15 Best Skateboard Bearing {2022 Updated}


Skateboard bearings can make your rides smoother, seamless, and faster. If you face any hindrance while skating due to friction in wheels, then it’s time to change your bearings. 

Every wheel has two bearings that rotate more swiftly by removing the friction. All-wheel bearings are equal in size; therefore, you can purchase bearings of any brand and fit them easily on your skateboard. 

Still, every brand provides the best bearings for skateboards that vary in price, durability, and performance. Some bearings give you fluent cruising, while others are best for intricate tricks. Therefore, we have gathered a list of the best skateboard bearings to make your skating more exciting and adventurous. 

Top 15 Skateboard Bearings Of All Times

In the huge variety of skateboard bearings, we have reviewed the top 15 ones which can give your skateboard lightning speeds.

Our Top Picks

01 Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings— Best Overall

Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings

The GodFather in skateboarding products Powell Peralta established Bones bearings in the 1980s. Bone Brigade manufactures not only bearings, but trucks, decks, and wheels, so they are a world-renowned brand throughout the skateboard world.

Bones Reds are constructed with premium quality steel, making these bearings highly durable and moist resistant. Therefore, if you are looking for skating on wet terrains or muddy areas, these bearings are your right choice. 

Moreover, these bearings come with rubber shields. These rubber shields are easy to clean as they are repellent to dust or debris. They are also removable so that you may clean them easily. These rubber bearings are made of elastic, which absorbs shocks and vibrations so you may enjoy quieter and seamless rides. 

The inner races of Redbones are engraved with lasers, so you may experience the prime quality precision. These precise engravings also let you enjoy thunder rides by reducing friction. 

Furthermore, the Bones Red bearings come with pre-layered speed cream lubricants, which are heat resistant and do not change their shape easily due to lower viscosity. This speed cream lubricant reduces friction and provides bearings a protective layer against corrosion. 

In addition, the ball retainers are also durable and precisely made up of nylon. These nylon retainers reduce oscillations in ball torques and maintain a proper balance. The grease among the balls is also maintained, removing ultimate friction and providing your skateboard a turbo speed. 
Overall, these bearings let you ride your skateboard downhill with full momentum. You can also enjoy noise-free long cruising rides at a greater pace with these best bearings for cruising.


  • Comes with a skated tool which involves steel kingpin, axle, sockets, Allen and driver
  • Provides money-back guarantee
  • Precisely cut spacers provide tight tolerance against shocks
  • Perfect size to fit in any wheel 
  • Cheaply priced bearings


  • Bearing a shield is not long-lasting
  • Ultra speed bearings hard to handle for beginners

02 Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings— Stylish Bearings

Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings

Heady shake skateboard products are every skateboarder’s choice because of their innovative and bodacious styled products, which give your skateboard a chic look. Not only bearings, but you can also get cool-designed wheels at Heady Shakes. 

These sexy bearings are manufactured with steel. There is also another titanium coating on these steel bearings, which makes these bearings more stylish and more durable. You will never face any corrosion with these super durable bearings. 

The 9 ABEC precision level makes these bearings suitable to perform challenging tricks effortlessly. You won’t face any tweaky noise or hindrance while doing grinds, downhill, or ollies. 

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Moreover, these speed demon bearings can easily spin three times faster than any other bearings, letting you enjoy violent cruisings and manuals.  

Furthermore, they are designed ergonomically with a 608RS size that can easily fit on any wheel. So no matter if you are buying these bearings for your longboards, scooters, or roller skates, these bearings will fit easily and let you outperform in thunder rides. 

These best bearings for street skating are pre-lubricated with prime-quality lubricant to increase corrosion resistance and enhance smoothness. This lubrication wipes out unnecessary friction and lets you enjoy gliding rides. 

In addition, its retainers are also designed to provide more strength with a double nylon construction. The inner balls move coherently at their places without producing extra heat or noise. 

The bearings have an outer rubber shield that is waterproof, so you can ride in muddy terrains without damaging your bearings. 

To sum up, Heady shake lets you enjoy versatile compatibility with fast and furious rides without producing any hindrance or noise. 


  • Compatible with multiple skates including longboard, inline, and roller skates
  • Comes with a 100 percent refund guarantee
  • Includes free waterproof sticker and spacers
  • Pre-lubrication provides ultra-fast rides
  • Titanium coating makes these bearings extra durable


  • Lubricant may leak out
  • Catch dirt and debris easily

03 Spitfire Cheapshots— Lightweight

Spitfire Cheapshots Pack of 8 Bearing

Founded in 1987 by Jim Thiebaud, the Spitfire skateboard bearings are the most cost-efficient. Jim first started to produce wheels of various colors, and later on, he made bearings for skateboards and then other skate accessories, including stickers, grip tape, and other skateboard tools. 

These matte black bearings are made with hardened steel which is lightweight. These steel bearings are sturdy enough to bear any harsh impact and don’t get deformed easily. These bearings weigh only 3 pounds which are suitable to make your whole skateboard lightweight and swift in speed. 

Moreover, these stylish bearings are also pre-lubricated so that you may enjoy quiet and seamless rides on any rough terrain. 

Furthermore, their industrial 608 bearing size makes them fit for any longboard or shortboard wheels. As these bearings are easy to install, you can use these price-efficient bearings on both your long and shortboards. 

The inner balls are also made of durable steel, which spins in their places and removes friction. In addition, the outer black rubber shield also protects these bearings from dirt so they may remain functional for a more extended period. 
On the downside, these bearings come with 3-ABEC ratings, which do not make them suitable for intricate tricks as they are not super smooth. Still, you can enjoy long cruisings and do some kickflips at such amazing pricing with these fastest skateboard bearings.


  • Low-priced bearings
  • Matte black makes these bearings eye catching
  • Pre-lubrication reduces friction 
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Compatible with long and shortboards


  • A low ABEC rating makes skating hard
  • Not so durable

04 Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings— Ultra-Fast Speed

Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings

Yellow jacket bearings are specially designed to provide you with ultimate crashing speed. These premium bearings are constructed with stainless steel so that they may remain durable as well as lightweight at the same time. The methodology used for construction is German so you may enjoy the high speed and precision of these bearings. 

Yellow Jacket bearings are pre-lubricated like other bearings, but their ultra-fast lube for thrilling speed makes them outstanding among all other bearings. In addition, a tight shield tends to lock the lubricant inside the bearings. Due to this strong locking, your lubricant will never be leaked even though you skate on rough surfaces. 

Skaters love these fastest skateboard bearings because they get high-speed with multiple shiny colored shields. These colored bearings let them customize their skateboards without compromising speed and quality. 

Moreover, the 9 ABEC precision lets you skate furiously on the plain surface and on downhills. Therefore, these bearings are best for intricate tricks and racing. 

Furthermore, these roller bearings are compatible with longboards, electric boards, and short skateboards due to their top-notch precision and 608RS size.


  • Comes with full refund policy
  • Lowest viscosity lube provides express speed
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Smooth and high precision bearings
  • Affordable price


  • Sometimes give uneven rotation
  • Requires constant cleaning for better performance

05 KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings—Durable Structure

KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

Kveni is one of the emerging skateboard bearings brands in the skateboard bearings industry. Due to their top-notch quality and customers’ tailored need bearings, they are becoming popular. 

Kveni bearings are made with ceramic balls and steel outer structures, making them the most durable. Due to this sturdy structure, they are perfect to cruise along rough terrains or performing grindings. 

Moreover, their unique sky blue colored rubber shields make these bearings unique among the rest of the bearings. This rubber shield is strong enough to stay waterproof and save the bearings from dirt and debris. They are also easy to clean and maintain for a longer period. 

In addition, these bearings are already polished with racing lubricant which is especially used in cars. This lubricant removes friction and gives you impeccable, swift cruising rides along rugged terrains. On the downside, this pre-lubrication does not allow fast rotation; therefore, they are not suitable for powerslides or heelflips.

The lubrication on ceramic construction also enables you to skate in wet terrains because they remain corrosion resistant. 

Furthermore, these bearings have a nylon retainer that holds the ceramic balls nicely and does not allow excess heat production by lowering the friction. 


  • Fits perfectly with most of the wheel
  • 9 ABEC precision provides speedy rides
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Gives longer spins with long and shortboards
  • Maintenance is easy


  • Not good for swift rotation tricks
  • Comes with no spacers

06 Wellgo 608-2RS Ball Bearings—Double Sided Shield

Wellgo 608-2RS Ball Bearings

Established in 1980, Wellgo is a world-renowned company for cycle components. The Wellgo bearings are designed with innovative designs so you may enjoy your every skating ride. 

The Wellgo bearings are constructed with alloy steel which makes the bearings extra strong and tough. This alloy steel is tough enough to withstand any shock impacts and stay deform-free. 

Moreover, the remarkable quality of these best skate bearings is that they are shielded with rubber on both sides. This double-side shield protects your bearings from dust. As these bearings are also pre-lubricated, the double shield protects the inner lubricating from leaking. This leak-proof quality gives you smoother, Swiffer, and noiseless rides while reducing friction to almost zero.

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In addition, the Wellgo bearings come in the size of 10 pcs so you can save the two bearings for future use. These compatible bearings are good for scooters or inliners as well. 

Furthermore, these tiny demons also beat other bearings in terms of price without compromising quality. 

On the downside, these bearings have double shields, but their pre-lubricated oil is not strong enough to stop corrosion. Therefore, they are not suitable to use on wet terrains.


  • Highly cost-efficient
  • Comes in the set of 10
  • Double shielded protects the inner lubricant
  • Sturdy construction can bear heavy loads easily
  • Industrial size is compatible with scooters and liners


  • Not corrosion resistant
  • Don’t spin

07 SKITCH Pro Skateboard Bearings— Low-Cost Bearings

SKITCH Pro Skateboard Bearings

If you are looking for cheap as well as durable skateboard bearings, then Skitch bearings are your new companion. 

Constructed with tough and lightweight carbon steel, these shiny bearings can easily withhold all of the brutality and give you smooth gliding rides without getting demold. This ergonomic construction lets these bearings outstand any ceramic or titanium bearings. 

In addition, these sturdy bearings also have a 9-ABEC precision with an innovative design which makes them spin faster. The bearings will not produce any vibrations or tweaking sounds during spinning, so you may enjoy buttery rides. 

Moreover, these accelerated bearings also come with pre-lubricated oil, which keeps the steel balls moving at their place without creating friction in their nylon retainers. Therefore, you will not enjoy faster rides but smoother and swift turns. 

You will also be surprised to know that these cheap bearings also have double-sided rubber shields. This double shield protects the premium lubrication and blocks any dirt. You can also clean these bearings easily; they remain functional for a longer period. 

Furthermore, these best cheap skateboard bearings come with a pack of 8 bearings and four steel spacers, and eight ring washers, and lower any unnecessary friction on the sides of the wheels. In addition, you’ll get a free carry case with the same price. 


  • Compatible with various kids’ toys 
  • Provides quiet and swift rides with high-quality lubrication
  • A removable double-sided rubber shield provides easy cleaning
  • Comes with extra 4 spacers, 8 washers, and a carrying case
  • Surprisingly low-cost bearings


  • Real Swift bearings are not suitable for beginners
  • Provided spacers are a bit short

08 CCS Premium Skateboard Bearings— Classic Style

CCS Premium Skateboard Bearings

CCS has been manufacturing the best skateboards and their parts for more than thirty years. Not only bearings but skateboard shoes, decks, trucks, and many other accessories are available at exclusive pricing with premium quality. That’s why CCS has played a great role in skateboarding culture. 

The top-notch quality CCS bearings are constructed with steel alloy. They are also available in ceramic. You can choose the one which is most suitable for your skating style. The steel alloy will calmly bear any heavy loads or shocks while ceramic bearings will never get deformed. 

Moreover, these ultra durable bearings come with 7-ABEC precision which lets you enjoy smaller runout and less axial play. Besides, you don’t face any airborne sound or pressure due to these precise bearings and reach the ultimate supersonic speeds. 

Furthermore, these bearings are also pre-lubricated so you don’t need to worry about their oiling before installing. In addition, the bearings are already shielded on both sides so you won’t experience any oil spillage. As these shields are removable so you can give your bearings hassle free deep cleaning.  
These blue colored bearings are perfect to give your skateboard a classic style while letting you ride an expeditious and hushed ride making them the best skateboard bearings for beginners.


  • Bearings come after tough testing
  • Price-efficient
  • Swift and soundless bearings
  • Comes in classic blue color
  • Easy to clean with a removable double-sided shield 


  • Not suitable to perform intricate tricks
  • Sometimes feels wobbly while skating

09 Bronson Speed Co. G3 Bearings—High-Speed Bearings

BRONSON SPEED CO. G3 Skateboard Bearing

Established in 2013, this top-rated brand has reached its ultimate height within no time. Bronson is famous for its need for speed bearings as they are ultra smooth and ultra swift bearings for your skateboard. 

The Bronson G3 are constructed with ceramic so skaters can use these bearings for longer periods without experiencing any deformity or breakage. You can also let them roll on uneven paths while staying free from the fear of damaged or broken bearings. 

These next-generation bearings are designed in a special custom cage design that keeps oil circulating in the extensive hollow surface. This spacious raceway allows the balls to move comfortably without causing damage to sideways and reducing vibrations or any wobbly rides. In addition, the cage design also makes the shield stay separate from the retainers. Therefore, these bearings provide ultimate speed without any noise. 

Furthermore, the external shield is also frictionless which keeps the bearings safe from dirt and protects the internal lubrication. In addition, these shields are easy to remove so their cleaning is also handy. You can even clean them without removing them from the wheels. These shields also protect the inner lubrication so your bearings stay friction-free for a longer period of time. 

Moreover, these good skateboard bearings come with 7 ABEC precision. Therefore you can experience the fastest yet stable skating rides with these G3 bearings. 


  • Deep groove for impact free spins
  • Shield is also frictionless and dirt proof
  • Stays corrosion resistant
  • Less maintenance is required
  • Gives swift and quiet rides


  • Little bit noisy
  • Pricey bearings

10 BRAVORD TG11 Skateboard Bearings— Self-lubricating Bearings

BRAVORD TG11 Skateboard Bearings

Bravord Skateboard bearings are popular due to their unique color combination. Their designers have created a bright and dazzling color by combining sky blue and violet which shines while you ride and give you a unique skating style. 

These sparkly bearings are constructed with hybrid construction of stainless steel and aluminum. That’s why these bearings are also lightweight which makes them perfect for longboards and cruising. 

In addition, the bearings cage rim is manufactured with carbon steel and ball bearings are made with stainless steel. The ball bearings are placed in special nylon constructed retainers which reduce every possible friction. This durable inner construction lets you ride the swiftest skating rides without compromising the quietness of your skateboard. 

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Moreover, these bearings come with special chromium steel bearings which tend to lubricate themselves and stay oil-free. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about lubrication with these bearings. Additionally, the bearings show the highest level of precision. Though Bravord claims that their bearings show 11 ABEC ratings, you should know this rating scale does not normally exist. It is done for advertisement purposes only. So, due to good precision and self-lubrication properties, the ball bearings tend to spin longer and provide ultimate thunder speed. 

Furthermore, these super cool bearings have a standard size with an outer diameter of 22m and an inner diameter of 8 mm with a 7mm width. This standard 608RS size lets these bearings get adjusted with any longboards, cruisers, fidget spinners, electric wheeled toys, or inline skaters. You don’t need to worry about fitting with these special bearings. 

BRAVORD TG11 also comes with a double sided shield which is sealed perfectly so the inner area stays protected from dirt and debris. These rubber shields also guard the inner lubrication. 

This 8 set of bearings also comes with 8 washers and 4 spacers which is a complete package for speedy cruisings. These bearings are packed beautifully in a steel box so you can store them or also gift them to your loved ones. 


  • Self-lubricating bearings
  • Shows highest precision while skating
  • Nylon retainers are shock absorbent
  • Rubber shield is placed on both sides 
  • Attractive color combination bearings


  • Gets rusty when exposed to water
  • Expensive bearings

11 Fireball Dragon Skateboard Bearings— Lifetime Guarantee

Fireball Dragon Skateboard Bearings

David Rajewski founded Fireball with his pals in 2009 with the goal of producing the finest quality and accurate skateboards. Their products are never over-hyped and always live up to their promises.

These Fireballs are made of a high-quality polymer that will not shatter or bend. They can also withstand any harsh hits and perform admirably on uneven terrain.

Furthermore, these top-rated bearings use a specially developed racing lubricant that eliminates friction and provides seamless and ultra-smooth rides. These gliding rides will last longer, and you won’t have to relubricate the bearings as frequently.

These matchless bearings also outperform Bones bearings in terms of performance. Their double labyrinth shield protects the inner lubrication from spillage and saves it from outer dirt. That’s why the Fireball also offers a lifetime warranty. 

Furthermore, if you look for ABEC ratings, you won’t find one, but the ultra-speed and quieter rides this Fireball produces are incredible. The no ABEC rating also does not stop the Fireball bearings from becoming perfect for shortboards, longboards, and roller skaters. 

These cheaply priced bearings also come with standard size i.e., 7mm width, 22mm outer diameter, and 8 mm inner diameter. They can easily fit on shortboard, longboard, inline, and scooters. 


  • Lightweight bearings
  • Provides super-swift rides
  • Industrial sized bearings
  • Comes with money-back guarantee
  • Double side shielded for protection of lubrication


  • Bearings don’t get fit easily
  • Not corrosion resistant

12 Chaoyue Skateboard Bearings— Highly Durable Construction

Chaoyue Skateboard Bearings

Chaoyue bearings are your skateboard companions if you are looking for slides on roads. These bearings provide a perfect trio of durability, performance, and affordability. 

These high-yield bearings are made with high carbon chromium steel, which is stronger than chromium steel. You can enjoy downhill on rough terrains with these Chaoyue bearings as they never get bent or change their shape. 

One unique feature of these Chaoyue bearings is their RS structure sealing. This sealing makes these bearings perfect for skating in rough terrains as the intense contact of sealing with the bearing wall locks the inner lubricant and blocks the dust. On the downside, you will experience a slight heat increase initially, but if you are skating in cold weather, these bearings are perfect and rank among the top skateboard bearings

The Chaoyue bearings use top-quality lubricants; that’s why you won’t experience any vibrations as the steel bearings will move quietly with no friction. Their nylon retainers are also constructed ergonomically, so the bearing balls spin coherently while maintaining proper space among them. 

These highly precise bearings remain functional for about five years if you take good care of them. In addition, these bearings are also industrial 608 size which increases the functionality of these bearings. They can be placed in spinners and vacuum cleaners as well.


  • Tensile strength bearings
  • No vibrations while skating
  • Racing lubrication provides turbo speed
  • Can stays functional up to 5 years
  • Comes with high operational accuracy


  • The installation guide is not included
  • Not suitable for longboards

13 DEEPDREAM Skateboard Bearings— Ultra Smooth Bearings

DEEPDREAM 608 ZZ Skateboard Bearings

If you are tired of noisy rides and want to enjoy quiet gliding rides, then DEEPDREAM makes your dream come true. These bearings are specially designed to lower the vibrations and noise while skating. 

These top-grade bearings are constructed with premium alloy steel which is hard to find in any other bearing. That’s why the durability you experience with these bearings is outstanding. You can skate freely without the fear of bending and breakage with these bearings. 

Moreover, the engineers have used unique German technology to design these bearings. Due to this, you would simply get amazed by experiencing its high-level precision. 

Furthermore, the steel ball bearings spin smoothly in their retainers. The deep groove also removes any axial side damage due to this smooth spinning.

In addition, grease is used instead of watery lubricants. Grease is low in viscosity, so your bearings will also stay protected in wet terrain and corrosion-resistant. 

The DEEPDREAM bearings come in standard size in the pack of 20 bearings. So, you can use a single package for your shortboards and longboards at the same price. You can also add these bearings to your scooters and give them a new life. 


  • German technology provides smoother rides
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Comes in a pack of 20
  • Provides money-back warranty
  • High precision level


  • Not good for speedy rides
  • For faster spin grease needs to be replaced with lithium or any other lubricant

14 Zealous Skateboard Bearings— Best Lubrication

Zealous Bearings

If you are looking for the most arduous and high-yielding lubricated bearings, then Zealous has got you covered. In terms of pricing and performance, they are simply matchless. 

The Zealous bearings are made with tough alloy steel without making the bearings overall heavy. Therefore, these bearings stay with you in any complex trick on any challenging terrain without getting damaged. These Lightweight bearings can give your whole skateboard a new zeal by making it outclass in performance. 

The most loving feature of these bearings is their Archoil nanoceramic grease lubrication which comes with the lowest possible viscosity. Whenever your bearings get scratches or deformities due to heavy load, the temperature around them rises. There is also an increased risk of entering debris in the bearings. The sensitive ceramic lubrication sense increases temperature and hardens instantly from the deformation area. Due to this hard grease, the deformation fills in and blocks the harshness to enter in the bearings. 

Therefore, these bearings stay smooth and lower their friction by about 0.003 percent. Hence, you will get silent and buttery rides with these bearings. Additionally, your bearings also stay corrosion resistant due to this amazing lubricant.

Moreover, most skaters lose their tiny bearing parts when they change the wheels of their boards. The zealous bearings save you from this difficult situation by adding 0.5mm speed rings at both sides of the bearings. 

In addition, the wide 8mm inner diameter lets you easily fit the axles of any longboard or shortboard, which increases the overall functionality of these bearings. 

Furthermore, the green seal of these bearings is one-sided, which keeps the possible dirt out while you skate in muddy terrains. 

Overall, these best ceramic skateboard bearings give you the most serene and soundless rides of your life. 


  • Nanoceramic lubricant blocks every debris
  • Constructed with durable steel
  • Speed Rings protect bearings from rubbing against truck hanger
  • Wide hole makes the bearings compatible with longboards
  • Lowest possible friction for smoothest rides


  • No color variety is available
  • Breaking in takes time

15 Oldboy Skateboard Bearings—Long-lasting

Oldboy Premium Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

The purpose of Oldboy is to produce long-lasting awesomeness of skating for skaters. That’s why they have manufactured the most durable and innovative style products. 

You can trust Oldboy bearings blindly in terms of durability because they are constructed with premium quality ceramic. The inner ball bearings are also constructed with ceramic. These ball bearings are enclosed in a chrome steel ring with nylon casing on these rings to increase durability. Therefore, these hybrid construction heavy-duty bearings can beat any steel bearings effortlessly. That’s why you can unleash all of your skating skills on any terrain without fearing damaged or broken bearings. 

Moreover, these bearings are pre-lubricated with high-quality lubricant. This top-yielding lubricant reduces friction and protects the inner part of bearings from breakage. Therefore, the seven inner ceramic ball bearings spin seamlessly in their nylon retainers.

This special lubricant lets no water enter and seals the bearings from dirt or debris. So, if you plan to skate in muddy terrains or rainy weather, these bearings are the most suitable. 

Another exciting feature is their unexpected heavy load holding capacity. These skateboards can easily withstand 360 pounds weight and let heavy-weight people enjoy the perks of skating. 

The Oldboy bearings come in conventional 608RS size, which makes them compatible with your longboards, shortboards, scooters, rollerblades etc. 

Moreover, the bearings are covered with single hard polymer shield protection, making you easily clean the bearings. 


  • Lubrication keeps moving parts from wearing out
  • Damage-free bearings
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Can handle heavyweight
  • Packed in a beautiful pyramid box


  • Most expensive skateboard bearings
  • Breaking in takes more time

What to Look for When Buying Skateboard Bearings?

While shopping for bearings, if you have prior knowledge of bearings, you can get the most suitable one for your skateboards. Therefore, we have brought you a buying guide for skateboard bearings which includes the main features of bearings. 

1. ABEC Bearings

While buying bearings, the first thing you should encounter is ABEC ratings. Now a question is popping up in your mind: What is ABEC ratings? ABEC is the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee which gives bearings ratings from 1 to 9 based on their forbearance and precision. Now must remember that bearings used in machinery are far different from bearings used in skateboards. The skateboard bearings are going to handle weight, shocks, and grind rails, while the machinery bearings have to do rotations. 

Therefore, higher ABEC can make any bearing faster but does not determine overall performance in a skateboard. Such noise, lubrication, weight handling capabilities, and hardness are not determined through ABEC ratings. Therefore, it’s not a hard and fast rule that higher ABEC rating bearings will perform better than lower ABEC rating bearings. Here we have discussed which ABEC rating excels in which factor

  • ABEC 1: steel is not good, precision is low, cheapest ones
  • ABEC 3: cheaper ones, rugged bearings
  • ABEC 5: provides swift speed at a more affordable cost
  • ABEC 7: bit expensive but offers good speed and is smooth
  • ABEC 9: best for downhill and provides the fastest speed

As this scale does not cover all bearing features so most of the companies do not follow ABEC ratings and have developed their own rating scales. 

2. Bearing Material

Skateboard bearings are usually steel and ceramic, whereas the durable ones are made with titanium. We have discussed their specialties here so that you can choose wisely which goes best for you. 

Ceramic Bearings

Ceramic bearings are more durable than steel bearings as they don’t deform easily under extreme pressure. 

Moreover, these ceramic bearings are also heat resistant, making them frictionless because at faster speeds, they don’t expand and cause any hindrance. 

These bearings work best in wet terrains as they don’t get rust. On the downside, the ceramic is fragile as compared to steel so they can’t bear harsh impact and are more prone to damage. That’s why they are suitable for cruising only. 

Steel Bearings

Steel bearings are durable ones. There are premium or low-quality steel available in the market. The premium ones will not rust quickly. Moreover, you also need to oil them frequently to reduce friction and save them from water. If your steel bearings get exposed to water accidentally, you need to lubricate them or dry them with a heater. 

Though steel bearings can expand through heat, the premium ones are more heat and rust-resistant. 

Titanium Bearings

Titanium bearings are the most durable and lightweight bearings. They are more heat and corrosion-resistant than steel bearings. Just like steel, they also need lubrication to avoid friction. On the downside, these bearings are a little bit expensive, but because of their high tensile strength, they are very durable.

3. Different Parts of Skateboard Bearings

Skateboard bearings consist of the following parts. While buying ones, check that bearing parts are constructed right or not. 

Bearing Balls

Every bearing has six or seven steel balls that roll continuously while you skate. The seamless rotation of these balls will determine your smooth rides. If a bearing consists of more than seven or eight bearings, friction will not be reduced, and you will not reach your desired speed. 


Races are the course on which bearing balls rotate. These races also form the walls of the bearings. 


A retainer is a mold of inner balls which keeps your balls in place and maintains their distance to reduce friction among the balls. 


The shield protects the bearing balls from dust and lowers the friction. Some bearing shields are removable, while others stay fixed together. 


The bearing spacers are optional. They make your wheels fit properly to the axle nut without compromising its smooth spin. These spacers make your powerslide much smoother as you will never experience any vibrations due to these spacers. 


Bearings washers are thin rings that are placed between axle nuts and bearings, as well as between hangers and bearings. These washers also help lower unnecessary friction and give you fast and furious speed. 

How To Clean Your Bearings?

If you start hearing squeaking sounds, then it’s time to remove bearings and clean them. For cleaning, you need an engine cleaner, usually citrus, and soak your bearings in it. Clean them with cotton and lubricate them with oil. Now, your bearings are all set to power your skateboards with thunder speeds.

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How to Set Up and Use Skateboard Bearings?

We have covered you if you are a beginner and have not installed any bearings before or removed them. You can withdraw your damaged bearings and then install a new one by following these simple tips.

  1. Firstly, remove your axle nuts using a wrench or skate tool. 
  2. Store your axle nuts and washers in a safer place. 
  3. Now pull out the wheels. Your bearings will be on these wheels. 
  4. Apply pressure on the bearings, and they will pop out. 
  5. Now place your wheels on a flat surface. 
  6. Hold your new bearings facing their rubber shield to the outer side and press them on the wheels. 
  7. Now place your wheels again in the axle. Add your washers first, then wheels, and second washers. 
  8. Tighten them with axle nuts. Give a little bit of space for wheels to spin freely. 
  9. Now repeat the process on all four wheels, and you are ready to skate. 

What Is The Best Lubricant For Skateboard Bearings?

To maintain the supreme performance of your bearings, you need to lubricate them constantly. There are two main types of lubricant i.e. grease or oil which you can use to lower the friction of your bearings. 

Grease is solid at room temperature that’s why it can last longer. On the other hand, oil is liquid but provides greater speed than grease by lowering the overall friction. 

Moreover, grease is hard whereas oil has a low viscosity that’s why oil lubricants are always at the risk of spillage. That’s why you need to add strong shields with oil lubricants.  


We’ve compiled a list of the best skateboard bearings ever. Every brand has its own distinct characteristics. You can choose the one that best fits your personality. It’s time to change your bearings if you’re hearing jittery sounds or your skateboard isn’t delivering you smooth, faster skating experiences. Add any of the above-mentioned bearings to your skateboard to breathe new life into it.


1. Which bearings provide the fastest speed?

Yellow Jacket bearings provide you with ultra turbo speed. These bearings come with racing lube which lowers the friction to almost zero so the ball bearings may spin for longer and you can enjoy the thundering speed. 

2. Do skateboard bearings matter?

The main purpose of skateboard bearings is to provide speed. If you want the fastest speed then add more frictionless bearings to your skateboard. Your skateboard speed will increase in no time.

3. Which ABEC rating is good?

ABEC rating determines the precision and tolerance level of bearings. The higher the ABEC is, the greater the performance of your bearings. You may find bearings of ratings 3, 5, 7, and 9. The ABEC 9 bearings are considered best for turbo speed and soundless skating rides.  

4. Are bearings spacers necessary?

Bearing spacers are totally optional. You can also ride easily without them. Well, if you are looking for more powerslides and hard tricks then these spacers can help you skate more efficiently. 

5. Are Titanium bearings worth it? 

Titanium is more sturdy than steel. It is also heat resistant which ultimately reduces the friction. Though titanium bearings are more expensive than any other bearings, the durable quality of titanium bearings is worth the price.

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