to simply position your feet on the board and equally disperse your leg energy across the entire deck.

  • W-concave

Deep concave decks with extra curve lines in the center are known as W-concaves. This form allows you to transfer more energy from your heels to your toes, giving your skateboards a more fly-like ride.

  • Flatcave/Tub

These decks resemble radials as the rails are expanded at sharp angles from the rest of the deck. This aids in a sudden shift of energy which promises seamless rides while skating. 

  • Asymmetrical

Some decks are not symmetrical at the start and end. They may be more concave at one end while the other end is flat. These asymmetrical are specifically designed to power more heels which results in sharp turns.

  • Camber

Camber decks are those that have a convex shape with a raised center. They have a design that is diametrically opposed to concave and allows skaters to place their feet more naturally when riding downhill.

Construction of Skateboard Deck

Construction of the deck also casts its impact on your riding performances and the durability of your whole board. The varying weights and construction of the deck spice up your skating experience.  Therefore, we have also gathered the widely popular deck constructions, so you may choose the one which can give you real vibes of skating. 

  • 7-Ply

The 7-ply maple wood construction is the most traditional and durable construction which is still on the market for the last four decades. The layers are thinly cut and then glued together with strong adhesives. They are also known as “Work Horse”.

  • Flight Deck Construction

This consists of five layers of maple wood, each of which is covered in a single layer of carbon fiber. They’re designed to be as thin as a cell phone. The deck’s endurance is unaffected by its thin design, which is rather remarkable. Compared with other seven-layer decks, its pop lasts much longer.

  • VX Deck Construction

This thin five-layer deck is made of North American Maple with two layers of Quad X Technology. These extra epoxy layers are strewn around the deck’s top and bottom. Due to this, the VX decks have a more durable nose and tail that are completely chip resistant.

  • Power Ply Deck Construction

This manufacturing is similar to any other 7-ply construction, but the power is increased by the addition of two black plies. This causes the stiffness and pops to last for a longer time.

  • Everslick Deck Construction

If you are more into graphics protection then this construction is ideal. The deck is constructed in the same way as any other 7-layered maple deck, however, the front graphics are covered by a thin plastic covering. Additionally, you can enjoy extended slides on the ever slick deck because it has sticky rails.

  • Resin 7 Deck Construction

This deck is specially designed with hardcore Canadian Maple. The seven layers are thinly cut and then glued together with strong epoxy adhesive. They are then pressed precisely to ensure their concave shape is finely formed. 

Thanks to their firm construction, these decks have everlasting crisper pop. 

  • Impact Deck Construction

They are designed especially to make mounting holes stronger with extra carbon fiber lamination on the mounting holes. Overall, the board is developed with North American maple in seven layers. This results in a more rigid and durable board. 

  • Heavyweight Deck Construction

These decks are designed to be heavy, weighing 12.5 % more heavily than 7 ply decks. This construction helps beginners to get more balanced due to heavyweight boards.  They are established like a 7 layered deck than 2 thick layers are placed diagonally on the board to give the whole deck extra weight. They are more resilient than any other 7 ply thin decks. 

  • P2 Deck Construction

An Aramid layer is added to the top on all six layers of wooden decks. Despite the fact that P2 construction is more expensive, the deck pop you’ll get with this layer will last longer. Therefore it is worth investing in P2 if you want to enjoy the springy effect. 

Moreover, the Aramid layer is placed in an oval shape on the deck. This results in an even distribution of power on the whole deck instead of more stress on trucks only. 

Suitable Skateboard Deck Size

Skateboards come in various lengths and widths. You can select the skateboard deck according to your shoe size or height. If you are finding it hard to choose an appropriate deck then stay relaxed. We have discussed in detail which deck is suitable for different shoe lengths, ages, and heights. 

  • Full-Size Decks

These decks are usually 7.5 inches wider or more than that. They are suitable for people with the following specifications. 

Age13 or above
Height5’3’’ or above
Shoe Size9 or above
  • Mid Size Decks

Decks that are wide up to 7.3 inches are categorized as mid-sized decks. You can go for mid-size decks if you have 

Age9 to 12 years
HeightBetween 4’5’’ and 5’2’’
Shoe Size7-8 
  • Mini Size Decks 

Mini-size decks are designed for younger kids. That’s why they are wide up to 7 inches. If kids have the following specs then mini decks are best for them

Age6 to 8 years
HeightBetween 3’5’’ and 4’4’’
Shoe Size4-6 
  • Micro Size Decks

Micro-size decks are designed for smaller ones to pursue their skating passion safely. If your kid has the following specifications then buy him/her the micro-sized decks. 

Age5 years and younger
HeightUnder 3’4’’
Shoe Size3 or smaller

Longboards are wider than 7.5 inches and range up to 8.75 inches. They are mostly used by professional skaters usually for long commutes and downhill races. A longboard can also be used to perform tricks if your height is exceptionally long.


Customizing your own skateboard is a wonderful starting point for those who want to experience the thrill of skating. Although trucks, bearings, and wheels are vital, the deck of any skateboard will determine how well you perform. Therefore, always select the appropriate board for your height and weight. Consequently, you may enjoy every ride without risking your safety.


1. What is the strongest skateboard deck?

The strongest skateboard deck is Bamboo Skateboard Deck. This durable deck is manufactured with a hybrid mixture of Bamboo and maple wood. This strong construction provides extreme sturdiness to the whole deck without compromising flexibility.  

2. What skate deck is the lightest?

Powell Peralta is the lightest skateboard deck. This deck weighs only 1220 grams. Still, the durability and performance of this deck is not compromised due to its lightweight. 

3. What makes a good skateboard deck?

A good skateboard deck is lightweight which provides good pop. Moreover, the construction of skateboard decks should be ergonomic otherwise if the layers are not properly glued or pressed, the skateboard deck will remain prone to damage. 

4. How do I prevent my skateboard deck from breaking?

To make your skateboard deck last longer, always hop on the bolts of the deck. Most of the people jump in between which results in an instant snap. Moreover, also consider the weight holding capacity of your deck. Never overweight your deck. 

5. Does carbon fiber skateboard decks worth the money?

Carbon fiber skateboard decks are 20 to 50 % more durable than any 7 layer maple deck. Therefore, spending a few dollars more will be worth it as your deck will stay longer and perform better than any other ordinary deck. 

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