Best Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Best Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Skateboards are the cheapest and most environmentally friendly way of commuting short distances. However, the problem arises with the size of the skateboard. They are usually difficult to fit inside the backpacks and carrying them around feels like a hustle. This is where small cruiser skateboards come to your rescue.

As the name suggests, a short cruiser board is small in size yet it is a perfectly good skateboard. They will fit easily inside your backpacks and lockers and are lightweight, making them easy to carry around.

Its small size might suggest that it is difficult to handle, however, it is not the case. These move very smoothly and are one of the best skateboards to exist. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete, you can always rely on the mini cruiser longboards for both commuting and performing tricks. These are also perfect for kids skateboarding.

You must be wondering about the features you need to look for when buying the mini cruiser skateboards. You do not need to worry. We have brought you this guide covering the best mini cruiser skateboards. Read through the end to know it all. Further, faq’s will answer all the queries. 

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Top 10 Best Mini Cruiser Skateboard Review

Buying the best mini skateboard can be a hard task. There are several brands, all featuring different designs claiming to be the best. However, you do not know the worth of something until you use it or carry out deep research. Therefore, to save you from falling into the trap of a low-quality skateboard we have brought you a review of the tried and tested mini cruiser skateboards. We picked the 10 best ones so you can choose the one that fits you best. 

01 Retrospec Quip Skateboard – Lightweight And Durable Skateboard

Retrospec Quip Skateboard

Whether you are a commuter, an athlete, or a beginner; you will want a skateboard that is good with curves and acute turns. This Retrospec Quip skateboard fulfills this criterion and much more. This skateboard has a small kicktail and a molded waffle pattern deck that makes it perfect for twists and turns. 

Furthermore, it comes with a 5 inches slant kingpin truck which acts as a good agent between your deck and wheels helping you control your movements in a better way. Its wide truck provides such good grip and maneuverability that you can easily encounter sudden turns without losing any balance. I have found this perfect for sudden acute turns. This did not even let me lose my balance even at high speeds.

The material used for wheel construction should be durable but should not make the wheels too hard. This is because hard wheels are prone to chipping and slipping easily. Therefore, it comes with soft wheels made up of polyurethane cast that absorb all the sudden jerks providing you a smooth flight. 

To aid your polished flight, these are equipped with ABEC-7 high-speed carbon bearings which as per the American standard Annular Bearing Engineering Committee (ABEC) provide good speed with minimum rolling resistance. Being lightweight further makes them a good choice. 

Mini cruiser skateboards are known for their lightweight and easy carrying. Retrospec Quip Skateboard also fulfills this criterion. It is constructed using injection molded high flexible plastic which not only makes it lightweight and easy to carry around but also long-lasting. It bends easily and can be put in the backpack, closet, locker, or even trunk. Although it is lightweight it can carry up to 200lbs weighing a person. 


  • Provides smooth ride
  • Bearings can be tightened if needed
  • Available in a multitude of colors
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Not very expensive


  • Not suitable for very big rocks

02 Retrospec Alameda Skateboard – Soft Concave Wheels 

Retrospec Alameda Skateboard

The next on our list of best mini cruiser skateboards is the Retrospec Alameda skateboard. It is manufactured using 7 ply Canadian Maple which is an ideal material for a popsicle board. The use of this type of wood not only makes the skateboard durable but also easy to carry around.

The type and structure of wheels determine their acceleration, speed, and grip. Soft wheels tend to roll easily over small obstacles such as pebbles rather than hard wheels which chip easily. This skateboard has wheels made of polyurethane which provides them enough softness and durability. Its wheels are also slightly concave which makes taking turns uncomplicated. Its concavity also provides perfect landing after flick tricks due to its super grippy nature. Moreover, these wheels are perfect for gliding smoothly over any type of surface be it rough or slippery. 

Even if you are a beginner, this skateboard is very suitable for learning tricks without getting injured. This is made possible by the presence of 80AB grip tape which will provide a good grip between the skateboard deck and your feet. I performed a flip trick to test its grip tape, and it did not disappoint me. I landed perfectly and it provided good support. 

Its truck is a 5.5 inches aluminum-alloy made of polyurethane with carbon steel kingpins providing a fast and smooth ride. Having a good-sized truck will aid in doing tricks like ollie and shuvit. It also has bushes around the kingpins which provide a good pivot point thus aiding in turning your skateboard flawlessly. 

This model comes with ABEC-7 precision chrome bearings which further improve your smooth riding experience. However, we found these to slip or break easily under aggressive skating. To make these bearings easy to clean and protect them from dirt, they come coated with rubber dust covers. 

It comes fully assembled so you do not need to worry about placing it together. Being small in size, makes it easy to fit in small spaces and carry around. Therefore, if you are a beginner or are looking for a skateboard for your kid, this is the safest option. Even if you are an expert, this skateboard will not disappoint you when performing tricks. 


  • Good grip on the deck
  • Small size
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Perfect for performing tricks
  • Suitable for kids, beginners, and experts


  • The bearing breaks easily if aggressive skating done
  • Trucks might produce a little screech

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03 Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser – Riser Pads Cruiser

 Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser Complete Skateboard

The Kryptonics Super Cruiser has a 30.5 inches size which is the perfect size for a small cruiser skateboard. With a 9.75 inches wide deck, it is suitable for both beginners and professional skaters. This width, however, is a bit big for kids but is a good size for adults and teenagers. 

The wheels of a mini-cruiser should not only provide a smooth ride but should also be able to absorb stress. This model has 65mm 𝗑 51mm wheels made of polyurethane. Polyurethane provides enough softness and durability. While the wheel diameter provides a good contact patch leading to wide traction. This size also aids in skating downhill and provides you with a good grip on the ground. 

Bearings are part of a skateboard that absorbs shocks and reduces noise while skating. The Kryptonics Super Cruiser has ABEC 5 bearings which apart from being highly precise, provide a good grip at high speed. 

Skateboards having medium-level bushings are easier to turn. This comes with 88a bushings made of polyurethane. These not only make turning the board easy but are also long-lasting owing to the strong polyurethane material. 

To dampen the vibrations and make your skating smooth at high speeds and bumpy terrain, this mini cruiser comes with riser pads. These are 12 mm high and are angled to support your ride perfectly. They not only protect the deck from any shocks but also keep the ride smooth. These riser pads are a lifesaver. Owing to these, I was able to take acute, low turns without the deck even touching the ground. 

Kicktails are a vital part of the skateboard especially if you are into street skating and enjoy playing skateboarding tricks. The front kicktail is the nose, while the back kicktail is the tail. They serve as a brake function as well as help in turning around the skateboard on the back wheels. This skateboard comes with a wide front kicktail that will help you ace your skateboarding tricks. 

The deck is made of 8 plywood but is quite sturdy. It can bear a weight of up to 220 lbs and is designed for all age groups. 


  • Durable deck material
  • Kicktail makes stopping easier
  • Wide contact patch for enhanced traction
  • Riser pads keep the ride smooth
  • Good for beginners


  • Bushings are hard to turn 

04 Fish Adults And Kids Skateboard – Easy Return Skateboard

Fish Adults and Kids Skateboard

An easy-to-carry and durable skateboard is what you will want for skateboarding. This skateboard by EasyGoProducts has quite good features and suits every person of weight up to 175 lbs. 

A wide wheel profile is critical to providing a good contact patch. This skateboard has 58 mm wheels which provide not only good grip but also are soft enough to help you slide easily over pebbles and glide smoothly in rough terrain. This one gave a buttery smooth ride even on a very rough path. I think part of the reason was that it has good ABEC value. 

The ABEC value of bearings determines its tolerance, resistance, efficiency, and precision. The higher the value, the better the performance at high speeds. Fish Adults And Kids Skateboard has ABEC 11 bearings. The use of urethane for manufacture makes them durable. Besides being perfect for downhill skating, the higher ABEC value provides good precision and efficiency. Therefore, even at high speeds, there is a very meager chance of tripping over while performing tricks. 

Skateboard trucks aid in turning smoothly and makes the performance of tricks like ollie easy. This skateboard comes with reverse kingpin trucks. Being put in the reverse direction, these are not like traditional kingpins but are much better. This kingpin style aids in good carving and makes acute turns smooth along with providing better stability. Moreover, these are taller than the traditional kingpins and make the longboard a bit higher which makes performing tricks easier. 

The 17 inches long deck not only provides good stability but also is quite helpful in taking turns and moving easily around. 

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The best thing about a mini-cruiser is that it is easy to carry around. This mini cruiser skateboard comes with a handle for easy carrying. Besides being small-sized and lightweight it can fit easily inside backpacks. To make it look good carrying around, it has a jet-black deck with red wheels and a matching truck to complement the color scheme. 

More than once you will come around a skateboard that looks good, but will not suit you. Many companies do not allow a change of mind for returning and you are stuck with that longboard. However, this is not the case with this brand. They have a 30-day return policy without any questions asked. Therefore, if this skateboard does not suit you, you can return it within 30 days without any reason.


  • Wide wheels provide good traction
  • A reverse kingpin truck provides good stability and keeps the deck higher
  • Higher ABEC value makes riding at high speed smooth and easy
  • Equally good for beginners and professional skateboarders
  • Easy to carry around
  • 30-day return policy without any questions asked


  • Adjusting to its high speed might take some time and practice

05 Cal 7 22″ Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard – Adult And Kid Skateboard

Cal 7 22 Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard

Available in multitudes of colors, this Cal mini cruiser skateboard is both trendy and has good features. It is among the best skateboards and so we tried to bring you an honest review. Let us dive into its features to see what it got.

Wide wheel size is essential for providing good grip and traction. This skateboard has 60 mm wheels which provide a wide contact patch. This provides good stability to the rider along with holding them perfectly to the ground. This is because such a wide contact patch enables good traction and wider contact with the ground. The wheel durometer determines its hardness. For a wheel to slide perfectly over rough patches and glide smoothly should have a medium durometer. A very soft (low durometer) wheel will not provide a good grip while a very hard (high durometer) wheel has a high chance of chipping and slipping and high speeds. To fit perfectly well, this model has 78A durometer wheels. These are neither too hard nor too soft hence making them durable and the ride perfectly smooth. 

A good wheel bearing value is crucial to its good efficiency and precision. This model comes with ABEC 7 bearings which is a moderate bearing value. This enables the wheel to give a good performance even at higher speeds. Due to their smaller run-out, they are pretty precise making them perfect for beginners and professionals alike. 

When it comes to technical skateboarding, low inch value trucks suit perfectly well. Therefore, this model has 3.125 inches aluminum alloy trucks which are made for technical skatepark skating. Being made of aluminum, they are quite durable and do not get destroyed on aggressive skating. I rode this one on very rough terrain and the wheels did not even get the wheel bite. Its trucks kept me moving easily and speed skating. 

Another good feature of its skateboard is its deck size. This skateboard has a deck size of 22.5 𝗑 6 inches which makes it fit perfectly into small spaces. This deck is made using durable plastic which makes it easy to maneuver and fit. 


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Suitable for kids and adults alike
  • The small deck size makes it easy to fit in backpacks and carry around
  • The small truck size makes it perfect for tech skating
  • Good wheel durometer and contact patch


  • Wheels need some adjustment

06 Yocaher Punked Complete Skateboards – Aesthetic Skateboard

Yocaher Punked Complete Skateboards

These Yocaher Punked mini cruisers not only have quite good features but their color scheme and artwork make them attractive too. They make sure you glide in style and comfort.

This skateboard has a wide deck of 31″ x 7.75″ which is perfect for providing good stability and balance to the rider. Having a wide profile makes it suitable for easier balancing for the rider while taking turns and performing tricks. Its deck is made of 7-ply maple wood which makes it durable and easy to maneuver. Its concave style further aids in stable twists and flipping the board whilst applying normal pressure. The deck also has a nose and kicktail that makes stopping the board easier. This makes it suitable for both beginners and professional skateboarders. 

Its wheels have a wide contact patch of 54 mm which provide a good grip on the surface providing good traction on rough and smooth surfaces alike. The wheels have a durometer of 95A which makes them a bit harder as compared to other types of cruiser wheels but they are good with rough terrain. Wheels with this durometer are perfect for craggy streets, ditches, pools, metal ramps, and masonite. I thought these wheels would chip at high speed on rough terrain, but instead, they turned out to be very durable. Besides sliding smoothly over marble, they also slid perfectly well on the metal ramp. 

It has chrome ABEC – 7 bearings which are not only durable but also very precise and provide good efficiency while skating. These are also very stable at high-speed skating suiting well for both beginners and professionals.

It comes with 7.675 HD5 Heavy Duty 2 Tone Trucks and a 125mm Hanger which makes the twists and turns easier. Owing to these parts, the skateboarder can twist and turn the skateboard with ease and perform tricky tricks like an ollie and kick turns. 

To keep one’s feet on the skateboard while flipping and performing tricks, it comes with grip tape. This pre gripped 80A grip tape provides good traction between the skateboard deck and your feet.


  • Perfect for both beginners and professional skateboarders
  • Suitable for every type of terrain
  • Available in multitudes of colors
  • Wide and durable deck
  • Wide trucks make turning easier
  • Good grit tape helps keep feet on the skateboard deck


  • Not suitable for riders above 5 ft height

07 Tony Hawk 34″ Complete Cruiser Skateboard – Best Non-Slip Grip Tape Skateboard

Tony Hawk 34 Complete Cruiser Skateboard

Its funky design was what caught my eye, so I had to buy it to see whether it was just a pretty board or had good features too? Guess what? This is a really good skateboard with quite excellent features. 

This skateboard has a deck size of 34 inches 𝘅 8.5 inches with kicktails. This size not only makes it perfect for cruising without any additional pressure but the presence of kicktails makes it ideal for trick performance. The kicktails will also help you in balancing and stopping your ride if you are a beginner. To make it sturdy, and long-lasting, it is made of Canadian maple wood which does not break or split easily. 

The best thing I found about this skateboard was its wheels. Its wheels are made of polyurethane with a durometer of 95 A. Despite being hard, these wheels were quite lightweight and rolled perfectly well. These not only slide smoothly over obstacles but also aid in smooth landing after performing ollies, power slides, flip tricks, and other technical tricks. Its 5 inches magnalium trucks also enhance smooth tricks performance. To further make your riding experience smooth, it has ABEC 3 bearings. These bearings are good shock absorbers and help you glide smoothly over rough terrain. 

A skateboard required for performing tricks should help you keep your feet on the deck. Fortunately, this model of Tony Hawk skateboard has the best non-slip emery grip tape. This will help you keep your feet on the deck and land smoothly after performing tricks. 


  • Cool design
  • High durometer wheels
  • Durable deck material
  • ABEC 3 bearings are good shock absorbers
  • Grip tape is non-slippery


  • Wheel bearings are not very smooth

08 Maple Wooden Retro – Best Big Kid Mini Cruiser

Mini Cruiser Board by Ridge Skateboards

As the name suggests, this mini cruiser is made of 7-ply maple wood which makes it quite durable. Despite being tough, it is very lightweight to carry around. Furthermore, it has several features that make it worth a try.

The first thing everyone looks at in a skateboard is the wheel size and durometer. This skateboard comes with wheels having 59 mm diameter which provides them a good contact patch and gives you good traction on rough terrain.

To make them roll perfectly over pebbles and sticks, its wheels are soft. They have a 79 A durometer making them neither very hard nor very soft but ideal for street skating. The use of rubber as a manufacturing material ensures durability and prevents chipping. I tried these wheels on both grass and dingy streets and they did not disappoint me. I also believe that my ride was further made smooth by its ABEC 7 bearings. This is because the bearings of this ABEC value are good shock absorbers. 

Its deck size is also suitable for adults and kids alike. This comes with a 22 inches sturdy deck which works well for beginners. The skateboard of this size helps in equal distribution of weight on the board and is easy to cruise around. 


  • Wide contact patch
  • Good durometer 
  • Perfect shock-absorbing ABEC 7 bearings
  • Wide deck
  • Durable 


  • Not recommended for professional skateboarders

09 Rekon 22″ Complete Mini Cruiser – Ideal Bearings

Rekon 22 Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard (Red)

This Reckon Mini Cruiser is your best option if you are looking for a safe skateboard for your kids. It will also suit perfectly well for your daily short commute. 

When I rode this skateboard, I was amazed by its wheel’s contact patch and durometer. Its wheels are 60 mm in diameter which provides an ideal contact patch for beginners and professionals alike. When it comes to hardness, it has a durometer of 78 A. The wheels might seem soft but they are very durable. It is their softness that makes them roll smoothly over rough surfaces. I thought the wheels would break if slid over rocks, but that was not the case. I had the best rough terrain skateboarding experience using this skateboard. 

The skateboard bearings are what make it good at precision, performance, and aid in smooth rolling at high speed. This skateboard comes with ABEC 7 bearings which is an ideal rating. Owing to these bearings, your ride will be both precise and efficient. These are also long-lasting. 

Skateboard trucks play a role in providing you with a responsive ride. This model comes with 3.125 inches aluminum alloy trucks that along with preventing wheel bites also keep your ride stable. 

Finally, this has a wide 22.5 inches 𝘅 6 inches deck size which allows you to ride your skateboard without applying additional pressure. Not being very large, it is easy to carry around in a backpack.


  • Easy to carry around
  • Durable wheels
  • Wide contact patch
  • Very precise bearings 
  • Perfect for daily commute


  • Not very ideal for performing tricks

10 Ridge Skateboards – Affordable Skateboard

Ridge Skateboards Big Brother Retro Cruiser Skateboard

The last on our list of best mini cruisers is the Ridge Cruiser Skateboard. With a deck length of 69 centimeters, this skateboard is highly recommended for beginners. Owing to its long deck, I could easily spread my feet which helped me in gaining balance and keeping the ride smooth.

When it comes to wheel size, it has a diameter of 59 mm which gives it a high surface area, owing to its wide contact patch, the skateboard is good at providing traction on rough ground. It comes with a durometer of 78 A which gives it a soft outlook. Due to its medium durometer, it is not very hard and glides smoothly over pebbles. It will also not chip even under aggressive skating. 

The 4 inches of aluminum trucks make it very responsive. This means that you do not need to put much pressure on moving your skateboard around. With only a slight movement of feet, your skateboard will move perfectly. 

Its deck’s durability is ensured by the usage of high-quality automotive plastic. It is available in black color which makes it easy to clean. 


  • Wide diameter wheels
  • Medium durometer
  • Precise trucks
  • Not very expensive 
  • Durable deck


  • Available in only one color

Best Mini Cruiser Skateboard Buying Guide

Mini cruiser skateboards are the best option for the short-distance commutes. They are also highly suitable for skating for a short period of time in one go. However, these might not be the best option when it comes to long-distance skating.

These have several different types, each specified for a specific type of skateboarding. Therefore, when buying one, you need to go through all the features of a short cruiser board.

To save you from hassle and research, we have brought you this buying guide that will aid you in learning about mini cruisers. We have discussed all the features you need to study before buying mini-cruiser longboards. Let us dive into it.

1. Wheels 

Mini cruisers are most commonly used for traveling back and forth short distances. This means that they should be able to slide smoothly over small pebbles and twigs and should be able to handle acute turns very well. Therefore, the type of wheels they have is important.

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The wheels of a mini-cruiser are mostly made of polyurethane which is quite a soft yet durable material. It not only absorbs shocks but also glides smoothly over small obstacles. Being abrasion resistant makes it quite durable and so the skateboard can be easily ridden over rough terrain. 

Wheel Durometer

When it comes to the durometer, it should lie between 80a to 90a to deliver the perfect softness. Wheels in this range are neither very hard nor too soft and fit the criterion of mini cruisers. 

Small cruiser skateboards are commonly used by beginners, kids, and for daily commute. So, they need to provide a good grip. As the durometer rises, its hardness and grip decrease. Therefore, buying one between 80a to 90a durometer will provide you with the perfect traction and speed control. 

Wheel Diameter And Contact Patch 

The diameter of the wheel determines its contact patch. To provide greater stability to the rider, the wheels must have a wide surface which will ultimately provide a higher contact patch. With the rise in wheel diameter, its speed is difficult to control, making it a strenuous choice for beginners and kids. 

The wheel diameter lying between 55mm to 72mm provides enough wide contact patch that makes tackling the bumps and turns easier. With wheels having diameters in this range, you will be able to move smoothly over impediments without getting unbalanced or lifting your feet off the grip tape. 

Wheel Shape

The shape of the wheels plays a critical role in providing traction. They come in different configurations and each provides a different type of grip and stability. 

The concave-shaped wheels will slide easily over the small pebbles and help in taking acute turns smoothly. While those with square edges penetrate more into the ground and are suitable for descending hills. 

Avoid going for skateboard wheels with a round profile. They not only provide a narrow contact patch but they also are less grippy and more slippery when it comes to high-speed skateboarding. 

2. Skateboard Deck

The Skateboard deck is the basic body of your skateboard. Choosing the right-sized deck is important to a good skating experience. The mini cruiser deck size is determined as per your height. This is because the deck size is critical to your skateboard’s stability. Using a mini-cruiser skateboard is easy but if you choose the wrong deck size, riding it will leave you all huff puff. 

Construction Material

A skateboard deck needs to be made of a durable material and for it to be able to fit into backpacks and lockers, it must be maneuverable. Therefore, most commonly, mini cruiser decks are made of seven-ply maple wood. 

Apart from providing a good texture to your skateboard, it is quite lightweight. When it comes to durability, this will not break easily even under aggressive skating. This is because, during construction, it is molded easily into shapes without losing its strength. 

Deck Size

The deck size is crucial in determining the pressure you will need to exert while skateboarding. When choosing the skateboard deck, consider your height and the type of skateboarding you are into. 

The deck sizes are to be chosen depending on your height. When it comes to teens, with a height between 140cm to 160 cm, a deck size of 7.3 inches fits perfectly well. However, for kids with heights up to 102 cm, the deck size between 6.5 inches and 6.75 inches fits best. For adults, the deck size of 8 inches to 8.5 inches suits perfectly well. 

If you go for a wide deck with regards to your height and shoe size, then you will have to use more energy for skating making it a strenuous task. On the other hand, if you choose a very narrow deck, it will make stability difficult. 

3. Trucks

The trucks act as an intermediary between your deck and the wheels. Precisely, these are the ones that hold you to the surface. The type of truck present in the skateboard will determine your balance and the tricks you will be able to carry out. They play a crucial role in delivering your movement to the skateboard, which then turns and twirls as you like. It has several components, each of which plays its role. These are discussed below.


It is the part of the truck which is attached to the deck and keeps it in place. A wider base plate will aid you in making long and wider curves easily.  Z

Pivot Cup

As the name suggests the pivot cup is responsible for aiding in turns and twists. All the energy generated by you during tricks is transferred here and your movements are then translated into action. 


The kingpin or the nut controls the ease of turning movements. It can be tightened if required. A board with tightened kingpin is more stable but it is also harder to turn as compared to when the nuts are loose. It also plays a role in lowering the skateboard’s weight. A hollow kingpin reduces the overall weight of the board. 


There are four bushes in total, with 2 on each truck. These are made of polyurethane and are attached with the kingpin. These also play a role in the smooth turning of the skateboard. 


This is one of the most important parts as it attaches the truck to the skateboard deck. A top mount board is one where the trucks are attached under the deck while in case of a drop through the mount, the trucks are attached through the deck. 


You must have noticed a triangular part attached beneath the deck that seems to be supporting it. That is the hanger, and it is actually holding the deck. It supports the axle running straight through it. Its bottom fits into the pivot cup while at the top it supports the base plate. To put it precisely, the hanger is the part that is under the most pressure. 

4. Kicktails

The kicktails are present at the front and back. The front one is the nose and the back one is the tail. Choose the mini cruiser with kicktails if you are a beginner or enjoy playing tricks. It helps beginners with speed control and easy stop. However, for professionals, the kicktails aid them in playing skateboarding tricks easily. 

5. Pre Built Mini Cruiser Vs Custom Built Mini Cruiser

Mini cruisers usually come pre-assembled so that you do not have to worry about putting the parts together. Go for the pre-built one if you have a limited budget and intend to change your board regularly. Pre-built is a waste of money in the case you have bought the components separately. 

Custom-built mini cruisers are a no-go area if you are a beginner. Besides being expensive, they might not fit with the components you have bought separately. However, if you want to buy a mini skateboard for performing complex tricks, then custom-built is the best option. You can fix them as per your likening and enjoy the ride.

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The mini cruiser skateboard is the best short cruiser board especially when it comes to using it for daily commute. When buying one, look for the one with kicktails. This will not only help you start and stop your board easily but also aid in perfect landing after performing flip tricks. 

When looking for the best mini-cruiser, make sure it fits all your needs. It is advisable to buy one which is easily maneuverable so you can put it in small spaces such as a locker and backpack. 


1. Why should I buy a skateboard with kicktails?

The kicktails are the raised front and back parts of a skateboard. The front one is the nose, while the one at the back is the tail. These help in the easy stopping of the board. Another advantage is that it is quite helpful in performing flip tricks and landing smoothly. Therefore, whether you are a beginner or a professional skateboarder, kicktails are essential. 

2. What is the importance of grip tape on a skateboard?

When performing tricks or cruising at high speeds, your feet should not slip off the skateboard deck. This is where grip tape comes to your rescue. A good grit value for grip tape is 80AB. It will help you keep your feet on the skateboard even on rough terrain or sliding down a hill. 

3. Are riser pads good for a skateboard?

The answer is yes. Riser pads are really handy if you skate regularly on rough streets. These will absorb the vibrations and shocks giving you a smooth ride experience. Furthermore, it keeps the deck high, so that when making acute turns, your deck does not bump with the road. The best mini cruiser skateboard with riser pads is Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser.

4. What bearing value is best?

The bearing value of the skateboards ranges from ABEC 1 to ABEC 9. This value determines the tolerance of bearings. The higher the value, the more the tolerance. However, it has been seen that ABEC 7 is the best tolerance value for bearings and it helps in good performance even at high speed. 

5. How to choose the best deck size?

When choosing the deck size, make sure what you want out of the skateboard. The skateboard deck size should complement your height. If you buy a very long or a very small board as per your height, you will only end up making your ride difficult and applying more pressure. 

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