Best Skateboard Brands

Best Skateboard Brands

The popularity of skateboarding among youth is increasing because it gives them a sense of accomplishment and helps them build confidence. As a result, skateboarders always seek out quality in their skateboards that only good skateboard brands can provide. Today, hundreds of skateboard brands are offering unique and top-notch skateboards ranging from size to budget and quality to construction.

Due to numerous brands out there, the skateboard market is becoming competitive every day. Every brand is striving to provide more durability, control, and balance in their skateboards at the best prices.  

To help you out in your quest for the best skateboard brand in 2022, we have brought the top brands which offer high-end multiple features at an affordable price.

List of 20 Best Skateboard Brands

Our experts have extracted this list out of thousands of options on the market by noting one common factor they use premium-quality materials. Each brand does not compromise on the excellence, performance, and durability of products. They not only ensure durability but also provide riders with better control and a stable ride. So let’s begin!

01 Element

Element Skateboard

Element Skateboard Complete Section

  • Feather lightweight
  • Constructed with hard Maplewood and heavy-duty aluminum
  • The unassembled form allows customization
  • Super-easy to assemble
  • Perfect for street and park skating
  • Amazon’s choice
  • 4.6 ratings
  • 147 reviews

Element skateboard is one of the biggest names in the skateboard industry which introduced its first skateboard in 1992 by Johnny Schillereff under a small company in Atlanta named Underworld Element. However, after some downfalls, the company again emerged with the Element name and primarily focused on manufacturing quality skateboards to build a strong team of skateboarders. Yet, the company grew faster and became one of the biggest skateboard companies. However, some top-notch proficient skateboarders, such as Nick Garcia, Nyjah Houston, and Mark Appleyard, prefer and use Element decks.

Anyhow, Element decks are manufactured with the collaboration of a popular and reliable woodshop, PS Sticks, which offers the most durable products ever. Element Company is based in California, which caters to global markets with predominant models and is considered one of the best skateboard companies to choose from.


Deck Material7 ply Maple
Wheels50/52 mm PU wheels 99A hardness
Trucks MaterialAluminum
BearingABEC-7(Annular Bearing Engineers Committee)
Weight2.5kg, 300lbs/330lbs static max capability
Safetynon-slip surface ( black diamond grip tape )

Its popular products include Element Section Complete skateboard, Element Skateboards Seal, Element Skateboard Feathers, and Element Skateboard Sylvan.

Element skateboard decks are designed with durable maple wood consisting of 7 to 9 layers. These layers are extremely thin and glued properly which adds strength. The decks are not dyed with harmful chemicals. They are designed by using Thriftwood or Featherweight deck techniques, which makes them lightweight without compromising quality.

In addition, the Element skateboard trucks range from 4.75 inches to 5 inches which provides balanced and swift turns during rides. The wheels are ranging from 50’’ to 52’’ in diameter with a medium durometer of 99A hardness and are specially designed for smooth rides in any rocky terrain. For professionals, Element has also designed big wheels as 60mm of Bug shit which provides thunder speed with a surprising level of balance.

Furthermore, Element bearings ensure smooth rolling of wheels reducing friction and increasing spin to provide maximum speed while skating.  

As Element excels in providing skateboards for teens, Element Skateboards come in a variety of amazing and cool graphics which gives a unique style to their buyers.

Overall, these durable yet cost-efficient skateboards cost up to $80 and are the best skateboards for beginners to start their skating adventure. 


  • Solid construction
  • Offers all components
  • Easy assemblage
  • Budget-friendly


  • The assemblage may consume time

02 Plan B

Pan B Skateboard

Plan B Complete Skateboards

  • Constructed with seven-ply maple
  • Available in ten vibrant colors
  • Offers various sizes
  • Pre-built for pros
  • Unisex skateboard deck
  • Perfect for street skating

Plan B is blind a good skateboard brand that emerged in 1991, based in California. Since only a few brands always deliver premium quality skateboards, Plan B is one of these companies. This company has gained trust that you should not think twice before purchasing from this brand.

Plan B is also famous because of its aesthetics. It offers full customization as per your choice and preferences. You can get a Plan B skateboard of any size and color. However, if you don’t want to customize it, you have the option to get a pre-built skateboard deck. You would have the option to get a skateboard between 7.3-8.75 inches in size.


Deck Material7 / 9 Ply Maple
Wheels50/54 mm PU wheels 99A hardness
Trucks Materialstandard kingpin, Standard hanger
BearingABEC-7(Annular Bearing Engineers Committee)
Weight2.5kg, 220lbs static max capability
Safetynon-slip surface ( pre grip tape )

Plane B’s best skateboard models are BLK ICE, MixTape Complete, and Flashback series.

These skateboards come in a wide range of sizes from 7.75-inches to 8.25-inches. Depending on your skating tricks and feasibility you can choose the most suitable one.

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Moreover, Plan B skateboard decks allow skaters to commute in a fun way because of their sturdiness and durability. The 7 to 9 layers of Canadian Maple wood with prospect technology make the deck extremely thin and high-yielding with amazing pop. You can easily carry Plan B skateboards anywhere and practice your new creative tricks easily. Though, the Plan B decks are not flexible enough to perform professional tricks. It is because they provide more secure decks for novices.

Furthermore, Plan B is manufacturing wheels ranging from 50 to 54mm PU wheels. The wheels are a bit slow but they are good enough for providing safe rides to entry-level skaters.

In addition, the 7 ABEC bearings provide smooth gliding across skateboard parks and take your skating experience to a new level.

Plan B’s skateboard trucks are made of basic material. Although they are not top-notch, they are good enough for your daily commute to school or the gym. You can easily buy a Plan B skateboard ranging from $50 to $150, and make your daily travel exciting.


  • Great manufacturer of skateboard decks, wheels, trucks, bearings, and other accessories
  • Offers skateboards for multiple tricks
  • All levels of players can ideally adopt it
  • You can get a pre-built or customized skateboard


  • You may need to pay extra upon the customization

03 Zero

zero Skateboard

Zero Complete Skateboards

  • Built with high-quality wood material 
  • Aluminum trucks
  • Best for youth
  • Ideal for smaller riders
  • 4.7 ratings
  • 9 reviews

Zero was introduced in 1996 with a specific ideology of breaking the weakness of the skateboard market and presenting a robust and stubborn culture of skateboards. Fundamentally, the company was founded in California by professional skater Jamie Thomas.

Formerly, Zero introduced its skateboard attire only, but with time, when it began reaching its peak of success, it started introducing accessories like socks, stickers, logo rings, and decks as well. Presently, Zero is one of the prominent American skateboard companies.


Deck Material7 / 9 Ply Maple, Aluminium
Wheels50/52 mm PU wheels with up to 101A
Trucks Materiallightweight  grade steel
BearingABEC-7(Annular Bearing Engineers Committee)
Weight5kg, 220lbs static max capability
Safetynon-slip surface (pre grip tape )

The worth buying zero skateboards are available in different models such as Bold, Skull Blood, Single Skull, American Punk, Iron Maiden Number of the Beast, Legacy Ransom, and Assembly Chris Cole Ripper Oxblood.

These skateboards come with high-end natural material i.e. Maple wood. The 7 layers make these skateboards a thunder board.

In addition, the 51-53 mm PU white or black wheels provide 99 to 100A hardness. It provides maximum elasticity and makes skaters ride comfortably on roads with many hindrances. The lightweight shaft bushings make zero skateboards versatile with smooth turning.

Furthermore, the wide decks ranging from 7.25 to 8.5 inches make your feet move easily and have a firm balance. This leads skaters to practice more complex tricks.

Moreover, the modernized aluminum trucks are made of sturdy and lightweight material with ergonomic design. Unlike non assembled trucks, they are assembled in a very unique and strong way, so you will not have to worry about customization or durability. The shafts and bolts are made of steel which lets riders get the smoothest ride ever.

Further, the grip tape offers better traction and provides a more balanced ride. Overall, the zero skateboards are unique in design and impeccable in quality. The amazing skull graphics give your skating ride a full beast look and makes your style cool.


  • Unbeatable aesthetics
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Delivers exceptional performance
  • Suitable for all kinds of users


  • Heavy skateboards
  • Resin between maple layers is not durable. Skateboards will fall apart if exposed to water for a long. 

04 Alien Workshop

alien Skateboard

Alien Workshop Complete Skateboards

  • 7 ply Canadian hard rock maple construction 
  • Complete and assemble a skateboard
  • It comes with wheels and trucks
  • Offers various sizes and designs
  • 4.9 ratings
  • 33 reviews

Alien Workshop is a small and compassionate company with an exceptional team of experts, which was created by Chris Carter, Neil Blender, and Mike Hill in 1990. Formerly, this company worked out of a nuclear bunker in Ohio. However, it is a US-based skateboard company recognizable for constructing decks with high-quality seven layers of Maplewood.

Besides delivering solid and durable construction, Alien is famous for manufacturing cool skateboard designs with stunning graphics and eye-catching colors. They give you the option to get a pre-built deck or make it customized. Not only this, but you can also pick a deck with a blend of the wheel, bearing, and trucks to get a skateboard according to your specific needs. 


Deck Material7 / 9 Ply Maple, Aluminium
Wheels53 mm PU wheels  with up to 99A
Trucks Materiallightweight  Aluminium
BearingABEC-7(Annular Bearing Engineers Committee)
Weight3kg, 272lbs static max capability
Safetynon-slip surface (pre grip tape )

The most durable and stylish skateboards of Alien Workshop are Jaspo, Matrix Multi Complete, Assembly OG Burst Red or Blue.

Alien skateboards have a unique and abstract design that adds to your cool personality. The durable decks with distinctive graphics are made of 7 ply maple wood. These flexible yet concave and durable boards give skaters fluent learning in kickflips and rail flips. These sturdy boards can handle up to 123 kg weight which makes them an ideal choice for bulky teens and adults.

In terms of wheels, the Alien skateboards are lightweight and tough with 53mm PU wheels and 99 A hardness. The aluminum outer covering makes this board featherlike which gives you long gliding rides on rocky roads. The wheel size is small so your board remains lower to the ground which gives you enhanced balancing while performing pro tips.

With 7 ABEC bearings, Alien skateboards perform high-yielding parameters in the skateboard industry. Overall, this cool skateboard is best to give you the real thrills of skating. They are the most durable skateboard as they can handle maximum weight while being the lightest ones.


  • Manufactures high-quality attire
  • It offers a huge variety of skateboard accessories
  • Delivers durable products
  • Constructs skateboards for all levels


  • Pretty expensive models

05 Baker

Baker Skateboard

Baker Complete Skateboards

  • Constructed in OG shape for quick response
  • Long deck with wide wheelbase and mellow concave
  • Heavy-duty aluminum trucks
  • ABEC 5-rated bearings
  • It comes in unassembled form
  • Allows you to customize
  • Amazon’s choice
  • 4.5 ratings
  • 16 reviews

Baker was introduced by an American skateboarding expert, Andrew Reynolds, in 2000, who has been a reputed player of his era. Baker is an exceptional skateboard company that delivers some great tools from beginners to pro-level skaters. Along with the wide range of skateboard decks, they are also popular for manufacturing skateboard wheels, clothing, and other accessories.

Baker has also been recognized for its logos and its classic popsicle-style deck. This brand is also appreciated for its excellent graphics and quick performance.


Deck Material7 / 9 Ply Maple
Wheels52/54 mm PU wheels  with up to 100A
Trucks Materiallightweight  Aluminium
BearingABEC-7(Annular Bearing Engineers Committee)
Weight1kg, 200lbs static max capability
Safetynon-slip surface ( pre grip tape )

Bakers is wildly popular because of its two styles: B2 squared Nose & Tail, the OG shape. The best baker skateboards worth buying are ES Brick, Rowan Continuum, Rowan Slumber, Monopatin skate, Brand logo, and Bakergizer. 

These skateboards come in a 7 ply North American Maple deck with steep concave and mellow concave which provides extra strength and stable rides. The wide decks ranging from 7.31 inches to 8.5 inches provide maximum maneuverability to your feet and make you a competitive skater. 

The large and sturdy wheels are 52 to 54mm PU. These large wheels make you skate from any terrain like a pro without feeling any vibrations in your feet. They are 99A tough to withstand any tears and give you real skating joy in parks and on the streets. 

Besides, the wheel shafts leave you with assured quality. This correlation in size and parts make the Baker brand best for providing comfortable skating.

The wheels are made of aluminum alloy so you can have your skating experience in full swing. This lightweight material also makes shafts resistance stronger. The 7 ABEC bearings are also durable. In essence, the pre-assembled Baker Skateboard Brand is best for any beginner to the pro skater.


  • Unique designs
  • Produced both steep and mellow decks
  • Super-durable construction
  • Allows customization


  • The track alignment is off-center.
  • Not provide smooth steering

06 Cal 7

cal 7 skateboard

Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboards

  • Premium 7-ply construction with 8-inch deck
  • Designed with heavy-duty hardware
  • It comes in a pre-built form
  • Includes quick ABEC-7 bearings and pre-applied grip tape
  • Provides a controlled and smooth ride
  • 4.6 ratings
  • 2421 reviews

If you are on a beginner level of skateboarding and looking for a reasonable option with prime construction and key performance, then Cal 7 should be a perfect choice. This brand tries to bring the classic 1970s graphics in their decks. However, this brand was developed in Southern California, which is also considered as the origin of skateboarding.

You may notice that each Cal 7 skateboard deck is designed with the collaboration of some modern exclusivity with old-school enthusiasm. This is an unbeatable feature of Cal 7 that unites the skateboarder of every culture and community and acts as a paradise.


Deck Material 7 Ply Maple, Vinyl Plastic
Wheels52/59 mm PU wheels  with up to 99A
Trucks MaterialPolyurethane
BearingABEC-7(Annular Bearing Engineers Committee)
Weight2kg, 215lbs static max capability
Safetynon-slip surface (pre grip tape )

The most prominent skateboards for Cal 7 are Blank Maple, Complete Standard, Cal 7 Mini Cruiser, and Cal 7 Red Skateboard.

The Cal 7 has launched amazing designs for its skateboards. The most popular are the Snack Attack and Grafix series which is a new haven for fun lovers. The design with grip tape remains durable which also provides enough gripping to your feet.

They are made of vinyl plastic or maple wood which offers a standard combination of durability and flexibility. Their special design and concave double kicktail provide more balance and stability when practicing kickflips.

Not only that, its 80 grit grip tape makes your feet hold on the skateboard while performing complex tricks while ensuring safety and smooth tricks. 

As compared to all skateboard wheels, Cal 7 wheels are the most durable yet soft to provide a smooth ride.  The wheel size lies between 52 to 59 mm which is suitable for any beginners, pros, or regular skateboards to experience a smooth ride. The toughness is 99A which provides appropriate turns with swift speed. 

With larger wheels, the 7 ABEC bearings provide enough precision but you can enhance your precision by using redbones bearings. One of the captivating features of Cal 7 skateboards is that they come pre-assembled. You don’t need to waste your manual effort. Just buy one, make a kick and you are ready to go.


  • Pretty affordable option
  • Offers vibrant colors and unique designs
  • Vinyl plastic material enhanced the deck’s durability
  • Offers warranty on its products


  • May not be ideal for professional skaters

07 Enjoi

Enjoi skateboard

Enjoi Skateboards Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

  • Resin 7 construction with Canadian maple
  • Pressed decks with perfect concaves for consistent tricks
  • Delrin crowns and serviceable rubber shields with ABEC-5 bearings
  • Unassembled allows for customization
  • Lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum core trucks

Then comes another high-profile name in the skateboard market; Enjoi was founded in Los Angeles in 2000 by Marc Johnson and Rodney Mullen. People love its adorable logo, panda, which could be easily recognized. This brand is renowned for producing skateboard decks in numerous colors, designs, and graphics.

Enjoi is also famous for its supreme-quality clothing. They manufacture decks that comprise a broad base and mild concave. This company creates tools by considering the comfort level of the skateboarders, thus they always make exceptional models.


Deck Material 7 Ply Maple
Wheels52/54 mm PU wheels  with up to 99A
Trucks MaterialAluminum
BearingABEC-7(Annular Bearing Engineers Committee)
Weight7lbs, 230lbs static max capability
Safetynon-slip surface (pre grip tape )

The popular skateboards of Enjoi are Whitey Panda, Enjoi Skateboards Repeater, Enjoi Skateboards Kiss Metallic Raemers, and Enjoi Skateboards Logo Crap. 

These futuristic skateboards are made of 7 Ply Canadian Maple. The plys are glued together with liquid glue in order to provide more flexibility and pop. You can hop on it and forget about your worries. 

The 52/54mm wheels are softer and closer to the ground. This makes you feel every bump and crack but your balance is never compromised. The vibrations may have a negative impact on Enjoi skateboards but they are perfect enough for professionals. 

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Moreover, the amphetamine bearings with rubber shields ensure maximized speed by reducing friction. You will never feel the need to stop or slow down as the bearings provide enough stability at higher speeds. 

Enjoi Skateboards enable you to enjoy your ride and you feel like you are in the air, thanks to lightweight aluminium trucks.  They are sized appropriately with deck size in order to provide more alignment in the whole deck.


  • Extremely stable decks
  • Made with modern wood materials
  • It comes with universal concave
  • Customized designs and colors


  • Paint may fade over some time

08 Globe

Globe skateboard

Globe Goodstock Skateboards

  • Resin 7 construction with Canadian maple
  • Pressed decks with perfect concaves for consistent tricks
  • Delrin crowns and serviceable rubber shields with ABEC-5 bearings
  • Unassembled allows for customization
  • Lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum core trucks

Globe is an Australia-based brand that was introduced by some professional skateboarders, including Peter Hill, Steven, and Matt, in 1994. This brand is not only popular for selling skateboards, but it’s all about other board sports as well, such as snowboarding and surfing. It allows you to pick a skateboard deck from a variety of options, including longboards, cruisers, etc.

Other than this, the company offers trucks, wheels, decks, and bushings separately that enable you to create your own skateboard as per your preference. Besides, you would get numerous options in Globe shoes and clothing to complete your skateboard outfit.


Deck Material 7 Ply Maple, wood
Wheels52/60 mm PU wheels  with upto 92A
Trucks MaterialAluminium
BearingABEC-7(Annular Bearing Engineers Committee)
Weight7 lbs, 220lbs static max capability
Safetynon-slip surface (pre grip tape )

The top quality Globe skateboards are Globe Skateboards Blazer Cruiser, Globe Skateboards G1, Globe Skateboards Insider Cruiser, and Globe Skateboards Byron Bay Longboard. 

Skateboards made by Globe are crafted with precise attention to design and deck details. The decks are mellow concave with kicktail to give the skaters a balanced ride in bumpy roads or downhills. They are made of 7 ply maple and deck sizes range from 7.0 to 8.375. Globe deck boards offer the best starting options for new longboarders.

With larger decks, the wheel size ranges from 52mm to 60mm. These larger wheels reduce disturbances caused by cracks and bumps, and riser pads improve the speed and smoothness of the ride. 

Moreover, the Globe bushes are highly rebound that allows you to enjoy swift turns easily and safely. The 7 ABEC durable bearings also aids to provide maximum speed with minimum friction. 

Globe has also featured built-in bottle openers in some of its skateboards to enhance its functionality and let you perform most customized and amazing tricks.


  • Durable decks due to liquid resin
  • Pressed concave decks
  • Allows customization
  • This brand delivers all skateboarding products
  • Affordable


  • It does not provide printed decks
  • Not ideal for the pro-level skater

09 Blind

Blind Complete Skateboards

Blind Complete Skateboards

  • Seven ply birch with stiff glue extra
  • Built explicitly for smaller skaters
  • Carbon steel speed bearings
  • Pre-built and ready to skate
  • Unisex skateboard
  • Multiple color and size scheme
  • 4.8 ratings
  • 48 reviews

Blind is one of the most prominent names in the skateboard industry, specifically for beginners. This company was launched in 1989 by Mark Gonzales in El Segundo, California. This brand is considered as one of the oldest skateboard brands, nearly when the game emerged.

This brand is recognized for being the most appropriate brand that enhances skating spirit. Anyhow, this company has diminished its carbon footprint to produce eco-friendly skateboards. Blind skateboards are considered robust products made with 8-plywood and epoxy resin glue to make them super durable.


Deck Material 7 Ply Canadian Maple
Wheels51/53 mm PU wheels  with upto 92A
Trucks MaterialAluminium
BearingABEC-7(Annular Bearing Engineers Committee)
Weight3 lbs, 200lbs static max capability
Safetynon-slip surface (pre grip tape )

The prominent Blind Skateboards are OG Reaper, Miss Munchies, Crazy Horse, Electric Chair, Random Placement, Mix Master Reaper and Trp Tye Die. 

Blind Skateboard decks feature amazing graphics with scary and horrifying designs. You can choose any that you like the most. Their deck width ranges from 6 to 8.375 inches. This wide range makes it easy for new skaters to grasp the right deck and learn skating quickly. The 7 ply Canadian Maple decks are made with liquid epoxy which makes Blind decks sturdy ones. 

Blind Skateboard wheels are larger than average skateboard which makes your whole board smooth and bouncy to ensure more comfortability in your rides and provide smooth turns. 

Moreover, the 7 ABEC bearings make your ride smoother and swift with rolling wheels and less friction. This lets you land on slippery surfaces with ease and master any road with amazing tricks. The robust wheels are designed to provide better traction at narrow places. 

The wax type material in trucks makes Blind skateboards distinguished from any cheaper skateboard and provides smooth turns to your thunder rides. In addition, the grip tape holds your feet on board and you can go in any zig zag way easily.


  • Particularly ideal for hardcore players
  • Delivers abusive riding for longer periods
  • Personalized graphics
  • Cheap brand


  • Customization may cost you higher than the genuine price

10 Magneto

Magneto Kids Complete Skateboard

Magneto Kids Complete Skateboard

  • Designed and constructed by pro skaters
  • Perfect Shortboard for kids
  • Built with seven plies of hard maple
  • Super soft polyurethane wheels
  • Double kicktail on front and back
  • Amazon’s choice
  • 4.7 ratings
  • 2,268 reviews

The story of Magneto is pretty interesting, as it is constantly struggling to develop its trust amongst people. Although it is one of the top-notch skateboard producers which gained much repute fruitfully. All of its products are designed and manufactured in Carlsbad, California.

One matchless quality of this brand is that it spends a lot of time testing each product before launching it to the market. I must say, this brand is good to go if you are a beginner and seeking an inexpensive option. 


Deck Material Plastic
Wheels50/59 mm PU wheels  with upto 78A
Trucks MaterialAluminium
BearingABEC-7(Annular Bearing Engineers Committee)
Weight3 lbs, 100kg static max capability

The most versatile Magneto Skateboards are Magneto bamboo + fiberglass longboard, Magneto cruiser longboard and Bamboo drop-through CRUISER 42. 

Magneto Decks are the longest one in the market with size ranging upto 46 inches and 9 inches wide. Most importantly, the bamboo, maple wood, and fiberglass combine in the construction of these skateboards and feature 5 to 8 ply. You can easily move your feet on this wide and sturdy deck. 

Due to its gigantic size, this board is suitable for skaters weighing upto 300 lbs. The Magneto boards are especially designed for dance moves with kick tails at both ends. 

The sandblast grips provide extra durability. The SHR – High Rebound Urethane wheels upto 70mm with 95A toughness and 7 inches Aluminum wide trucks, provides you the modernized surfing, gliding or pushing. 

Being a versatile brand, its boards are available in different shoes such as the shallow concave, subtle concave and radial concave shape. Unfortunately, due to some heavy weight Magneto boards, you will find them difficult to carry around. 


  • Affordable choice
  • Provides decent grip
  • Manufactures double kicktail and medium concave
  • Ideal for rough riding


  • Decks are usually narrow
  • Not suitable for professional skaters

11 Penny Australia

Penny Australia Original Plastic Skateboard

Penny Australia Original Plastic Skateboard

  • Sturdy alloy steel wheels
  • Built with supreme-quality plastic
  • First-class aluminum framework
  • Available in five different colors and designs
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 4.6 ratings
  • 3,961 reviews

As its name refers, Penny Australia is an Australian-based skateboard brand that came into being in 2010 by Ben Mackay. This is the brand that enthusiastically used to make high-quality plastic decks to give skateboarders a real thrill of skating.

Not only this, Penny always concentrates on recreational riding by considering the majority of the skateboarders’ styles. With this brand, you will find a lightweight, flexible deck along with firm trucks to help you make a perfect rider. Besides, many professionals keep this brand’s skateboards just to have a collection of classic style boards.


Deck Material Plastic
Wheels50/59 mm PU wheels  with upto 78A
Trucks MaterialAluminium
BearingABEC-7(Annular Bearing Engineers Committee)
Weight3 lbs, 100kg static max capability

From Penny Skateboard Brand, the High Vibe, Cactus Wanderlust” and Ocean Mist are the most renowned skateboards in the market. 

Their wide range of decks makes them best for kids, beginners and professionals. They are made of durable plastic which can hold weight up to 90kg. The plastic makes them flexible without compromising the quality. 

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The high quality wheels range upto 59mm PU which gives enough tensile strength with 90A toughness. They are durable enough to last longer and also aids in smooth ride. 

The 7 ABEC bearings make your ride smooth which enables you to glide even in rough terrain. The durable and lightweight 3 inches aluminium trucks with 90A bushings also smoothen your rides and make you every speedy turn with more fun.


  • Delivers small and lightweight boards
  • High-yielding skateboards
  • Their decks and accessories are portable.
  • Plastic boards are more solid


  • Slightly pricey
  • Generally difficult to ride on narrow boards

12 Powell Peralta

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

  • The lightest weight weighs only 0.02 pounds
  • High-quality plastic deck
  • Hand-cast polyurethane wheels
  • Colorful screen-printed bottom
  • Ideal for advanced skaters
  • 4.6 ratings
  • 668 reviews

In 1978, a high-profile skateboard brand was introduced in Santa Barbara, California. This company is familiarized with superior manufacturing skateboards with flight deck technology. This exclusive technology prevents the board from breaking under any circumstances. Powell Peralta is known for delivering pre-built skateboards and separate decks, grip tape, trucks, wheels, and apparel.

Fundamentally, when you execute the Ollie trick on your skateboard, there are chances that the tiny wood particles are stuck in your skateboard and ultimately break. However, Powell features double layers of special plus that prevent the board from breaking. Not only this, this technology prevents the tail of the skateboard from getting soggy.


Deck Material Fibreglass
Wheels50/54 mm PU wheels  with upto 90A
Trucks MaterialAluminium
BearingABEC-7(Annular Bearing Engineers Committee)
Weight0.01 lbs, 150lbs static max capability

The top quality Powell Peralta skateboards are Emillion Fibertech Decks, Lib Tech Skateboard Decks, P2 Decks andDwindle Impact. 

The durable decks with top layer of triaxial fiberglass are made lighter with epoxy glue. This makes them stronger and flexible to give the full zeal of skating. They are resistant to daily wear and tear and their print does not fade easily. 

The high quality range of 54 to 69 mmPU wheels are especially designed to provide professional level turning and cruises to the beginners. They come with greater toughness to provide extra maneuverability. 

Together with PU wheels, the aluminum trucks never let your ride stop and you can glide on your favorite paths with few kicks. 

Powell provides versatile bushes ranging from smooth to hardest. You can choose any according to your convenience and change your bushings in pre-assembled skateboards easily. 

The bearings are smooth to provide you glide in your amazing tricks. Thanks to its grip tape, you’ll feel secure while skating. 


  • Thin boards are easily portable
  • Decks are prevented from breakage and sogginess
  • A layer of epoxy resin and fiberglass is inbuilt to ensure durability
  • Lightweight boards are easy to perform tricks


  • Heavy price tag
  • Printed graphics may come off

13 Retrospec

Retrospec Quip Skateboard

  • Compact and portable
  • Ideal for cruising and street skating
  • Prebuilt skateboards
  • Plastic material
  • Tough polyurethane wheels
  • Grippy molded waffle pattern
  • ABEC-7 carbon-bearing
  • User Weight limit 229LBS
  • 4.6 ratings
  • 10,348 reviews

You might be shocked to know that Retrospec was not a sports brand at first. However, it was popular for manufacturing bikes. Now, they are leading the sports industry that successfully sells different types of sports equipment. The best thing about the best skate company is that they use ultra-high-quality material and make their products available at low prices.

Each Retrospec model is constructed by professional engineers. This company also offers a 50-day return policy in case you’re not satisfied with the product.


Deck Material 9 ply Canadian Maple
Wheels70 mm PU wheels  with upto 90A
Trucks MaterialAluminium
BearingABEC-9(Annular Bearing Engineers Committee)
Weight8 lbs, 220lbs static max capability
Safetygrip tape

The top 3 Retrospec skateboards are Zed Bamboo Longboard, Rift Drop-Through Longboard and Tidal Drop-Down Longboard. 

These longboards are constructed out of 8/9 layers of bamboo and 7 layers of Canadian Maple for the skateboards. The length ranges upto 44 inches with 9.5 inches width. They are designed pintail or drop through to distribute the feet power evenly on the board. This results in long rides with few kicks. 

Moreover, the retrospec are the most durable yet budget friendly boards which are 20 percent more long lasting than any other market skateboard. 

The large 70mm wheels with 85A power lets you drive your longboards over bumps and cracks easily by providing more grip and traction. For standard boards, the 52mm wheels with 95A durometer secure your skateboarding skills. 

The 180 mm lightweight trucks with 9 ABEC bearings makes you ride on a thunder board which enables you to take any sharp turns smoothly. 

These skateboards are best for those skaters who are looking for durable yet cost efficient longboards.


  • You would get a 50-day return guarantee
  • Wide variety of graphics, sizes, and styles
  • Supreme-quality decks and wheels
  • Its wheels don’t deteriorate easily
  • Affordable brand


  • No customization is offered

14 Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Complete Skateboard

  • Construction Material 7 ply maple wood
  • Perfect for 10 to 14 age
  • Unisex skateboard
  • Medium concave
  • Slime balls 95a wheels
  • Bushings 90a
  • Steel ABEC 5 bearing
  • 4.8 ratings
  • 81 reviews

Santa Cruz was founded back in 1973 by some board surfers, including Doug Haut, Jay Shuriman, and Richard Novak. This brand has always managed to remain one of the biggest skateboard brands. It’s no surprise that this company falls in the big and multinational skateboard names.

However, Santa Cruz stands out in numerous decks brands because of both excellence and execution. A central feature that makes this brand unbeatable is the VX Everslick ad 2 Quad X. These plastic layers provide pop and strength to the decks in order to control your ride on any transition. Besides decks, this brand is also popular for producing wheels, skateboard clothes, completes, and cruisers.


Deck Material 9 ply Canadian Maple
Wheels54 mm PU wheels  with upto 90A
Trucks MaterialAluminium
BearingABEC-7(Annular Bearing Engineers Committee)
Weight1.5 kg, 220lbs static max capability
Safetygrip tape

The most durable Santa Cruz skateboards are Santa Cruz Complete Flame Red Dot, JSanta Cruz Impact Drop Down Longboard, Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Rasta Sk8 Cruiser, and Santa Cruz Street Cruzer. 

Santa Cruz are the most versatile skateboards. Their deck is made of 7 ply Canadian Maple with various shapes and sizes. They approximately range from 7.25 to 8.5  inches wide and upto 33 inches long. The deck is especially lightweight and wide to let you execute the most amazing skating tricks and pursue your skating passion. 

The durable wheels range from 53 mm to 60mm with adjustable power makes skaters do professional tricks with little practice.  It is possible to choose from several types of bushing, including 85a and 90a bushings that are surprisingly well-suited for turning.

Moreover, in terms of graphics, Santa Cruz has beaten all rest of the brands. That’s why they are the number one choice of every Vert, Grind, Pools, and Ramps player. 


  • Uses exclusive technologies for controllability
  • Made with pure maple material
  • Usually provides longboards
  • Durable Decks


  • Slightly expensive brand
  • Needs change of bearings for smoother rides

15 Sector 9

Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Skateboard

  • Build with 5-ply vertically bamboo wood
  • Ideal for sports and outdoors
  • PDP ABEC 5 bearings
  • Longboard skateboard
  • Gullwing chargers
  • 4.8  ratings
  • 234 reviews

Sector 9 Skateboards are designed for every beginner or professional skater to perform astonishing tricks. 

Founded in 1993 in South California, this company fought in the skateboard market for 22 years and finally became a renowned name.

This brand manufactures and delivers the best professional skateboards with ultra-high-quality engineering and performance. This company carries an enormous collection of complete skateboards, wheels, decks, trucks, and other accessories, including skateboard bags, apparel, and safety equipment.

In addition to this, this skateboard collaborates with some pop skateboard designers and artists for constant aesthetics and exclusivity. Some of their partners’ names are OnceVibe and Jor Ros.

Deck Material 7 ply Maple/Bamboo
Wheels69 mm PU wheels  with upto 78A
Trucks MaterialAluminium
BearingABEC-7(Annular Bearing Engineers Committee)
Weight7 lbs, 220lbs static max capability
Safetygrip tape

The most famous sector 9 skateboards are Hopper 27, Shoots 33.5″, Ninety Five 30.5 and  Bintang 38″. 

They are made of hybrid Bamboo, Maple wood to provide extra strength and durability. In terms of size, Sector 9 has provided a large variety of size ranging from 22 to 44 inches long. They are especially suited to the needs of beginners and professionals. 

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The ergonomically designed kick tails help to make easy backflips. Whether you are planning to make a tight roadside commute or perform street tricks, the durable wheels make it smooth for you. The 69mm Lumithane wheels are very responsive in cruising. 

Moreover, the durable trucks with reasonable wheelbase provide instant carvings and long-lasting gliding. The 5/ 7 ABEC bearings provide extreme turns and flips while resisting foot rubs.


  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • Unique bamboo base
  • Extremely solid and enduring boards
  • Wide wheels provide more stability
  • Responsive trucks give smoother rolling


  • Pricey brand

16 Sefulim

Sefulim Skull Complete Skateboards

  • Produced from 7-ply wood
  • Solid aluminum framework
  • Robust polyurethane wheels
  • Unisex skateboard
  • 198 pounds weight capacity
  • Aluminum metal trucks
  • Shock pads
  • Built for professional tricks
  • 4.6 rating
  • 575 reviews

Sefulim is a newly emerged skateboard brand which is basically the trademark of Shenzhen Ze Cheng Import and Export Co., Ltd. It has produced Bags especially designed for skis and surfboards; Golf bags; Skateboards; Skis; Surfboard leashes; Surfboards; Swimming kick boards; Toy scooters; Toy vehicles and Waterskis.

In addition, Sefulim designed skateboards specifically for professional skaters who typically perform tricks of street skating.Typically, this brand designs their skateboards with attention to detail and has a complete range of skateboards. It is an affordable option with some high-end features. These skateboards can withstand heavy-weight skaters and their twisted tricks easily.

Notwithstanding, an unbeatable spec in this brand is that they coat a layer of water-resistant so that any sort of weather does not impact your execution. 


Deck Material 7 ply Maple
Wheels50 mm PU wheels  with upto 95A
Trucks MaterialAluminium
BearingABEC-7(Annular Bearing Engineers Committee)
Weight 2.5, 198 lbs static max capability
Safetygrip tape

The most featured Sefulim skateboards are Sefulim 31″x8″ Complete Skateboard, Sefulim 39″x9″ Complete Skull Skateboard, sefulim LISEFURE Skateboard Shoulder Carrier Skateboard and sefulim 31″x8″ Complete Skull Skateboards Outdoor Street Concave Skateboard . 

The skateboard decks are made out of 7-ply maple wood with different lengths and widths determined by the model to ensure maximum safety. They can resist any shocks and take your skating experience to a new level. The unique designs with 50 mm wheels and 95A toughness lets any kid master skateboarding quickly. 

This pre-assembled skateboard with lightweight trucks and durable bearings ensures safety with smooth cruising. Therefore, this little thunder is the best gift for your kids.


  • Top-notch quality with affordable cost
  • 30 days warranty
  • Extremely flexible


  • Slow bearings
  • The number of springs may be limited

17 Yocaher

Yocaher Pro Blank Skateboards

  • Constructed with a seven-ply maple deck
  • Black widow premium griptape
  • Concave kicktail-nose
  • Polyurethane wheels
  • Mellow concave
  • ABEC-7 chrome bearings
  • 54mm 99A wheels
  • 7.675 HD7 heavy-duty trucks
  • 4.6 ratings
  • 897 reviews

If your target is getting a superlative skateboard at a low price, then Yocaher is right there for you. Yocaher entered the sports industry back in 1997, and it is a South California-based skateboard brand. This company is eminent for conveying excellent skateboard decks. From decks to wheels, they make everything.

Not only this, Yocaher produces other sports equipment as well. But, it focuses more on skateboard tools and continuously strives to improve their quality. Despite the fact that you’re a pro or an initial-level skater, Yocaher skateboards are suitable for all kinds of riders. They deliver various stunning designs that help you improve your overall skating experience.


Deck Material 7 ply Maple
Wheels52/70 mm PU wheels  with upto 95A
Trucks MaterialAluminium
BearingABEC-7(Annular Bearing Engineers Committee)
Weight9lbs, 250 lbs static max capability
Safetygrip tape

The worth buying Yocaher skateboards are Yocaher Punked, Yocaher Blank, Yocaher New Complete Longboard and Yocaher Geometric series. 

They are specially designed 7 ply maple deck boards with mellow concave and double kicks. Talking about the decks, their widths vary between 7.5 and 10 inches depending on the model. These wide decks hold your feet tighter so you can glide over mountains without making your feet tired. 

The 52 to 70mm wheels range with 95A are the best replacement for riders having larger foot size. Skaters will just hop on these 5 to 7 inches wide heavy duty trucks and they are ready to enjoy their dream ride with smooth turns and extreme glidings. 

The 7 ABEC Chrome bearings provide the skaters to make any complex tricks confidently on any rough terrain.


  • Highly responsive trucks
  • Offers wheels in several sizes
  • Strong grip tape provide stability
  • Extremely durable and versatile decks
  • Affordable option


  • Bearings may not be suitable for pros
  • Bushings need frequent replacement

18 Creature

Creature Complete Skateboards

  • Built with the combination of 7 ply maple wood and aluminum
  • Unisex skateboard
  • Superior grip tape
  • High rebound urethane wheels
  • Grit and adhesive grip tape
  • Precision steel bearings with oil lubricant
  • 4.6 ratings
  • 28 reviews

The company was introduced in 1994 by Barket Barrett, Jason Adams, Darren Navarrette, and Russ Pope. However, the brand emerged in the mid-2000s and gave its decks a complete dark and horror theme. The founders of this brand are pro skaters themselves; therefore, they have made every plank of the deck with premium quality by keeping the skaters’ needs in view.

Nonetheless, Creature not only produces skateboard decks, but you would find first-class trucks, wheels, attire, and bearings. Above and beyond, creature skateboard decks are made with 7-ply maple wood material that makes them super durable and long-lasting. One uniqueness in these boards is that they are extra wide and long, which is a perfect option for beginners to develop stability. Unfortunately, the boards may become heavyweight due to these dimensions.


Deck Material 7 ply Maple
Wheels60 mm PU wheels  with upto 83A
Trucks MaterialAluminium
BearingABEC-7(Annular Bearing Engineers Committee)
Weight 4.15lbs, 220 lbs static max capability
Safetygrip tape

The best Creature skateboards are Baekkel Grave, Wilkins Creach Roller, Gravette Leather, Lockwood Onslaught Powerply, Baekkel Swamp and Martinez Stabies. 

The 8 to 9 inches wide decks with 7 ply maple wood are covered with additional two layers of protective material. The deck is a bit concave from the middle in order to aid your flip kicks and streekt tricks. 

The wide wheels upto 60mm are made of PU material to make skating a breeze. These wide skateboards are perfect for beginners as well as professionals. Beginners can skate straight comfortably on wide deck and strong wheels while pros can perform tricks on any bumpy road. 

The high quality griptape with durable trucks and robust bearings are strong enough to cross any bumpy roads without any wear and tears. The amazing graphics provide inspiration for skating while the beast designs boost your confidence to skate and perform amazing tricks.


  • Provides tons of stability and control
  • Perfect for developing beginner’s skills
  • Skateboards come with grip tape
  • Unique deck graphics


  • High price tag
  • Not ideal for pro skaters

19 Girl

Girl Griffin Gass Skateboards

  • Best suitable for beginner to pro
  • Unisex skateboard
  • Back magic black grip tape
  • Pre-drilled holes

Girl skateboards were founded by popular and professional skateboard athletes Mike Carroll and Rick Howard back in 1993. They started their business as only offering complete skateboards, wheels, bearings, clothing, and even producing skateboarding films and media. Later on, they felt the need to develop professional skateboards and introduced their professional boards within a few years of establishment. 

The Girl also sponsors famous skaters and organizes tremendous events. They have produced other skateboard accessories like complete skateboards, skateboard wheels, trucks, bearings, and skateboard clothing. 


Deck Material 7 ply Maple
Wheels83 mm PU wheels  with upto 83A
Trucks MaterialAluminium
BearingABEC-7(Annular Bearing Engineers Committee)
Weight 14lbs, 220 max weight capacity
Safetygrip tape

The worth buying Girl Skateboard are Girl OG Knockout, Girl OG Vibrations, Girl Blooming, Girl Pictograph and Girl Contemplation. 

The wide decks range upto 9 inches made up of durable maple wood which makes it number one choice of longboard lovers. 

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The sturdy wheels with wheelbase range upto 13 inches and 32 inches overall length with nose tails at both ends gives the perfect combination of precise skateboard. 

The 7 ABEC bearings make any curves or turns smooth. As a result you can perform pro tips on any bumpy roads, parks and streets. The grip tapes hold your feet tight and lets you explore the real thrill of skating.


  • High-quality skateboards
  • Ready to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable and Sturdy


  • No customization

20 Backfire

Backfire G2 Black Electric Skateboard

  • Best entry-level electric skateboard
  • Plastic construction
  • Digital screen remote controller
  • Unisex (adults)
  • Special designed concave surface 
  • 240 pounds load capacity
  • 900W Dual Brushless Motor
  • Polyurethane wheel material
  • Range 11-12.5 miles/18-20 km
  • 400w hub motor
  • Top speed 24mph/39kph
  •  4.6 ratings
  •  63 reviews

Backfire, today is blooming in the skate market because of some conspicuous uniqueness and enhanced technologies made by Randy and Jerry in 2009. However, before introducing modernized electric boards, backfire used to produce a classical style of skateboards, such as longboards and they produced their first traditional model in 2012

The G1 skateboard became popular in 2013. Its single motor with bamboo layering on top was loved by every beginner. With the passage of time, new models were introduced with modern features. Electric skateboards started to appear in the market 3 or 4 years back which changed the skateboarding world totally. We have reviewed their top quality electric skateboards here.


Deck Material 7 ply Maple
Wheels83/96 mm PU wheels  with upto 83A
Trucks MaterialAluminium
BearingABEC-7(Annular Bearing Engineers Committee)
Weight16.2lbs, 220 max weight capacity
Safetygrip tape

The most renowned Backfire Skateboards are Backfire G2 Black Electric Skateboard, Backfire Ranger X2, Backfire G3 and Backfire Zealot. 

These electric skateboards provide the top speed skating experience without many kicks. The Backfire decks are upto 40 inches long made of Canadian Maple or Birch. 

Moreover, with the digital remote you can reach upto 24mph speed in no time. The highly responsive 83/96mm wheels come with 83A hardness. 

The sturdy trucks can let you perform tricks by turning to 25 degrees smoothly. 

With 3 hrs of battery in a single charge, you can commute anywhere you want to. If your battery ever runs out, you can continue your journey by skating manually. 


  • Hub motors require less maintenance
  • Offers enough range and adequate power
  • Turbo-modes help to climb up the mountain easily
  • Easy replaceable tires and motors
  • Heavy-duty accessories ensure safety and stability.


  • Electric series is pretty pricey
  • Their remote isn’t reliable

Other Good Brands of Skateboards 2022

In 2022, new skateboard brands emerged and revolutionized the skateboarding industry. The most competitive brands are

01 Chocolate

The chocolate skateboard brand was introduced by Mike Carrol and Rick Howard in 1994. This company is considered the most useful company for delivering first-class skateboard decks. They made skateboards and longboards with 7-ply maple wood to give them a solid and tough appearance. Chocolate is also popular for producing wheels, bearings, trucks, and other accessories.

02 Landyachtz

Landyachtz is also one of the big names in the skateboard industry, which is prominent for making exceptional boards. The company started in the late 1990s and imitated the manufacturing of some cool skateboard designs. Some pro skaters usually pick this company because these boards comprise really significant wheels, responsive trucks, and solid decks. The usage of Canadian maple in their decks has made this brand enter in the most durable yet high yielding skateboard brands.

03 Minority

This newly emerged yet most renowned company started producing skateboards back in 2018. They stand out in the skateboard industry due to their durable and eco-friendly skateboards with the most distinguished and cool designs. 

The Minority is also a sophisticated option that offers some low-priced decks with similar building quality as other best brands. Mostly, this brand designed low-concave decks for executing tricks. It is really a good option for expert-level skaters who still want to upgrade their skating skills.

04 Anti-Hero

Antihero is a luxurious skateboard brand, which was introduced by Julien Stranger in 1995. Antihero is a brand with a high reputation because they deliver unique aesthetics and designs. This company does not follow exclusive trends but has set its own standards. Generally, antihero skateboards come with more durability, control, comfort, and stability. These decks are perfect for vert and park skating.

05 Playwheels

Bravo introduced Playwheels in 2015 which started producing scooters, skating shoes, toys and kids skateboards. Playwheels has consistently received positive feedback and appreciation from its customers. This skateboard company is renowned for conveying first-class and safest boards for kids. They use 9-ply maple wood to make decks sturdier, thicker, and safer than five or seven plies. Moreover, each of its skateboard accessories, including griptape, kicktail, wheels, and bearings, are tremendous for smooth riding.

06 Skatexs

Another great-quality skateboard brand specifically designs kids’ skateboards of 5 to 12 years old. It is a Carlsbad-based company that manufactures skateboard components such as wheels, bearings, bushings, and trucks, etc. This organization has been found to be one of the leading models for kid’s boards. They design decks to improve your child’s skating skills.

07 Weskate

You might be shocked to get to know that WeSkate is not only a leading skateboard company but a scooter brand as well. These manufacturers specifically make numerous kid’s products. However, whether they produce skateboards for kids or adults, beginners or pros, they always choose superior maple wood for decks. Other than this, they are also renowned for their high-quality wheels and bearings.

08 Birdhouse

The company seems more like a home because of the name of this skateboard brand. Anyhow, this brand was founded by a professional freestyle skateboard rider, Per Welinder, along with Tony Hawk. Birdhouse also belongs to a good skateboarding brand because it manufactures decks using 7-ply maple wood and is designed for rough tricks. Moreover, it delivers skateboards for vertical and street skating.

09 Deathwish

Deathwish has been in the industry for over 12 years and has proven its name to deliver hard rock boards to its customers. Deathwish skateboards are designed sturdily and aesthetically pleasing that perfectly match the taste of some modern skaters. These boards are made with the finest maple wood to make them long-lasting and reliable. This brand allows you to choose between a series of wheels and decks to personalize your skateboard as per your preferences.

10 Krooked

Krooked skateboard was initiated twenty years before in 2002, and today it has gained much reputation in the industry. The founder of this company is an American skater Mark Gonzales decided to build skateboard decks with some creative and conspicuous artwork. Nevertheless, you have the option to get a pre-built skateboard or its accessories for customization. The brand also holds a series of skateboard T-shirts and hoodies. Not only this, it offers some limited editions of guest decks for professional riders.

11 SCSK8

You may think this brand’s name is pretty weird, but it’s actually an abbreviation of Southern California Skateboards. It is also one of the best places to get a skateboard for adult beginners. This company specializes in developing your skateboarding skills and experience. It offers complete skateboards as well as blank decks that allow you to customize your board. You would find this company quite reasonable and premium quality that fulfills your demands.

12 Almost

Almost is a well-established American skateboard company that was founded in 2003 by Daewon Song and Rodney Mullen. This company has endorsed some top-quality boards with 7-ply and 8-ply carbon fiber decks alongside epoxy sticks. Formerly, they started manufacturing decks only. Currently, they sell skateboard bearings, trucks, wheels, and clothes too.

Worst Skateboard Brands

Well, for perfect and thrill riding, a good-quality skateboard is substantial. With millions of options on the market, you may find some inferior-quality brands as well. Most of these brands manufacture skateboards with poor material. Unfortunately, these decks end up breaking while riding, which might cause injury.

Moreover, their graphics also do not look attractive as well. You may find some brands manufacturing quite heavy boards that do not allow you to execute tricks and cruises.

Therefore, I have listed down some worst skateboard brands to make you aware. It is suggested to avoid these brands.

  • Airwalk
  • Converse
  • Decathlon Oxelo
  • Kryptonics
  • Mongoose
  • Walmart
  • World industries

Factors To Determine The Best Skateboard Brand | Buying Guide

Now, you’ve got an extended list of numerous skateboard brands. But the market is filled with some of the worst skate brands as well. So how can you distinguish between the best and the worst? Well, various aspects should be considered before deciding on the Best brands for skateboards.

These factors include:


Quality and excellence is the foremost factor in making a skateboard brand the best. To identify the quality of a brand, you should examine the skateboard material they use. A high-quality skateboard is constructed with rigid and flexible materials to make it durable and reliable. 


Once you understand that the brand makes quality skateboards, the durability should be verified. The best skateboard should usually last for years without breakage. Usually, you might have seen all the best skateboard brands manufacture decks with ply maple woods to make them long-lasting.


Aesthetics play an important role in attracting many skateboard fans and pros. Other than reliability and durability, skaters seek some unique aesthetics on decks that make them eye-catching while cruising and executing tricks,


Giving a choice to have what you want in your skateboard is another reason for becoming one of the top skateboard brands. Skaters want such a marque that allows them to have graphics or tools of their own choice. This is the main cause that many of those brands that provide this facility are ranking.

Customer Care

A brand is not only recognized by its products, but customer service is an important factor that can be overlooked. The best skateboard brand always listens to its users, delivers products on time, and focuses on getting client feedback.


Of course, the majority population looks for affordable yet qualitative products. If a brand delivers quality products and excellent services, yet their prices are unaffordable, very few people would appreciate it. Therefore, the price also plays a vital role.

What to Look in a Good Skateboard Deck Brand | Buying Guide

Deck Qualities That Make The Best Skateboard Brand

Skateboard decks come in various shapes, sizes, and designs that are manufactured for different tricks, such as cruising, street skating, freestyle, etc. In addition to this, skateboards also differ for initial and professional-grade skaters. Hence, if you are about to opt for the best skateboard deck, keep a few basic factors in mind and shop as per your preferences.

Length and Width

It is said to pick your deck according to the width, not length, but in my opinion, both elements are equally significant. An average skateboard deck is 7.5-8.25-inch wide. Still, it depends on your skating style and the tricks you execute. The width of a skateboard deck should also be selected according to the height of the skater.

Similarly, the length of a deck is measured as the distance between nose and tail. An average skateboard length is 28-32-inch long, which is only ideal for pro skaters. While seeking the best skateboard, width and length should be the prime considerations.

Nose and Tail

A nose is a front, and a tail is a back of a skateboard. The two sides are quite similar to each other and are hard to differentiate. Therefore, many brands offer some cool graphics to show these two parts. Typically, an ideal skateboard deck should have a deep kick on the tail and a big kick on the nose.


Concave refers to the curve between the deck’s tail and nose, which delivers more stability and control while riding. Conversely, the skateboard concave also comes in various shapes to accommodate different skateboarding styles.


A wheelbase determines the distance between the front and rear wheels. A standard deck has approximately a 13-15-inch wheelbase. However, adjusting this distance could substantially impact your performance and help you identify the right distance.


A skateboard deck isn’t made with a single piece of wood, but multiple layers of wooden plies are tightly pressed together to make a deck. The best skateboard brands generally coat these plies in a cross-grain pattern to manufacture the most durable and long-lasting decks. Typically, these brands insert 7-9 layers of plies to make skateboards.

What are the Best Brands for Skateboards in 2022 in my Opinion?  | Final verdict

The quality of a skateboard brand could be determined by its construction, performance, and versatility. In this article, all 20 best skateboard brands are highly-qualitative and worthwhile. These brands always prioritize delivering skateboard accessories in a top-notch manner, no matter whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

Keep in mind that a skateboard is not only about riding a deck, but it’s about how eco-friendly it is and how it helps in developing your skills. Eventually, despite which skateboard brand you choose, you would get all the qualities that they claim. Anyhow, as per your requirements, I have extracted three best best skate companies to decide on what is the best skateboard brand for 2022.


1. Which factors make the skateboard quality worse?

A mediocre bearing and lubricant used in the bearing can affect the quality of the skateboard. The low-quality bearings stop wheels from spinning at their best. However, the cheap lubricant stinks. Therefore, the low-grade bearing should be replaced immediately.

2. What qualities make a skateboard the best among all?

Well, it depends on the purpose you want to use the board. If you are into tricks, then an excellent concave and pop board with durable wheels, trucks, and bearings is good to go. However, for cruising, a longboard is the best option. The deck should be lightweight, durable, flexible, and rigid to perform tricks or flips on the ground.

3. What should I look for while buying my 1st skateboard?

To buy an ideal board, choose a deck of 7.75″ or 8.0″ because this is the standard size of the board. Its width and features are appropriate for a beginner to start. Once you get the command, you can select the size according to your preference.

4. Which skateboard brand is ideal for pros’ use? 

Andrew Reynold founded the Bakers skateboard company in 2000. From then till now, this brand has come with durable and high-quality boards. Moreover, there are several colorful and basic-designed decks. It depends on the player’s choice of what he wants to opt for.

5. What are the most expensive skateboard brands till now?

Following are the highly-priced skateboard brands in history:

  • Jamie Thomas & Bob Dylan Blowin In The Wind Skateboard – $38,000
  • Bucky Lasek & Adam Yauch Four Duck Set – $35,000
  • Tony Hawk’sHawk’s Very Own Beatle’sBeatle’s Blackbird Board – $27,000
  • The Supreme Mundi – $20,000
  • The Golden Skateboard – $15,000

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