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I am Andrew Wilson, aged 26, graduated, and a skateboarder enthusiast. I have been skateboarding for the last 15 years. I started skateboarding when my father gave me my first skateboard on Christmas. He was aware of my hyper activeness and knew that only skateboarding could handle my nerves. When I put my foot on the deck and gave it a push, instantly got the vibes that this was the thing that I wanted.

Since that time, wherever I go out, a skateboard is always in my backpack. I learned skateboarding tricks naturally, i.e., skating on footpaths and parking areas. When I was 12, a skatepark was inaugurated in our colony which was the happiest day of my life. From that day, I used to skate 6 hours a day on a daily basis. If I skip skating for a single day, it makes me feel incomplete. 

I used to play skating games as well, which let me learn various tricks including kickflips, ollies, rails, and grinds and helped me to improve my balance as well. My mentor is Tony Hawk. His skating videos and advice have transformed my overall skating experience.  


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Moreover, my collection of skateboards is huge. I’ve tried every skateboard brand, and my pastime is collecting skateboard equipment like T-tools and other skateboard parts like skateboard wheels, trucks, and decks. I have broken more than 100 skateboards in my entire skating career. That’s why now I use to skate on my most personalized boards, which gives me a transcendent feeling when I skate on them. 

I have won many community skateboarding contests as well. My friends and fellows are always asking me for skating advice or skateboard recommendations. Therefore, I have started this skateboard project. It will help you overcome the hurdles I faced due to lack of knowledge and get the true skating vibes. 

Lastly, I would like to say that it’s true that skating is all about creating your own tricks and enjoying every ride.